Monday, February 28, 2011

Iran 9 Esfand Feb 28 Allah Akbar Chants

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New wave of protest will take place tomorrow Tuesday March one !


Mr. Mohseni Ejeei the spokesperson for judiciary power in speaking with reporters announced that : "In the first step about the leaders of sedition "Fetneh", we have disconnected their communication as well as visitation and right now their activities are limited and if the situation will allow us, we will take the next step."

Link in Farsi:

According to news , Mr. Musavi and his wife Zahra Rahnavard and Mr. Karoubi and his wife Fatemeh Karoubi are going to be transfered to Heshmatieh prison in Tehran.

Because of their arrest and their transfer from house arrest to Heshmatieh prison in Tehran, the protesters will march from "Seyed Khandan bridge " to Heshmatieh prison......

Yet another protest and another show of force and oppression by Islamic Republic regime in Iran..

Chanting "Alaho Akbar " night before the protest became a symbol of resistance and preparation of oppressed against oppressors in Iran . Like before, people also chanted in all over Tehran and some other citys.

In another news , people were gathered in Vanak Square and protested against the arrest and detension of Musavi ,Karoubi and their wives.
Iranian all over the world will also protest in solidarity with Iranian people and green movement leaders.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

New video From 14 Feb 2011 riot force Shootings at protesters.People in transit speak and protest after hearing shot. Iran has become a big Barracks.

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"The Coordinating Council for the Green Path of Hope": From now ,every Tusedays of the week, we will go into the streets and protest!

The situation in Iran is like unannounced martial law !
There are security and militia forces in every major intersection and squares.

"Protest on every Tuesday's" !
Mr. Mojtaba Vahedi the political advisor to Mr. Karoubi ,one of green movement leader announced that; from now every Tuseday we are going to have protest inside Iran till the end of the year ( The Persian new Year on March 20).
The proposed dates are:
March 01
March 08
March 15
The protests will take place at 5:00pm from Revolution Square (Enqelab Square)to Freedom Sqare (Azadi Square)

At present , all major squares in Tehran are occupied by security forces and militia on foot or on motorcycles.
It seems regime is unable to function and run the country because of all these protests which is escalating to other cities and bringing more people into the protest.

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Again ,people from all walks of life must join the protest inorder to bring this regime down , it seems this isn't the intention of the coordinating council of the green path of hope. government employee,Nurses, transit workers, teachers, doctors and oil workers are needed to make major impact on regime.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ahmadinejad defends human rights in Libya ! People in Iran call him a "Divaneh " or Crazy , i think that says it all !

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"akardoan" by jafhar panahi the international award winning imprisoned film director.Please support Mr. Panahi for his release from Islamic Republic


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Democracy and Freedom is what the people of Middle East want !

More than 360 Million people live in the Middle East and the average age of the Middle Eastern is ranging from 17-24 and internet is what most of these young people are familiar with. Middle Eastern families are no longer the families of 20 or 30 years ago and religious fundamentalism has very little role in their lives. The religious exteremist families giving birth to its antagonistic child and this can be seen in many religious families not only in my country Iran but also elsewhere in the Middle East. Many younger childeren of most officials in the Islamic Republic are with green movement or are liberal minded and upto now several of them have been arrested during protest chanting slogan against dictatorship and for change in the streets and sometime mistakenly killed by the torturers of the Islamic Republic (Case of Roholamini) .A member of the Hashemi Rafsanjani's family is even an actress ( Daughter of Mohsen Hashemi), there are many more example of this.People in the Middle East want Democratic society and Freedom for their country and people.The Cry for Freedom in the Middle East particularly Saudi Arabia must be taken seriousely , then comes the political freedom, power sharing , end to corruption , free election, respect for universal human rights and NGO's as well as wome's rights......
These are long overdue and new generation want these to happen.

News from Iran:
Ahmadinejad's advice to colonel Ghadafi :" Respect to the will of your people"!?
See,who says what!? He kills the Iranian protesters in the streets in Iran and then prescribe medication for Ghadafi,if you dont call him as lunatic what else you can call him.

University of Shiraz in the city of Shiraz is still tense and students are mourning for one of their martyr .

According to Daneshjo News more than 80 students have been arrested during protest in Feb.20.

In the meantime there are no news from Mr. Karoubi and Musavi who are under house arrest,however the "Coordinating Council for the Green Path of Hope" released a draft charter of green movement and is trying to find a way to organize more protest in the coming weeks inside Iran.

Iran still remain unrest and the Islamic Republic official's nightmare continue ..

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Theodorakis State Of Siege,Seige of dictator's palace,Forward for new Middle East,Gradual change,gradual fight for social change-Free middle East !


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Iranian in toronto-Mel Lastman Square in solidarity w/ Green movement in Iran Feb.20,2011," Death to Dictator" ..

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Dramatic Footage of Street Clashes in Tehran- Iranian trying to exhaust and surrender Islamic Republic with less casulty !Feb.20/2011

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Young Iranian: No ceasefire yet ! Struggle against dictatorship continue.....

This picture is taken on Feb.20th in one of Tehran street.It looks like war zone, isn't it?

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Young Iranian: We must continue our protest.....We will come out on Fe.22 and 23 .......

Student Organization from major universities in a statement thanked Iranian people for coming out on Feb. 14 and 20th and making all Iran green.

In their third communique ,the students plan to come out and protest on Feb.22 and 23rd and they hope the spokesperson /advisor to Musavi and Karoubi ( Mr. Amirarjomand and Mr. Vahedi )in a statement support their actions.
Link in Farsi:

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On Sunday's Iranian protest another young student was killed by Islamic Republic regime in Iran !Khamenei is responsible for all bloodshed in Iran !

So many beautiful young lives are taken away by Khamenei the dictator and his Islamic Republic regime in Iran!

