Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Reza Shahabi The Imprisoned Political Prisoner And Member Of The Iran Transit Workers Union On His 22nd Days Of Hunger Strike

According to news , Reza Shahabi the imprisoned political prisoner and member of the Iran Transit Workers Union is on his 22nd days of hunger strike and as a result of the strike half of the left side of his body is numbed and his life is in great danger.
The committee defending Reza Shahabi in their 90th statement have warned about his health condition.

Earlier,  Iran Transit Workers Union in a petition demanded that workers, teachers , nurses , students and human rights activists to sign the petition in support of Reza Shahabi .

The reason for the hunger strike is because, the judiciary revoked its earlier sentencing and have increased the time in prison for him.


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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Death Sentence For Mohammad Ali Taheri The Leader Of The Group Known As " Erfane Halgheh " !!???

According to news,  the lawyer of Mohammad Ali Taheri a political prisoner and leader of the group known as " Erfane Halgheh " said ; it seems that his client sentencing is issued but he said, he did not receive the document.

Speaking to ILNA reporter , Mr. Seyed Mahmoud Alizadeh Tabatabaei said; It seems that the death sentence against my client is issued but because it is his daughters wedding , we did not attend the court to receive the document . Mr. Tabatabaei said; based on the law, the official sentencing notice must be sent to us.

Ms. Zeynab Taheri speaking with " Dor TV " said ; a few moment ago , the death sentence was sent to Mr. Taheri .

Link to the news:

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Arash Sadeghi A Human Right Activist and A political Prisoner Himself Reacted To the 18 Political Prisoners Hunger Strike In Rejaei Shahr ( Gohardasht ) Prison.......

18 political prisoners in (  Rejaei Shahr ) Gohardasht prison went on hunger strike due to their transfer to a total inhuman security facility. They are on their 25th days of hunger strike.
These political prisoners were beaten and were forcefully transferred from ward number 12 to ward number 10 , a total security with  inhuman conditions . This new ward has more than 40 cameras ( Like An Eye Watching Their Every Move)  to watch every move of the prisoners and to listen their conversation.

On this situation many political prisoners from other prisons including Arash Sadeghi a political prisoner himself showed their support for the political prisoners of Gohardasht .

Arash in his letter said, it is disappointing that there are no authorities to see the injustices and cry of these political prisoners. He said; these kinds of behaviours is unacceptable in a civilized world and it  is unexplainable with any or even Islamic laws .


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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Yaghma Fakhshami An Iranian Journalist Is Arrested .....

According to news , Yaghma Fakhshami a journalist who writes on the website known as " Deede Bane Iran " Iran watch was arrested on Monday Aug. 21 , 2017 at the office of this website by security forces of the regime .

Up to now the reason for the arrest of this journalist who was formerly working for Roozan Newspaper is not clear .

This is the second journalist who is arrested in recent weeks . Sasan Aghaei the journalist and deputy editor of Etemad newspaper is  the other journalist who was arrested at his workplace and later his house was searched by security forces.

This is not the first time Mr. Fakhshami is arrested, in the past Mr. Fakhshami spent four months in prison and was released on bail of one billion Tuman .

At present These are the other journalists in prison:

Hengameh Shahidi

Afrain Cheetsaz

Ehsan Mazanderani


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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Former Political Prisoners Of Rejaei Shahr In A Letter To Government , Judiciary and Parliament Asked Them To Follow The Laws.....

Zeitoon website......

following the violation of the rights of the political prisoners in Rejaei Shahr prison which caused the prisoners to go on hunger strike , some of the former political prisoners of Rejaei Shahr prison in a letter to the three executive branch of the regime demanded them to follow / obey the laws and stop the violation of the rights of the political prisoners.

In their letter they have mentioned about forced relocation and pressure and violation of their rights
are not allowed / permitted based on several by laws of the prisons organization and .....

In the letter they have called the authorities to stop violating the rights of political prisoners and follow the laws.


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Monday, August 21, 2017

Help Save The Life Of Iranian Political Prisoners ......

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Three Iranian Political Prisoners Call To Save The Life Of The Political Prisoners Who Are On Hunger Strike In Rejaei Shahr ( Gohardasht ) prison.....

Akbar Rooz -

Golrokh Eraei , Atena Daemi and Maryam Akbari Monfared are calling the world human rights activists to take immediate action to save the life of the political prisoners of Rejaei Shahr ( Gohardasht ) prison who are in their 20th days of hunger strike.

