Saturday, October 18, 2014

Radical & fundamentalist Islamits throw Acid on Iranian women in the Streets and the Government do nothing.......

ISNA news agency-

According to news four women were attacked by acid throwing on their face and bodies in day light in the city of Isfahan,they were burned and transferred to the hospitals.

Comments by Ms. Shahindokht Molavardi ,President's deputy on Iranian women & family status, on the issue of the Acid throwing phenomena on Iranian women in the city Streets :
"Sarcastic remarks and Acid throwing and so on is violence against women in the communities and societies and .Women must be free from violence and safe in their private and public life and not to fall as victims of violence......"

Those may look beautiful words but action speaks louder than words.
Everyone knows what is the status of women during the entire 35 years of the Islamic regime . The status of women in Iran became one of the worse status in the world. The long story short ,women in Iran lost their basic human rights when the Islamic regime took control of Iran.

Instead of blaming the radical Ayatollah's Like Seyed Ahmad Khatami , Ahmad Janati, Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi and...for their speech on the podiums against Iranian women and instigating the violence or blaming the Radical Islamist groups like Ansare Hizbullah who are free whatever they wanted to do against women but Madame deputy cleverly blaming all Iranian public by adding sarcastic remarks together with Acid throwing phenomena. The truth the matter is , a bunch of Ayatollah instigate the violence against the women who do not have proper hejab -dress code and their followers like Ansar and Jebhe Paydari members or Basiji's go into the streets and do terrible things like throwing acid on women who they believe have no proper hejab.

So, madame deputy must go after them if she wants to see these kinds of violence against the women to end. Thats it and brings those criminals into justice / i mean through proper judiciary channels not these current judiciary which act itself against women and is biased .


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