Monday, September 08, 2014

Islamic Regime's Revolutionary Guards( Sepah Pasdaran) in Iran Earns 12 Billion Dollars/ Year Through Illegal Economic Trade !!!????

When the regime of  Shah in Iran was overthrown in 1978-79 by a popular revolution ,one of the most chanted slogan during the revolution was " Freedom & Democracy " , justice and equality of all including women and men. How Khomeini became the leader of the revolution is not the issue of this short note , but when he was still in Paris, he always spoke highly about people and their demands and promised to deliver it, but a few years later when the Islamic regime was established and the revolutionary guards were organized , he forget all he have promised in the past and in a way he betrayed the revolution and to the Iranian people. The members of Revolutionary Guards were mostly from poor families and it was created to protect the revolution and not to use force against the people ,but it didn't take long for people to see another dictatorship was on the rise, but this time in the name of republic , an "Islamic Republic" !!??? From 1981 - 1990 Iran became like the Germany at the time of Hitler , check points were installed everywhere/ throughout the country , arrest and jailing of political activists became rampant , torture and killing of political prisoners became a daily activities of the Islamic regime's judiciary, interrogators and torturers, including mass killings of political prisoners ( in September 1988)  . When Khomeini was around he did not allow the revolutionary guards  to enter into politics or economy . But now the high ranking revolutionary guards are the billionair's and they are all involved in most internal and external trades including military products .
Recently an MP in an open parliament session spoke about 60 illegal port of entry which belong to the revolutionary guards.
The death of Iranian economy - Political Cartoon by Nik Kosar

This situation makes Iranian fear for power struggle within Islamic regime in the future and uncertainty  of the goal of revolution, the freedom and democracy , the justice and equality for all . While the regime officials think to become rich faster and not fall behind from others , the Iranian people suffer more and becoms more poorer than before.


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