Monday, October 20, 2014

Narges Musavi ( Mir Hosein Musavi's daughter ) : Ayatollah Ahmad Janati and his wife were Beating and torturing their grand Son with Hose and Hot BBQ Skewer !

Meet Iranian ISIS leaders who support those people throwing Acid on Iranian people  ......

MP Ali Motahari recently asked Ayatollah Ahmad Janati the head of Guardian Council to agree for a fair trial for Musavi -Karoubi and Rahnavard the three green movement leaders and to let them to defend themselves if there are charges against them .  Mr. Motahari the Tehran MP support this notion that, the green movement leaders must have the opportunity to defend themselves.
Ayatollah Janati the head of Guardian Council last Friday in a TV programe ( Shenasnameh) called for the execution of the green movement leaders , he repeatedly in the past also  called the green movement leaders as the "sedition " leaders and spoke for their execution .
After this program  Ms. Narges Musavi the daughter of Mr. Musavi said, Ayatollah Janati's  cruelty and his desire to beating and killing was proven to us when we were next door neighbor with them, we witnessed this old man and his wife beating and torturing their grand son ( This boys father and mother were Mojahed who were killed during clashes with regime forces) with hot BBQ skewer and hose . Up to now  my ear is still full of the screams of the captive  grand son in the hand of grand father . At the time i was a child myself and was terrified from the screams of that captive grand son from the beating and torturing him by hose and hot BBQ skewer.


IRAN WATCH CANADA: Ayatollah Ahmad Janati is leading the Iranian ISIS ,who like ISIS terrorist threw acid on Iranian women.

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