On last sunday's protest by Iranian, another young student of Shiraz University was killed by regime militia. Hamed Nourmohammadi Was student of biology in Shiraz University.He is from the city of Khoramabad and was living in the campus . According to student news Hamed was thrown down from bridge and he was then struck by a passing car and killed.

The Fars New Agency (False news agency- a pro-Ahmadinejad news agency) Reported : "Based on Mr. Moazeni the president of the University , Hamed the student of biology was struck by a car and killed and not by security -Militia forces."
Security forces have entered into Hamed's campus dorm and took all his belonging with them.According to report the situation of Shiraz University is tense.
No one beleives what the regime says .

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hundereds of Iranian were arrested Today during the protest in Iran!

This picture shows families are gathered in Evin prison in Tehran to look for their loved one.
Hundereds of Iranian protesters were arrested by security -militia forces and parents or relatives of those arrested ,in search for their childeren or loved one gathered in prisons in Tehran Evin prison and other major cities were protest was held ,according to report more than 50 protesters were arrested just in the city of Shiraz.
Among those arrested , were Faezeh Hashemi Rafsanjani daughter of Hashemi Rafsanjani and Mohammad Sadeghi the son of Sadegh Khalkhali the judge after the revolution who executed thousands of Iranian political opposition including Shah's generals ,prime Minister and .........

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Watch this film. I'm not sure if this is from todays protest....

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TEHRAN: Mobarak Ben Ali Nobate Seyed Ali! Feb 20, 2011

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Report :Faezeh Hashemi ( the daughter of Hashemi Rafsanjani ) was among protesters in Vali Asr Square and she was arrested.....

IRAN WATCH CANADA will bring you the news as it happens in Iran from todays protest commemorating the two young martyrs of Feb.14 protest killed by the regime of the Islamic Republic.

according to Rejanews: Faezeh Hashemi was seen in Valiasr Square among proteters supporting the protesters , she was later arrested close to Fatemi Street.

People in the city of Tabriz also joined the protest and protested against the regime....

At least 50 protesters in the city of Shiraz were arrested by security forces.....

People in the city of Rasht also joined the protest and protested today .....

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Abdollah Shahbazi a political analyst:We are moving towards bigger crisis..

From the personal blog of Abdollah Shahbazi

Still the regime is holding the groung through its forces like Hoseinian , Kochekof (Mr. Mehdi Kochekzadeh- member of Majles -Parliament and pro-Ahmadinejad) and child militia.
More split will happen today which can't be repaired later .Up to this point still there are ways to bring the situation back towards a political solution.But what i guess is , if what is happening now to continue to happen in the afternoon and evening ,the little hope that are left will be blown away.

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One protester was shot to death by regime forces in 'Hafte Tir square".......

The security-militia forces fired at people and as a result one of the protester was shot to death in Hafte Tir Square and because of clashes between protesters and security-Militia forces more protesters were wounded. According to an eye witness in "Hafte Tir" the wound of the protester was so severe that he died because of his wound in the square...

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First video from today protest-Iran -City of Shiraz Feb.20 clashes between protesters and Basij militia /plain cloths security forces

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Latest from Iran.....

"Coordinating Council of the Green Path of Hope" called people to protest for today Sunday Feb.20 at 3:00pm in solidarity with green movement leaders Mr. Musavi and Mr. Karoubi who are in house arrest and commemorating the 7th days of the recent two martyrs Mohammad Mokhtari and Saneh Jaleh.

As a result of this call people are protesting in major cities in Iran....

1-In Valiasr Square large group of protesters are chnting against dictatorship and the regime forces lost control and are withdrawing to the streets around the square.....

2-Large number of people are marching from "Hafte Tir square ' towards Valiasr Square".....

3- Clashes are reported between protesters and anti-rioting guards between "Amirabad" -"Keshavarz Bulevard" intersection , protesters are chanting and throwing rocks to defend themselves.

Clashes are reported in Revolution square between Basiji's -plain cloths security forces and protesters .

IRAN WATCH CANADA: based on these reports ,it seems very large number of people are protesting at this time in the capital city of Tehran......
There are no video from these protest yet.....
Tehran is in fire.....

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Latest news from Iran.....

According to Report ....

Protesters have taken control of "Valiasr square" and are pushing the anti-rioting guards and security forces back to streets around the square....

More and more People are joining the protest in Revolution Square in the city of Isfahan and chanting.
Regim Basiji forces and anti rioting guards are also present in and around revolution square...and "Darvazeh Shiraz".....

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Latest New sfrom Iran......

According to Balatarin .....

There are clashes between protesters and anti-rioting guards in Parkway area....

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Latest news from Iran ........

Seyed Mohammad Reza Khatami, brother of Mohammad Khatami the former reformist president of Islasmic Republic , the deputy speaker of the sixth parliament and former general secretary of the Mosharekat party ,told Mr. Mohammad Sadegh Larijani the head of Judiciary Power that : "you have no competent to be the head of judiciary power any longer". This was told apparently in response to Mr. Larijani after he announced ;the leaders of green movement or " sedition " must be brought to trial.
While, the leaders of the green movement didn't break any laws and it was the security forces and many other clerics who broke the laws but it is the green leaders who are under house arrest .....

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Latest news from Iran.....................

Picture: Ahmad Malaki -diplomat
These Reports are all from Iran coming to "Balatarin" by Balatarin members..

An Islamic Republic diplomat Mr. Ahmad Malaki in Milan -Italy has joined the green movement ......from Campaign for green Embassys........

1- Anti-rioting guards and security forces are seen in "Pastour" street close to Khamenei's residence .

2-Many people are protesting in "Vanak square " and in Valiasre Square....

3- First groupe of young people in "Sohrevardi Street" chanting death to dictator.......Pastor Street has become a security zone ......

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Latest news from Iran...........The protest has began in Iran.....People are gathered in front of Radio and TV station " Seda va Sima"........

