Friday, October 10, 2014

Help Stop The Execution of Young Iranian Woman Reyhaneh Jabari By Islamic Judiciary in Iran !

New Development in the case of Reyhaneh Jabari-

Reyhaneh Jabari in a letter to Sarbandi's family( The Victims Family) asked for forgiveness.

Reyhaneh Jabari the young Iranian women who have murdered his assailant to scape the sexual assault , and is sentenced to death by Islamic judiciary kangaroo court . The sexual assailant ( the victim - Late Sarbandi ) was a member of the Ministry of information of the regime. Reyhaneh Jabari in a letter to Sarbandi's family asked for forgiveness. Reyhane's mom is a player and artist and Reyhaneh herself played few role in Movies when she was a child. The Islamic judiciary is planning to execute her with Islamic Sharia Law known as Qesas ( Eye for eye ).

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