Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Instead of Arresting the Acid Attackers on Iranian Women , Regime had Arrested several reportrs of ISNA News Agency in the City of Isfahan where the Acid Attackes Had Happened !!!???

According to the news regimes judiciary had arrested five members of the ISNA news agency for reporting or taking photos about the issue of the acid attacks in the city of Isfahan. Those who have been arrested are :
Ms. Zahra Mohammadi the editor of  ISNA in the city of Isfahan
Ms. Sanam Farsi the editor of social section of the ISNA in the city of Isfahan
Mr. Arya Jafari photo journalist of ISNA in Isfahan
Two others who were arrested earlier but released later.
So , as we can see ,instead of arresting the acid attackers on Iranian women ,regime is arresting the messengers ,in this case the journalists .


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