Despite of all the danger the brave Iranian people have gathered in different part of Tehran and other city's in protest against the regime.

1- A group of people are gathered in front of "Seda Va Sima" in Vali Asre " street and chanting "Alah O Akbar".....
2-Eye witnesses are telling , people are gathered in Sohrevardi street,Hafte Tir Square , revolution square and Valiasr street and chanting .....
3- Regime in panick situation cut off the communication (Telephone land line ) between foreign countries and some parts of the city of Tehran...
4-Anti-riot guards are everywhere in the city of Tehran on foot or on motorcycle ....and people are chanting "Alah O Akbar"(God is great)........

5-Anti-rioting guards have started using tear gases against protesters in Valiasr Street...

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Musavi and Karoubi's advisors, Asked revolutionary Guards (Sepah ) to join people's protest on Feb. 20 th

Mr. Ardeshir Amirarjomand advisor to Musavi and Mr. Seyed Mojtaba Vahedi advisor to Mehdi Karoubi last night asked revolutionary guards ( Sepah Pasdaran) to join people's protest on February 2oth.

It is in the report that regime has made a steel baricade infront of the Musavis home. So, it seems Musavi and his wife are in house arrest or worse ,no one knows on their whereabout?!
In the meantime , people are chanting: If Musavi or Karoubi are arrested, we will all stand up for them against the regime !

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Iran Tehran 14 Feb People chants "MUBARAK, BEN ALI, Now its time for SEY...

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MUST SEE 11 Feb,Tehran , Regime forces loses ground , here people release a young girle from militias......Regime is losing ground ......

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Count down,Iranian people are determined to bring this regime down, while officials are preparing to collect more money & get ready to escape !

Anything is possible....Unthinkable might happen......Iranian people always surprise the regime and the world.......
IRAN WATCH CANADA : Iranian people may move at any time towards Radio -TV station " seda va sima " and toward Police stations or regime quarters ,if the population becomes in millions and regime uses force or kill people....
Count down for Islamic Republic regime in Iran.......

Mr. Mir Hossein Musavi's advisor Mr. Amir Arjomand : "The march for Feb.20 is certain , people dont pay attention to rumours"!
Mr. Musavi's advisor in an interview w/ Resa TV : The Green movement march for Feb.20 will take place in any condition , i ask our beloved people not to pay attention to rumours.

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Iran January 2011- More than 300 plus people are executed in a year in Iran. Worst record under Mohammad Sadegh Larijani head of Judiciary power


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Tehran feb 14 - On Sunday Feb.20 Iranian all over the world will protest in solidarity with people inside Iran and w/ the recent two martyrs

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Tomorrow Sunday Feb.20/2011 'The Coordinating Council of the Green Path of Hope" called people for protest against Islamic Republic dictatorship !

On the 7th days of the martyrdome of two young Iranian !
Iranian all over the world will join the protest in solidarity with green movement in Iran.
these are the posters for tomorrow. Hope more people will join the protest. It is important:

Government Employees



Transit workers

Metro Workers

Railroad workers


Oil Workers

Will join the Sunday protest .

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Iran - Tribute to Green Movement Martyrs killed by Islamic Republic regime in Iran .......

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The role of these people in the Islamic Republic regime in Iran !

Panahian speaking while others including Rohullah Hosseinian watching during Sane Jaleh funeral processeion.

Who is he in the Islamic Republic Regime ?

This is Hojatoleslam Alireza Panahian ,he is the founder and president of the "Ammar Quarters". He is the think-tank and representative of Khamenei in universities and a fundamentalist Islamist.


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The role of these people in the Islamic Republic regime in Iran !

Who is he in the Islamic Republic regime?
This is Gholamhossein Esmaeili , he is head of the Islamic Republic prisons and deputy to the head of judiciary power ( Mohammad Sadegh Larijani).According to a report by IRNA he announced for the construction of another 47 prison in the Islamic Republic because there are 35 percent increase in prisoners .


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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Government employees, Nurses, teachers , transit and metro workers , Oil workers stop working on Sunday , join the protest ..........

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This is not Egypt, it is Islamic Republic in Iran,Look at the militia shooting & beating protesters !Thanks to these brave Iranian journalists.....

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Focus on Saudi Arabia First and human rights violation there and corrupt Saudi Royal family and the plundering of national wealth in Saudi Arabia.


People are tired of these corrupt so called leaders plundering the national wealth of the country without any equal distribution. Time is running out for Old generation and New generation of youth and social networking is coming out and can see the differences between their society and the society in Europe and North America, between their lives and others in Europe and...
The New generation know if the plundering of national wealth continue their won't be anything left for their childeren.

In a Bargain Sell
King of Bahrain Offered $2500 for each Bahrainian people to sell their freedom, take it of leave it and we will kill you!?
Isn't this an insult to Bahrain people?

Saudi Soldiers in Bahrain Killing people
According to news ,the Saudi soldiers were in Bahrin kiling the people according to eye witnesses many many people have died in Bahrtain uprising.

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The Coordinating Council of the "Green Path of Hope" in a statement called All Iranian for protest on Sunday February 20 at 3:00pm!

Show of Social Networking Power while the leaders whereabout is in question?

"The Coordinating Council of the Green Path of Hope" in a statement on the occasion of the 7th day after the death of the martyrs and in support of Green Movement leaders who'se whereabout is in question, called ALL IRANIAN to come out on Sunday February 20th at 3:00pm and protest.

IRAN WATCH CANADA: the Coordinating Council of the Green Path of Hope must put its effort to bring the Government employees , Nurses , teachers and transit workers into the street on the coming Sunday Feb.20th for protest ,inorder to become successful the Coordinating council should call them directly in a statement. Statement calling generally ALL PEOPLE won't work ,the statement must call them by their profession/ occupation.

