Monday, January 19, 2015

Attempt to Assassinate Abdollah Momeni the Reformist Student Leader !

Last Thursday night two motorcycle rider armed with machete assaulted on Abdollah Momeni the Spokesperson for the Advar Tahkim Vahdat ( A reformist -islamist student organization in Iran) . Mr. Momeni was with his son when the attack happened . According to Mr. Momeni's son, the two assailants were young around 20 years of age , with black cloths and bearded , looked like from the radical group, approached to his father and asked for an address, and then they followed Mr. Momeni and kicked him from behind , he fell down inside the house and the attackers tried to hit him with machete but Mr. Momeni kicks them back and that kick saves his life .

Mr. momeni's son said: despite of money , the computer and cell phone ,the assailant  didn't touch anything ,they have only said, you are finished , you are dead ......
Right after the attack ,Mr. Momeni attended at the hospital and also called the police and reported the identities of the assailants.
Mr. Momeni was active in Mr. Karoubi's campaign team in presidential election of 2009 and spent five years in prison and is released recently from prison.


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