Friday, November 21, 2014

More about the Early Release of Hossein Derakhshan the Iranian blogger .........

There are different opinions on the early release of Hossein Derakhshan in the internet/ cyber space  . For example the website known as " Digarban " wrote:
" There are views about his early release from prison ,because of his collaboration with security forces and judiciary system against those who were arrested during green movement uprising . Also his early release coincide with the newly appointed head of " Seda va Sima " the Regime Radio and TV station boss Mr. Mohammad Sarfaraz who was acting before in Qods forces and he is the founder of Press TV .  Since Press TV in the past was inviting Derakhshan  to work for this news service , it is possible he was released early because of Mr. Sarfaraz request from supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei .  So his release could be called as a starting point (   IRAN WATCH CANADA : Green Light )  for him to work with Press TV.
And while it is an indication that he was in prison but in fact was active in different social activities such as teaching classes for a period of five months about reviewing the Israeli films  in an organization called " Tarjomaan" , also his continues presence on internet ,which brings a lot of question about him being in prison . "


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