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Islamic Students organization (Daftare Tahkim Vahdat) announced for one weeks of mourning in all Iran's universities for the two recent martyrs !

"Daftare Tahkim Vahdat " the Islamic Students organization in a communique expressed its condolence to all students and to the families of the two recent martyrs of the Green Movement Mohammad Mokhtari and Saneh Jaleh. the communique also said there is going to be one week of mourning in all over Iran's universities.
Regime agents have arrested Saneh's brother Ghaneh Jaleh who bravely made the interview with Voice of America and let all of us know about the government scenario about his brother's situation.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Regime stolen the Feb.14 martyrs bodies and buried without parents permision !

This regime steal martyr bodies from their parents and buries in rush to quickly turn off the issue.

Ghane Jaleh :"My brother never was a Basiji , he was a supporter of Musavi."
Ghane Jaleh the brother of Sane Jaleh the Kurdish art student of Tehran University , a writer and a green movemet supporter who was killed by the regime militia on Feb.14 peaceful protest in Iran, while crying told to voice of America that: "The Ministry of Information put alot of pressure on my family and made plan to show my brother was a Basiji (Militia ) but this is not true."

Ghane added : " 1- Sane wasn't a Basiji 2- My cousine is a known agent of the Ministry of Information , without me knowing about the killing ,he came to our house and asked for his picture and we gave him because he was our cousin ,unfortunately after that he gives the picture to his websites and they annouce him as a Basiji ,I saw that day they fabricated a card for him,they put us under alot of pressure not to speak out ,they dont even give his body to us , we dont know what to do ,if they dont give his body to us ,we won't go to his burial , he always wished like Ghobadi to serve his people ,they steal his body and gave it to the enemy ,we are under alot of pressure , my father says ; dont say anything otherwise they will kill all of us.Yes , this was the cospirecy of my cousin ,took the picture and did this ....."

Ghane spoke about alot of pressure regime put on his family and said: he won't participate in regime engineered plan of burial ceremony for his brother. While crying he said; his father is worried about the rest of the family members, that the regime may come for the rest of the family members.

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Iranian in Paris in solidarity with Iranian protesters on Feb.14

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Iranian Students will gather & protest tomorrow at 9:00 am to the killing of an art student !

Picture : Shows Saneh Jaleh together w/ other friends visiting Ayatollah Montazeri a long time critic of the regime of Khamenei.
Student who came out on Valentines Day for the love of Freedom was killed by regime security agents!

The procession will take place at 9:00 am tomorrow in front of Art University. Sane Jaleh was student of art in Tehran University ,he was killed by the regime security forces in the rally on Monday Feb.14. a friend of Sane Jaleh told 'Daneshjoo News" (student news )that, he doesn't belong to "Basiji student organization" (a regime made student organization), he was participating in the protest against the regime.Regime made a scenario and claimed that protesters killed him.By saying that, regime wanted to connect this killing to Mr. Musavi and Karoubi the two leaders of the Green movement. Basiji Students (Students that are militia as well ) with the support and help of regime propaganda machine claimed that; protesters in the green movement killed Sane Jaleh.This regime together with its not elected president Ahmadinejad learned how to tell big lies by reversing the stories 180 degrees.

In the past Sane Jaleh the Art student wrote a story called "Otobus " meaning Bus in "Azma" publication, the revolutionary guards publication has written comments about the publication as kind of publication that are activ in "soft war " against the Islamic Republic.
The students have said they will participate in the procession and won't allow regime to claime Sane was one of them.
Link to the news:

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Mehdi Karoubi one of green movement leader: "Remove the cotton from your ears and hear the voice of the people" !

Mehdi Karoubi one of the leader of the green movement and former speaker of the parliament sent strong message to the regime and said:" Remove the cottons from your ears and hear the voice of the people ,Release all political prisoners and remove your hands from the throat of the independent media's and be loyal to promisses you have made through constitution with the people. i'm not afraid of any threat and i'm ready to pay the price."

in addition Karoubi said: " Although based on constitution we didn't need the permission for the rally in support of Egyptian and Tunisian people but with good intention we requested permit to hold the rally but instead what we heard was lots of insult and our communication was cut off and we were put under house arrest . Take lesson from those Government distancing themselves from their people. "

Link in Farsi:

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New Video's coming from 14 February 2011, Tehran, Tohid - بهمن 25 1389

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Protesters chant death to Khamenei, Mubarak-BenAli Its now the time Khamenei to leave Iran!

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Iran -14 Feb 2011- "We dont want islamic regime" "Independence, Freedom ...

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My Tears go for the young Iranian for their bravery and fight back against the regime of Islamic Republic !

Picture: Mohammad Mokhtari ,One of the young Iranian peaceful protester who was killed by regime millitia.

Watch these links , Iranian student of "Sanati Shrif " university chanting: "Mubarak,Ahmadi , congratulation for you unity" and "Death to dictator" and " Death to this government of lies" or " Ya Hossein , Mirhossein " support for Musavi..............

During the protest on Monday Feb.14 by peaceful Iranian, regime used force and as a result two young Iranian were killed and they are : Sane Jaleh and Mohammad Mokhtari (As reported)

Regime security agent also arrested ayatollah Biat Zanjani's childeren . Ayatollah Biat together with Ayatollah Sanei and Ayatollah Musavi Ardebili and ........are suporters of people's rights .

Musavi's advisor called for a truth finding committee about the violence during the protest on Monday and the death of two Iranian protesters.

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Musavi's daughters: "We are worried ,No news about our parents"

Musavi's daughters in a contact w/ Jaras website announced they have no news about their parents. Prior to the march on Feb. 14, Mr. Musavi and Mr. Karoubi were under house arrest and a police van was parked right at the door step of Musavi's home.

Regime cut off all communication channel with both Musavi and Karoubi in a way that, even the personal security guards and childeren are unable to speak w/ their parents.

