Wednesday, October 01, 2014

The Judiciary of The Islamic Regime in Iran Executed An Iranian for Charges of "Religious Innovations" and " Leaving From Religion" ....

After the revolution in 1978-79, the Islamic regime in Iran was planning to export "its style of regime and revolution " and "Shia Islam" around the world , not only the leaders of the Islamic regime failed on that ,but were also unable to expand the Shia Islam among Iranian. Despite of giving away huge amount of Iranian oil revenue/ money to foreign groups and continued propagation , Iranian one by one leave Islam and join other religion particularly Zoroastrianism and christianity .
just recently Mr. Mohsen Amir Aslani an Iranian was put to death by Islamic judiciary power . The responsibility of this death remains on  Mr. Mohammad Sadegh Amoli Larijani (  Head of Judiciary Power ) and Judge Salavati.
Mr. Mohsen Amiraslani  was charged with " Innovation in religion " and " Leaving from the religion ".
Isn't this what the ISIS , Al Qaeda, Taleban and....other similar groups do ? 

According to news Mr. Amir Aslani had different interpretation of Islam which cost him his life.
in this picture Mr. Aslani's young wife and boy are attending his memorial gathering .

Leyla Amiraslani the wife of Mr. Aslani said: I believed and i believe now in Mohsen's ( My Husbands way of spiritual thinking) and i will make from my son Amir Taha another Mohsen .
Mr. Mohsen Amiraslani created and founded this religion .
In this picture Nourizad , Malaki and Narges Mohammadi members of Campaign Against Execution have visited Ms. Leyla Aslani. Look at the boy who is looking at his father's picture.

Here is the pictures of Mohammad Sadegh Amoli KLarijani and Judge Salavati:


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