According to news 20 political prisoners went on hunger strike because the judiciary power together with prison officials have decided to transfer these prisoners to another location.

These three Iranian political prisoners and human rights activists in a letter showed their concern about this transfer and are worried about the safety of the political prisoners.


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Friday, August 18, 2017

Report by Behram Mousivand : By Today Three weeks has passed from the assault on Political prisoners in Gohardasht Prison ( or Rejaei Shahr prison ) in the city of Karaj. Its close to 18 days that 18 political prisoners are on hunger strike in this prison. The reason for hunger strike is because; three weeks ago the prison guards attacked on these political prisoners and took away all their belonging including the pictures of their loved one like their children were taken away . Political On Hunger Strike Are : Reza Shahabi , Said Shirzad , Mohammad Amir-Kheizi , Amir ghaziani , Majid Asadi , Khaled Hardani, Hamzeh Savar , Abolghasem Foladvand and more …..

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Urgent News: Mehdi Karoubi One Of The Leader Of The Green Movement is transferred to the Hospital And His Life Depends On Seconds............

Salam News -

Since Mr. Karoubi's hunger strike , his health condition has deteriorated and his blood pressure increased , because of this situation he was transferred to the hospital by an order from the Ministry Of Information medical doctor.

Mr. Karoubi former parliamentary house speaker and one of the leader of the Green Movement in 2009 decided to go on hunger strike due to his six and a half years of house arrest and the presence of several security agents at his home and private life 24/7.

Despite of health condition , Mr. Karoubi continue the hunger strike in the hospital.


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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mehdi karoubi One Of The Leader Of The Green Movement Went On Dry Hunger Strike ......

According to Saham News , Mrs. Fatemeh Karoubi wife of Mr. Mehdi Karoubi one of the leader of the green movement said that her husband started his hunger strike after the early morning pray today. Mr. Karoubi is on dry hunger strike not even drinking water , he only took his heart medication  , said his wife .

Mr. Karoubi started the hunger strike in opposition to the house arrest and his rights.
Mr. Karoubi demanded that the security forces ( several of them present 24/7 ) to get out of his house and his private life and the removal of all video equipments for recording and hearing his private conversation. According to Mr. Karoubi , the security agents are living with him at his house which was not seen even before the revolution.

Mr. Karoubi demanded that an open court be scheduled so that he and his lawyer can hear the regime evidence and respond to the allegations after six and a half years of house arrests.

Mr. karoubi suffers from heart condition and have been in the hospital in the past . Mr. Karoubi also written several letter to the parliament and officials about his situation but did not receive any explanation .


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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Iran Ministry Of Sport Suspended Two Of Its National Soccer Players From Playing For National Team.....


Ministry of sport of the Islamic regime have suspended two of its most professional soccer players from playing in national team because of playing against the Israel national soccer team when their  Greek soccer club Panionios FC decided to send them to the field to play .

Islamic regime in Iran after the revolution suspended all the political relation with the Israeli Government and since then called Israeli Government as an enemy .

FIFA Federation in a letter to Islamic regime Sports Ministry demanded an answer to their decision.

This decision of the ministry which is a political decision brought many anger among Iranian people as well as Iranian personalities including famous Iranian soccer players like Ali Daei , Mehdi Mahdavi Kia and many others . Taraneh Alidousti an Iranian actress also showed her opposition to this decision by the Ministry and she wrote on her Instagram : Hope all soccer elite can support Masoud Shjaei and Ehsan Hajsafi and we must value our national heroes for what they do for our country , and its us that need them ......

IRAN WATCH CANADA : Supports Ehsan Hajsafi and Masoud Shojaie both Panionios FC soccer club player in Greece and are as well Iranian national soccer players . Iran Watch Canada strongly condemn this decision by the Islamic regime sport ministry and calls for the immediate withdrawal of such disastrous non- sport based but political decision . Iran Watch Canada also calls this decision as against our national interest .


