Monday, February 14, 2011

NEWS FROM IRAN AS IT HAPPENS-FEB.14,2011 -Love for freedom, freedom for love -Happy Valentines

1-According to report from "Nedaye Sabze Azadi" : While every seconds more people are joining the march , While special guards are watching ,people are marching in the streets in Tehran towards Freedom (Azadi) Square. The first groups of peoples have gathered in Vali-Asr street and are marching towards freedom square.

2-An eye witness told BBC Farsi that, People are chanting "Death to dictator" in "Sadeqieh" square and regime militia's are on motorcycle ready in the scene .

3-First groups of people have gathered in "Imam Hossein " Square at 2:00pm and police forces are present at the scene .

4-Several thousands of people are gathered in "Enqelab " Revolution Square and sorrounding area and are marching towards freedom Square.

5-Students have gathered in front of the university gate.

6-In the city of Isfahan ,Najafabad and "Khomeini Shahr" are arriving at revolution Square in the city.....In several other area of the city is very busy.....

7- From all over Tehran groups of people in 15-20 are marching towards freedom square.

8- Clashes have been reported between police forces and people in revolution square.

9- Police has closed the roadway to Mr. Musavi's home.

10- In the city of Shiraz , people are gathered in Namazi square and chanting slogan.

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