Sunday, January 18, 2015

Under Islamic Regime in Iran There is NO Democracy ,Its All Theocracy ....................

The Government Of Hasan Rohani unable to curb the influence of fundamentalists in Iran. The radical/fundamentalists forces have influence without restriction and exception. Hosein Shariatmadari a radical fundamentalist Muslim and manager of the Kayhan newspaper demanded from the judiciary power to ban the publication of Mardom Emrooz newspaper.
The paper is banned from publication because it published in its front page a story about George Cloony who says: I'm Charlie Too......... And Hosein Shariatmadari called it as an offense by the paper.
Mardom Emrooz was running only for 16 days when the prosecutor of Media & culture ordered for its closure. Mohammad Ghochani is the editor in chief and Ahmad Satari is the manger of the newspaper.

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