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Thursday, August 10, 2017


10 August 2017 
Iran’s shameful execution of man arrested at 15 
Following today’s execution of Alireza Tajiki, a young Iranian man who was arrested, convicted and sentenced to death as a child, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for the Middle East and North Africa Magdalena Mughrabi said:
“By going ahead with this execution in defiance of their obligations under international law, and despite huge public and international opposition, the Iranian authorities have again cruelly demonstrated their complete disdain for children’s rights. This shameful act marks a critical turning point for Iran, and exposes the hollowness of the authorities’ claims to have a genuine juvenile justice system.”
“Alireza Tajiki is the fourth person executed in Iran this year who was arrested as a child. His execution, which was carried out despite his allegations that he was tortured into “confessing”, consolidates a horrendous pattern that has seen Iran repeatedly send people arrested as children to the gallows, often after deeply unfair trials.
“This execution is a flagrant violation of Iran's obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which it ratified two decades ago. By putting Alireza Tajiki to death, the Iranian authorities have demonstrated their appalling commitment for continuing with this abhorrent practise and shown they do not even have the will to implement their half-hearted reforms to save the lives of those convicted as children." 
Alireza Tajiki was 21 years old at the time of his execution. He was arrested in May 2012 when aged 15 and sentenced to death nearly a year later in April 2013. A criminal court in Fars Province, southern Iran, had convicted him of murder and lavat-e be-onf(forced male-male intercourse). 
The trial was grossly unfair and relied primarily on “confessions” which Alireza Tajiki had said were extracted through torture, including severe beatings, floggings and suspension by the arms and feet.
In 2013 the Iranian authorities introduced piecemeal reforms to deflect criticism of their appalling record on executions of juvenile offenders, yet despite this they have continued to condemn dozens of young people to death for crimes committed when they were under 18, in violation of their international human rights obligations. These reforms included amendments to Iran’s 2013 Islamic Penal Code that grant judges discretionary powers to replace the death penalty with an alternative punishment if they determine that the individual had not reached “mental maturity” at the time of the crime.
Iran is one of the last few countries in the world that still executes juvenile offenders. As of August 2017, Amnesty International had identified at least 89 individuals on death row who were under the age of 18 when the crime was committed.
Public Document 
For more information or to arrange an interview please contact: 
Sara Hashash, MENA Media Manager on or call +44 207 413 5511
or contact Amnesty International's press office on +44 20 7413 5566 or +44 (0)77 7847 2126
email: twitter: @amnestypress

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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

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Monday, August 07, 2017

Maryam Akbari Manfared's Letter From Prison......Your cry for justice won't be left without answers .

HARANA News Agency :

Maryam Akbari Monfared a human rights activist and a political prisoner whose four siblings were killed by the regime in prison during the mass killing of political prisoners in1980's  is currently serving the 15 years imprisonment sentences. In her open letter she wrote about the murdered political prisoners and the mothers of those political prisoners, their resistance and call for justice. In her letter she said: Your cry for justice  won't be left without answers .

1- Mother Mosni ( Ferrous Mahboub :
Her three children namely Morteza, Ali and Mostafa together with her daughter in-law  Nahid Rahmani and her brother Naser Rahmani were all killed ( the bodies of Nahid and Naser were thrown into the Lake Qom because of the coming of  Red Cross International for investigation ). Mother Mosni heard about the killing of her children inside the prison.

2- Mother Efat Shabestari who became paralyzed inside prison due to rheumatism . Her children Rafat and Soghra khaldadi were executed inside the prison . Her other son Ghasem was arrested on early year of revolution and was executed eight years later.

3- Mother Jahanara :
In Iran the people know her with three martyrs and their is no name listed about her fourth martyr'd   son Hassan Jahan Ara . Hassan was member of the Mojahedin Khalq . She was told by regime not to speak about her son Hassan.

4- Mother Vedoud :
Vetoed was killed before the mass killing of the political prisoners. She looked for her son's body and recognized him by his feet in a morgue. When she returned to the prison she said to her cellmates : I recognized him by his feet and it was cold and i kept him close to my heart until it became warm.



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Sunday, August 06, 2017

The Security forces Of The Islamic Regime In Iran Continue To Arrest The Iranian People Without Any Regard To International Law And Human Rights Norms ....

According to HRANA news Agency the security forces of the regime in Iran has arrested the former political prisoner Bijan Kalangari together with two of his nephews .

Bijan Kalahari is a former political prisoner of the 1980's and have spent years in prison . He is currently retired and is arrested in the city of Arak together with his two nephews namely: Mojtaba Foladi 40 years old ( graduate of business administration in accounting ) and Meghdad Foladi  35 years old ( Graduate of Business Administration in Management ) .

The security agents of the Ministry of Information have arrested this three individual at their homes in Arak city and their house was searched and some of their belonging like computer and mobile phone.....were confiscated.

Since their arrest the family members and lawyer tried to contact them but with no avail.

The prosecutor have rejected the family request for the lawyer to see the case file or the family be able to visit them at prison.


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