Monday, December 15, 2014

Iranian Student React to The Presence of Hosein Shariatmadari An ISIS Type Islamist In Their University !

ISNA reported-

On Monday the controversial Hosein Shariatmadari a secretive and an ISIS type Islamist , formerly a torturer and currently managing editor of Keyhan Newspaper in Iran , he is also known for his hard line stand against reformists and reformist journalists and newspapers, arrived in Tehran University on an invitation by Basij Student group ( A small group of students) for speech, but moderate and reformists students chanted against him and demanded that he leave their university. The number of pro reformists students were so much that he was unable to deliver his speech and left the university while threatening the students for retaliation with arrests and....

Few Pro Hosein Shariatmadari Basiji student were also chanting in his support. 

Reformists Students chanted :
" Shame on you Liar , Leave the university alone"
"Interrogator Go Away  "
" Long Live Musavi , Long Live Karoubi"
" Death to Taliban Style Islam"
" Student Will Die but won't accept the suffering"
" Ya Hosein , Mir Hosein "
" The Dictatorship won't last"

Hardline Basiji Students chanted in Support of Shariatmadari:

"Haji Hosein Disclose /reveal  "
" Death to Seditious "
Hosein Shariatmadari

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