Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hasan Rohani in US speaking with CNN Christian Amanpour : Islamic state is based on Law and its judiciary acts independent and just and it relys on People's Vote !

Those words are a BIG LIE !
Its not Hasan Rohani alone who claim those words, Hashemi Rafsanjani a so called moderate also believe that; the last presidential election under Islamic regime was the most democratic election in the world .
This is also a BIG LIE !
The whole world know that these are lies , because just recently UN released the report by Doctor Ahmed Shaheed on the situation of human rights in Iran.

Election never  been free and democratic during the whole 30 plus years of Islamic regime and its judiciary never been independent or impartial and it also never been just or fair . The Islamic  regime in Iran is based on biased Shia Ideology and it is an undemocratic and unfair or unjust system and Iranian people very well know about this and in fact the whole world has no doubt about it because of the efforts of human rights organizations and Iranian human rights advocates around the world.

Islamic regime is under tremendous amount of pressure by Iranian people. The election cheating and coup , the failed economic situation , inflation and devaluation of Iranian money , the high number of jobless , the increasing number of labor unrest and protest , the corruption among top corrupted officials , the failed social and cultural policy among them addiction and prostitution , the repression , all and all is going to create yet the biggest uprising of the Iranian poor against corrupted and repressive Islamic clergies.

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