Friday, September 05, 2014

Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami this Friday Prayer Speaker : Government of Yemen Must be Grateful to Peaceful Protest, Because by Taking Repressive Approach towards Demonstrators will Create a Fire which the Government will Suffer the Consequences !

See who is saying that!!!??? Seyed Ahmad Khatami is the most fundamentalists of all ayatollahs , in the past in all his prayer speech he instigate violence and still does ,  he was one of the supporter of Ahmadinejad and the election coup.  During the election coup in 2009 in his prayer speech he had threatened the Iranian peaceful demonstrators all the time with violence and as a result of him and ayatollah Ahmad Janati's speech on each Friday prayers violence remained in our society and regime is benefiting by these type of speech , creating fear and violence in our society . With the speeches they delivered in our society ,violence became rampant .

So by saying this , see who is ordering another government in Africa ( The Yemen ) to appreciate the peaceful demonstration and .....
The World Saw and Can still see in youtube how the Islamic Regime in Iran violently acted against Peaceful Iranian demonstrators, by killing at least close to 100 peaceful protesters.
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