It is difficult to see inside the van and no one knows if there are people or they are armed.According to Musavi's childeren , those who have stopped them from entering the house ,diodn't show any identification cards and no one knows who is behind this act.

the daughters said: We dont know if our parents are in our home or not/ we are worried what is going on inside this house. We dont know who is responsible for the lives of our parents.

Its been reported that, After current MP's call for the execution of green movement leaders inside the parliament , the head of parliament Mr. Ali Larijani has ordered for the creation of a committee "to review the situation of counter revolutionaries".

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Fundamentalist Islamist who were telling green movement is dead,became angry to see otherwise &now in rage calling for execution of Musavi& Karoubi

Really it was painful for those fundamentalist Islamists who had non or very little role in 1978-79 revolution and now have occupied in all levels of the system and who also were through the last year telling the Green movement is dead , yesterday saw otherwise and now in rage calling for the execution of two of green movement leader Mr. Musavi and Karoubi. They are calling for the execution of not an ordinary person but two person who had role in the revolutionary era in 1978-79 and One become prime Minister of Khomei's era and the other became head of the parliament.

What is happening behind the scene or behind close door is not known by the majority of Iranian but definitely there are careful planning is going on. These fundamentalist Islamists know very well that execution of these two political fiigure will cause big shock wave in Iranian society and among Iranian in the green movement but despite of knowing this they push for their execution.

one of these fundamentalist whos'e hand could be seen in so many political murder is Rohollah Hoseinian( A clergyman) ,he is a member of the parliament , i have no doubt that he is fully and actively behind organizing the members of the parliament to chant for the execution of green movement leaders yesterday inside the parliament.Around 223 conservative (Fundamentalist Islamists )members of the parliament ( No one knows how they have been elected ,perhaps like Ahmadinejad by secret ballot ) called for the execution.

two days ago this picture went on in online web., it shows the henchman puting rope in not only Karoubi and Musavi's neck but also in Khatami the reformist leaders neck.
IRAN is going through one of the most dangerous road turn ever in its history in the coming future .

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Iranian in Toronto in support of Fe,14 green movement protest in Iran

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khamenei & Khomeini's pic rip before basijies/پاره کردن عکس خمینی و خامن...

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Iran - Tehran night -14 Feb 2011 - Death to Khamenei, Janati you are enemy of the nation...

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Regime has one choice before it get late,To respect people's demands or else it will go where Mubarak go.....

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MUST SEE - Iran 14 Feb - Basiji forces get ready to attack people in Tehran- This regime support's freedom in egypt but not in Iran !

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Monday, February 14, 2011

These is not Mobarak's anti-rioting guard it's Islamic regime's Guards in Tehran-Iran today .Khamenei and the rest cohabited lies and have no shame

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People prove the regime is wrong about green movement ! Thousands of Iranian people protested on Feb.14 planned rally !

According to report one person was killed , several wounded and more than 250 people were arrested in today's protest .

The fight against dictatorship of the Islamic Republic regime and for democracy in Iran will continue.........

I'm proud of my people in Iran !

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Despite of regime's claime,Green Movement came out STRONG ! Regime can't get rid of this movement,it has come to stay till regime is gone !

Congratulation to my dear sisters and brothers in Iran for their brave and couragious protest in Iran today Monday Feb.14,2011 despite of all the police forces ,plain cloths militia's and security agents in the streets and all the arrest they made before and after the protest.

Once more you have shown the movement is alive and strong and can come out with or without permision.

Regime tried to disrupt all the communication channels , internet and telephone, but failed because, news have reached to its destination and has been reported in major TV stations around the world.
Regime has put both leaders of the green movement and their families (Karoubi-Musavi)under house arrest.And the security agents were in control of their activities.This picture shows police van at the door step of Musavi.It is also reported that, the house of Seyed Mohammad Khatami and Abdollah Nouri was also under the control of security agents.

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V 25 bahman V

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Iran New video 14 Feb 2011, khomeini khamenei pic is on fire

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Iran 14 Feb 2011 a Bsijis is being beaten by protestor

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Iran - Tehran 14 Feb 2011 - Enghelab street - Death to dictator

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NEWS FROM IRAN AS IT HAPPENS-FEB.14,2011 -Love for freedom, freedom for love -Happy Valentines

1-According to report from "Nedaye Sabze Azadi" : While every seconds more people are joining the march , While special guards are watching ,people are marching in the streets in Tehran towards Freedom (Azadi) Square. The first groups of peoples have gathered in Vali-Asr street and are marching towards freedom square.

2-An eye witness told BBC Farsi that, People are chanting "Death to dictator" in "Sadeqieh" square and regime militia's are on motorcycle ready in the scene .

3-First groups of people have gathered in "Imam Hossein " Square at 2:00pm and police forces are present at the scene .

4-Several thousands of people are gathered in "Enqelab " Revolution Square and sorrounding area and are marching towards freedom Square.

5-Students have gathered in front of the university gate.

6-In the city of Isfahan ,Najafabad and "Khomeini Shahr" are arriving at revolution Square in the city.....In several other area of the city is very busy.....

7- From all over Tehran groups of people in 15-20 are marching towards freedom square.

8- Clashes have been reported between police forces and people in revolution square.

9- Police has closed the roadway to Mr. Musavi's home.

10- In the city of Shiraz , people are gathered in Namazi square and chanting slogan.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

IRAN WATCH CANADA -News as it happens........IRAN GREEN MOVEMENT PROTEST FEB.14,2011...

TIME is 10:15 am in IRAN

1- A young girle have gone on the top of a crane in "Qasr" intersection and hanged a banner with the pictures of those who have been killed last year by the Islamic Republic regime in Iran . She has green scarf in her neck and chanting slogan in support of green movement , lots of people are gasthered in that location.The firemen tried to bring this girle down ,but she threatened she will jump to her death.

2-Now ,Students in Tabriz university chanting " death to dictator"....

