Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"This Behavior Against Women Artists Doesn't Happen in Any Part of the World" ...........

Women musician was asked off the stage !!???
These days Alim Qasimov the famous Azari Singer is in Iran and having concert . In one of this concert Qasimov's daughter Forghaneh had to company the concert with her music . The Islamic officials asked her off the stage otherwise the concert won't go ahead . She left the stage and the concert was delayed and Qasimov on the stage told to the audience :
" I respect the Iranian laws , but this behavior against women artists doesn't happen in any part of the world " .
Iran Watch Canada : This is Islamic laws imposed by Islamic regime in Iran . The Islamic regime also doesn't allow women to attend in the stadium to watch the games.  This isn't all , Islamic regime imposed many other laws against women .........

What a shame???......

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