Thursday, November 20, 2014

19 Political Prisoners in Iran in a letter to International human rights organizations...

19 political prisoners from the Zahedan central prison in a letter requested from the international human rights organizations to send human rights investigators to the Zahedan central prison in the province of Sistan & Bluchestan . In their letter they said, their condition in the prison is very bad and they also requested from UN general secretary to take action in to their situation.
The letter addressed to :
UN Commissioner of Human Rights
Amnesty International
UN General Secretary
 UN Human Rights Reporter His excellency Ahmed Shaheed

Here are the names of Prisoners :
1-Mohammad Amin Agoshi
2-Sheikh Mohammad Bluchzehi
3-Iraj Mohammadi
4-Ayub Rigi
5-Abdolghani Rigi
6-Malek Mohammad Abadian
7-Javad Abadian
8-Hadi Abadian
9-Jaber Abadian
10-Khatib Mohammad Naghshbandi
11-Abdolghafar Naghshbandi
12-Nezamodin Molazadeh
13-Gol Mohammad Balil Ily
14-Parviz Zeinoldini
15-Jon Mohammad Bari
16- Gholam Mohammad Baluch
17-Zobair Hood
18-Lal Mohammad Shahri
19-Doost Mohammad Nouri

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