Thursday, January 08, 2015

12 cartoonists and journalists killed at Charlie Hebdo's office in Paris by two individual radical moslem yesterday morning . I can't imagine losing these twelve journalists and cartoonists , some of them so prominent , most talented individuals of a society . It takes so much time to produce these kind of individuals, let alone some of them were at their peak of talents. They could move a society with the strike of their pencils . They were the pioneers of the french society . They were at the forefront of the ideas and when we talk about the intellectuals ,it means these people who like a candle burn to bring light in the society or to enlighten a society .
They are the most informed group of people ,bringing information through their satirical cartoons. 
I'm deeply saddened since yesterday, by befriending with some of the Iranian cartoonists and knowing well about their potentialities , finding this loss a huge one and extend my solidarity with French people and France .

I think France and french people have every right to cry to their bone about these loss. 
It is not about these individuals ,it is about their radical ideas and those who preaches these kinds of ideas . These individuals are lacking knowledge , as the Noble Prize wining girl Yousefzay put it "Education " is what they need . lack of education and knowledge make them vulnerable to brain wash. 
Since 1980's we have come to hear about Mojahedeen , Taliban , ISIS , Boko Al Haram , Al Qaeda ,Al Shabab ...( .Al capon , Al ......) most vicious groups as they were and as they are - of course with their poisonous ideas , faith and beliefs . 
I still can't believe someone takes heavy machine gun and kills people . i believe to eradicate these individuals ,one must go deep in to the societies , schools , faith places or group meetings and find out what they have been taught .
I am all for Free Expression with no limit without violence. Its up to those who have little tolerance to increase their tolerance or capacities. If i take a glass of water and put some amount of salt in it, it will become salty right away, but if i put so much amount of salt into the sea it won't become salty ,What i am trying to say is capacity building, Especially capacity building in closed societies which are left behind either by their governments or by their faiths,ideologies and individually ....
We all know societies change rapidly and with it ,new phenomenons are budding out and we have to face it with full tolerance and find answer for it. It is wrong when someone has little tolerance use violence to achieve their goals. 
Historically we can go back to centuries on these violent type of activities like Assassins .......but in recent years it came to our attention more after 1980's , when Mojahedin in Afghanistan supported by US started their fight against Soviet Union. Mojahedin's leaders like Golbuddin Hekmatyar is still among Taliban like Mulla Omar and.others are in border of Afghanistan and Pakistan . The location where they are is a market place for Gun selling , drug trafficking like heroin , Opium and so on ..... 
We also came to know Radical Muslims in Chechniya , Al Qaeda , Al Shabab , Boko Al Haram , ISIS and so on ...
Lets not to forget just a few weeks ago in Pakistan ,Taliban massacred 100+ young students. 
Frankly speaking US and other allied countries including some Islamic States like Saudi Arabia, Iran ,Pakistan created their own Frankenstein . Feeding mentally, morally and financially to these groups must end right away .
Eradication of fanatic / radical ideas wont come over night , it needs time for governments / countries to work on grass rout level or from the base to build a society with high in capacity and tolerance and against violence in any forms.
Most of these radical groups are located between the borders of countries , an area where no countries can reach them. 
There must be no concession or compromise what so ever with these groups. I say this because there were talks in Afghan Government to make peace with Taliban.

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