3-Women political prisoners in a statement announced their support for the green movement....

4- Mr. Ardeshir Amir Arjomand the political advisor of Musavi : "We hope police have learned from the past and not to use violence against peaceful protesters....

5-Lots of people have gathered in Abbas Abad street and more are joining ....


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Iran Tehran 13 Feb 2011 Death to dictator

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News as it happens:

Protest in 36 cities in IRAN ......
Organizers in all these cities planned their protest march against dictatorship...

1- Mothers who's childeren were killed by the Islamic Republic regime expressed their support for the Feb. 14th protest.

2- Political prisoners in "Gohardasht" prison announced they would go on hunger strike in support for Feb. 14th protest.

3-Ayatollah Sanei: The depotism we are witnessing today is unprecedent in the history .

4-political prisoners from Evin prison sent their support for the protesters on Feb. 14th and said: Our hearts from inside the prison are w/ you .

5- Protest in 36 cities in IRAN :

Isfahan: In 2 locations
Tabriz:3 locations
Orumieh:2 location
Islam Shahr
Shahre Kord
Bandar Abbas

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First National Anthem of Iran - "Vatanam "

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Count Down: 8-9 hours left to major nationwide protest rally in Iran against "Dictatorship" !

News as it comes on ..........

1-Count down- Protest may start earlier as planned, it may start either 12 noon or 3/4 pm.Still we have 5-8 hours to that. Time now in Iran is 7 am .

2- We may need First Aids, Learn about first aids , some of us may become wounded during the protest.......

3-People reject all kinds of dictatorship.......

4- Since Thursday ,Mehdi karoubi's communication w/ outside his residence were cut off.

5- Musavi's communication was also cut off since Saturday.......


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Mohsen Yeganeh Concert, Malaysia Kuala Lumpur "death to dictator"

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We dont need permission to hold protest, Based on Article NO. 27 we are allowed to hold rally told Mr. Ardeshir Amir Arjomand advisor to Musavi !

Mir Hossein Musavi and Mehdi Karoubi are going to participate in the rally tomorrow!
"Mr. Ardeshir Amir Arjomand advisor to Mr. Musavi told BBC Farsi that, if we informed officials about our rally, was because, to let them to prepare security for the rally. "

"Based on constitution We dont nee permision to hold rally" said spokesperson for "Etemade Melli " political party.

"300 Tuman for a piece of bread , damn to leader's state" is one of the slogan.

Regime is scared from tomorrow's protetst , warned government employees in all over country to go to work and not to join the protetst.

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Death to dictator ! "Alah O Akbar " , Iranian started their anti-dictatorship protest !


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Close to 500 Iranian in Toronto in cold weather in solidarity w/ Green movement in Iran - Toronto,February13, 2011


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A group of Iranian in front of White House protest in support of planned rally in Iran Feb.14/2011 !


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These are excerpts from online news from Iran:

1-Tonight the "Alah O Akbar" chanting will remain in the history.

2-This is to the protesters and to regime militias:
Our protest is peaceful but if they attack us it will be different story.

3-In the province of khuzestan ,the people have no reception to BBC and Voice of America and ......

4-The website of "Tabnak" in a misleading message which shows the fears of officials wrote: Ministry of Interior :we won't give permission for opposition to hold rally on June 14 (Feb.14) .......

5-Lets stand up .....14th of Feb. is the day of the test ....What would be our grade......

6-Soon the CHARTER of the GREEN MOVEMENT will come out........

7- An officer who is stationed in " Sarolah " quarter told:We have been told not to confront/attack on people. Regime has transfered pover from police to "Sepah" (Special militia of the Regime)

8-White House has condemned regime for not allowing the Iranian protesters to have a march .....

9-On Feb.14 Iranian w/ all walks of life will stand against dictatorship.....

10- Feb.14 is the day that , we must answer to our childeren about it....

Link in Farsi:

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ITS NOTHING,JUST TEARs FOR FREEDOM, Why Can't we have freedom in Iran? !


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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Statement of the Green Path of Hope Coordination Council Regarding the February 14th Demonstrations

Statement of the Green Path of Hope Coordination Council Regarding the February 14th Demonstrations

The coordination council of the Green Path of Hope has issued a statement supporting the February 14th demonstrations, holding the interior ministry responsible for their safety and for taking measures to ensure the grandeur of the demonstrations.A segment of the council’s statement reads “The noble people of Iran and followers of the green movement should participate in this peaceful demonstration with calm and resolve, and must not allow the infiltrating agents of those seeking violence to derail the demonstrations with their aggressive behavior under any circumstances.”
The full text of this statement is as follows:

In the Name of God,
We congratulate the freedom seeking and justice pursuing people of Egypt and Iran for the fall of the pharaoh-esque dictatorship of Mubarak, and we strongly protest the recent widespread illegal incarcerations as well as the heavy increase of illegal restrictions on Messrs. Mousavi and Karroubi which verifies the ruling autocrats’ weakness and fear of any civil and political movement of the people, even of the most peaceful kind, and we also lament the pattern of law breaking by the officials in charge of executing the law. With this, we declare:
1. As part of the interior ministry’s responsibility to uphold its legal obligations and the people’s legal rights guaranteed in article 27 of the constitution, this ministry has a duty to issue a license for demonstrations in support of the people’s movements in Tunisia and Egypt in response to the request made by Messrs. Mousavi and Karroubi. Furthermore, this ministry must immediately inform the public of all measures taken to ensure the safety of citizens and the peaceful holding of the demonstrations. Failure to respond to this request and to take the necessary measures to hold the demonstrations peacefully will disgrace the government of Iran on national and international levels and will basically undermine its official stance in supporting the people’s movements of Tunisia and Egypt.
2. The noble people of Iran and followers of the green movement should participate in this peaceful demonstration with calm and resolve, and must not allow the infiltrating agents of those seeking violence to derail the demonstrations with their aggressive behavior under any circumstances.
Our promise, we meet on Monday February 14, 2011, 3:00pm in Tehran from Imam Hossein Square to Azadi Square.
- Coordination Council of the Green Path of Hope

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The Most Vicious and Scary Officials in the Islamic Republic regime in Iran !

