Sunday, October 19, 2014

Women in the City of Isfahan are Targeted by Fundamentalist Islamists with Acid !

Government must Arrest the Acid Attackers , Investigate and find the motives and those behind these attacks and finally bring justice for victims of acid attack !

People of Isfahan are going to gather in front of judiciary building in Isfahan on this coming Wednesday to protest against Acid attacks .

Women in the city of Isfahan fear for acid to be thrown on them by fundamentalist groups. So far, 8 women have been the victims of acid throwing . Because of this , the women in the city of Isfahan locked themselves in their homes . According to news, assailants ride on motorcycles and pour the acid on women in the streets who they believe are " not following the hijab code " .

One woman in Isfahan says, because of the fear from acid attack ,she bring up her car glass windows, another woman  says ,she fear for every motorcycle passes on close distance from her . One other woman said, she received text threatening her if you don't follow the hijab code ,you will be targeted by acid............
A woman by the name of Maryam D. said: She was about to buy ornaments for her son's birthday party when close to two liter of acid was poured on her face and body from the passenger window. As a result her face, body ,hand and feet were burned and  one of her cornea was damaged . She said ,she has no enemy and she also criticized the hospital lack of attention on her situation.

This is not the first time we read these kinds of news ,in the past these kinds of acts had happened and the lives of Mothers , girls and women  of Iran were destroyed by these acid attackers and these assailant  are no one but members of  fundamentalists group like Ansar Hizbullah , Jebheh Paydari or followers of Ayatollahs with fundamentalist or radical ideas such as Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi , Ayatollah Ahmad Janati, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami , Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi and so on.....

Therefore ,the government must first of all target members of these groups like Ansar Hizbullah and Jebheh Paydari and secondly they must call these Ayatollahs and few members of the Parliament to shut up by not instigating the violence against Iranian women and thirdly to punish these assailants and bring the justice  .


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