Saturday, January 17, 2015

Tasnim News Agency : Mardom Emrooz newspaper is Banned for publication by the public prosecutor because of an article it published in support of the Paper that Insulted the Prophet !!???

According to Tasnim News Agency-

Front Page of Mardom Emrooz Newspaper - George Clooney : I'm Charlie Too .

Mohammad Ghochani with Eights of His Newspaper Banned, holds the Record of Newspaper Closure  !!??

The " Mardom Emrooz " newspaper ( People's Today) with Mohammad Ghochani as its Chief Editor is banned for publication .
The fate of Mardom Emrooz ended like the other reformists newspaper such as :
Hmshahri Mah ( The citizen of the Month) , Sharq ( The East ) ,  Hammihan ( Countrymen) , Shahrvand Emrooz ( Citizen of Today) , Irandokht ( Iran's Daughter) , Etemad Meli ( National Trust) and Aseman ( The Sky) . All these newspapers were manged and edited by Mohammad Ghochani.
Mohammad Ghochani is a reformist journalist who have spent time in prison.
LInk :
Mohammad Ghochani
Mardom Emrooz started its publication on December and was on its #19th publication when this happened .
Ghochani was also editor of these papers in the past , these papers were also shut down :
Asre Ma ( Our Age)
Asre Azadegan ( The Age of Freedom Lovers)
Jameae (Society )
Neshat  ( Happiness )
Khordad ( June)

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