Who are these people in the Islamic Republic Regime in Iran?
In these picture-The clergy is Ali Panahian with Turban and the other is Hossein Yekta...

The Most Vicious and Scary officials in the Islamic Republic regime !

Because of these peoples involvement in this organization , IRAN WATCH CANADA decided to translate the report.These people are the most vicious and frightful faces in the regime of the Islamic Republic for scary and horrendous activities they do.These people push for the execution of Musavi, Karoubi , Khatami and.......
Above all are : Ayatollah Janati , Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, Ayatollah Mohammad Yazdi , Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami....

The founders of this organization were the most fundamentalist supporters of the "Velayat Faqih" ( Caliphate state ) and they are as follows:

1-Mehdi Taeb(Clergy)- Professor of "Houzeh" ( where clergies are being trained)and university

2-Alireza Panahian (Clergy)- In charge of thethink tank representing Khamenei in universities

3-Mohammad Mohammadi-Mandegari (Clergy)-President of the board of directors of "Sayereh Shohada " cultural institution

4-Hamid Rasaei (Clergy)- Member of the parliament and manager of the "Nohe Dei Weekly"

5-Doctor Mehdi Kochekzadeh- Member of the parliament and professor of the university

6-Haj Said Ghasemi (Engineer)-Cultural activist and president of the "Misaq" cultural centre

7-Vahid Jalili -The editor in chief of "Monthly Road " and member of the Islamic cultural Revolution Front

8-Doctor Hassan Abbasi- Head of the institute of research for the doctrine without borders
9-Nader Talebzadeh - Writer and director and anchor man of "Raz" program

10-Said Haddadian- Eulogist of the Khamenei Circle

12-Haj Hossein Yekta- Former secretary of "Rahian Noor "

13-Ali Samari(clergy) - Secretary of the central committee of " Selection " for all over the country.

14-Ravanbakhsh(Clergy) - political editor of the "Partove Sokhan " publication

15- Hossein Roshan - In charge of the "Amar

16- Hossein Alahkaram- member of the educational board of Azad University

Adding to this list are:

17-Hossein Shariatmadari- Representative of Khamenei in Keyhan newspaper

18- Rohollah Hoseinian- Member of Parliament

19-Said Mortazavi- Former judge

20-Salavati -Current judge ...

In this assembley , there are 70 well known supporter who are active in cultural and propaganda machine of the regime.

15 members of the centarl council of this organization,each have many anti-democratic /freedom in their report cards.
Excerpt from:

Will be followed........


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Friday, February 11, 2011

Iran is next


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Thursday, February 10, 2011

More than 500 graduate students from"Sanati Sharif "University protested the death sentence of Mr. Said Malekpour the Iranian-Canadian professional !

Mohammad Sadegh Larijani the head of judiciary power himself will be responsible for the negligence in justice for Said Malek pour !

According to online news , more than 500 graduate of "Sanati Sharif " University students and Many others in a letter protested to the death sentence of Said Malekpour a graduate of the same University.

While condemning the illegal and inhuman behaviour against Said ,The signatories also called the charges against said as baseless, which are taken under torture , long term solitary confinement and pressure for baseless video confession.

The signatories are , graduate students of " Sanati Sharif " University, Well known University professors from all over the world , professionals and winners of the world Olympiad . The signatories demanded the execution in Iran be stopped and regime to follow the human rights .

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Wael Ghonim w/ green bracelet,a symbol of green movement in Iran.

Iranian,Egyptian,Jordanian,tunisian, in general Middle Eastern and Arab youth want change ,freedom and democracy for their region and people. They have focused on their region for change, why not?!. They can see how people in the other part of the world live particularly the European and North American and they compare for example the lives of people specially women in Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region and see the differences. Time has changed , old generation is giving their place to younger one and this change will make big impact and difference in the world particularly in the Middle East. Time is running definitely against dictators and dictatorship. Time to let younger genration to participate in politics.
"This movement in Egypt is similar to green movement in Iran and not of Islamic Republic, the reason why because the protesters dont carry pictures of Khamenei or Ahmadinejad or any of the current officials in Iran."


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Iran Watch Canada: Now Look what the Islamic regime of Khamenei-Ahmadinejad does to its own people !?

Iranian Dissident Says Planned March Will Test Regime
Published: February 8, 2011

IRAN WATCH CANADA :Excerpts from The New York Times interview with Mr. Mehdi Karoubi, the past parliament speaker of the Islamic Republic regime and one of the current green movement leader:

For the Iranian opposition, events in Cairo mirror the post-election protest movement in Iran in 2009, not the 1979 Islamic Revolution, and could give new life to the Green movement for political reform, which Mr. Karroubi said had largely been battered into submission by government oppression.

“Any kind of event that involves the rise of the people and the fight against dictatorship in the Muslim world and in the Arab world is in our benefit,” said Mr. Karroubi, 72, speaking in Persian from his home, where he is largely isolated. “Next Monday will be a test for the Green movement — if the government issues a permit, there will be a huge demonstration and it will show how alive the Green movement is.”

“If they are not going to allow their own people to protest, it goes against everything they are saying, and all they are doing to welcome the protests in Egypt is fake,“ Mr. Karroubi said.

Mr. Karroubi, while conceding that public activism had faded in the face of a harsh crackdown, said the Greens were still working for the kinds of basic rights they have always sought: free elections, freedom of assembly and freedom of speech.
The movement has tried to highlight the incongruity between the Iranian government’s oppression at home and the fact that it welcomes political protests elsewhere.

