Sunday, November 30, 2014

Safety & security of Iranian Citizens Under Islamic Regime in Iran In BIG Question Mark !!!?????

It is true, since the Islamic regime in Iran took the control of Iran and started its reign of terror against political party's and organizations , and since they have established Islamic regime in Iran , the safety and security of the Iranian citizens become one of the concern of almost all family members in Iran particularly those in opposition political party's and groups.
During its reign of terror regime have killed thousands of its opponents ,women or men by its newly organized criminal militias particularly Basij and Sepah.
The range of murdering goes from ordinary citizens to high profile Iranian people.
Today once again the people in Iran feel the danger for going out and not returning home alive, Safety and security of the citizens are becoming number one issue . President Rohani who have promised to protect the rights of its citizens seems unable to carry out his promises because the extremists groups create this continues fear in the society .
It has been in the news that in the city of Jahrom a person attacked six women with knife and bringing fear among women not only in that city but in all over Iran . In the past also person or persons were carrying acid attacks on women not only in the city of Isfahan but also in other part of Iran.
It seems the Government is unable to control these person or persons, one thing is sure that, those people are being backed by powerful officials in the Islamic regime.

Under this situation the most vulnerable group of Iranian society are women.

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