The Web site of Mir Hussein Moussavi, the other main opposition leader, recently displayed two pictures side by side. One showed the Egyptian police beating a protester, while the other was a similar photo of Tehran security forces. The Egyptian protester was labeled “heroic“ while the one in Iran was an “agent of imperialism.”

Mr. Karroubi said he was living under near house arrest, with two or three cars full of guards outside his house for most of the day, turning many visitors away. He had not talked with a foreign journalist in about six months, he said, although he has occasionally answered questions via e-mail. For the video interview, he wrapped a headset around the back of his neck because it would not fit over his white turban.

Mr. Karroubi said he was able to plan the call for a protest with Mr. Moussavi because the two had met recently at a wake, but otherwise they have had limited contact. They have not decided yet whether a march through downtown Tehran should be silent, he said.

Should the young Egyptian protesters succeed in fomenting change, that would bring added pressure on the Iranian government, Mr. Karroubi said. It would mean that both Turkey and Egypt, the most populous states in the region, are more democratic than Iran.

“It will show that Iran has been left behind, that it has not gone forward with the principles of the revolution that everything should be based on the vote of the people,” he said.
Still, he noted that while a failure of Arab protests would be a setback for the Greens, the reform movement would still continue.

“It could have a bad effect in Iran, but not that strong,” he said. “We have our own demands and our own desire for freedom in our own society — we were promised freedom with the revolution and never got it.”
Artin Afkhami contributed reporting from Washington.
A version of this article appeared in print on February 9, 2011, on page A14 of the New York edition.


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Wednesday, February 09, 2011!/25bahman


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Islamic Regime in Iran has again started arresting the organizers before the rally begin in February 14!

Regime and its officials like Khamenei -Ahmadinejad can say so manythings about other countries people's freedom but when it comes to its own country they become hypocrite. khamenei in last friday prayer and other regime officials have spoke so many things about people uprising in Egypt ,.Tunisia and other countries and their support for those people but when last week Iranian people announced they are going to have rally on Feb.14 in support of egyptian-tunisian people ,regime has already started arresting organizers and activists. Today i have red that , regime agents have arrested Taghi Rahmani a" Meli-Mazhabi " and a religious schoular. Mr. Rahmani was an advisor to Mr. Karoubi one of green movement leader. Mr. Rahmani has spent 2/3 rd of his life in regime jail.
Mr. Ejeei prosecutor general of the regime in response to green movement leaders Musavi and Karoubi who requested for a permission to hold a rally on Feb.14 said:
"Their request to hold a rally on Feb.14 in support of Egyptian -Tunesian people is divisive, instead they must participate in regime rally which is organized on Feb.11 on the anniversary of revolution".
Mr. Hossein Hamedani commander of "Mohammad Rasoulolah " headquarter told reporters that ;"Any actions by opposition will be strongly dealt with".
Ayatollah Mohammad Sadegh Larijani the head of Judiciary power: "If we arrest the leaders of Fetneh ( Sedition ) or leaders of green movement ,they will become saint ."
In the meantime, support and participation list for Feb.14 rally is getting longer and bigger , based on the news online on Feb. 14 there is going to be rally almost all over Iran.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Wael Ghonim on Dream TV 2 after his release

Watch these video's :


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Monday, February 07, 2011

Count down- 7 Days to the rally of green movement supporters in Iran from Imam Hosein Square to Azadi Square !

Count Down 7 days to the millions march in Iran is solidarity with Egyptian, Tunisian ,Arab people against dictatorship and for freedom !

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poster released by green movement calls for rally in support of Egyptian,Tunisian and Arab people uprising against dictatorship and for freedom!

Rally in Iran : February 14,2011 at 3:00 pm from Imam Hosein Square to Freedom Square.


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Look how Mubarak' army respond to a peaceful protester.Same happened in Iran a year ago against peaceful protesters. film has Graphic violence scene..

This film is very graphic and vilonce.

or click on here:
فیلم را ببینید

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On February 14 Green Movement will have a day of rally in solidarity with Tunisian ,Egyptian and other Arab protesters for freedom -

Mr. karoubi and Mr. Musavi the two current known leader of the green movement sent a letter to Mr. Mohammad najar the minister of interior and stated ;based on article 27 of the constitution we are requesting for permission to hold a rally on February 14 in solidarity with the Tunisian,Egyptian and other Arab state people in their struggle for freedom.The rally will
start at 3:00pm from "Imam Hossein" Square to "Azadi" (Freedom )Square .

The young Iranian are preparing themselves for this day. The young Iranian announced they will start their activities from the night of Feb.13 by chanting "Alah o Akbar on roof top of buildings .There are a lot of activities going on in online news media.


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Sunday, February 06, 2011

Egyptian freedom fighters protect their heads from rocks and batons Feb.2011 !


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1953 coup & behind the scene politics-tactics,using mobs,clergies &military personnels to overthrow national democratic Govn't of Mossadeq !

An experience not to forget and a lesson to remember:
Pictures show how the coup organizers behind the scene were able to organize pro-regime of Shah scenario to overthrow the national democratic Government of Doctor Mohammad Mossadeq in Iran who said NO to British petrolium and despite of all the tricks and treats went on to nationalize the Iranian oil industry.When doctor Mossadeq's Government controlled the country and shah fled Iran,and after all other option failed then coup become the only last option for the Shah and his foreign supporters like British government and US/CIA.They organized mobs like Tayeb brothers,Shaban Jafari (bimokh-no brain) ,high ranking religious Ayatollah like Kashani and high ranking military officers in Mossadegh government like Ardeshir Zahedi.....armed with knives ,Machette's , sticks,guns and power were able to make enough noise to topple the only democratic government of Middle East in 1953. The picture shows Shaban Jafari in front of the mobs in protest against Doctor Mossadeq and in another picture with Shah and Ayatollah Kashani after the coup .

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