Monday, February 14, 2011

Despite of regime's claime,Green Movement came out STRONG ! Regime can't get rid of this movement,it has come to stay till regime is gone !

Congratulation to my dear sisters and brothers in Iran for their brave and couragious protest in Iran today Monday Feb.14,2011 despite of all the police forces ,plain cloths militia's and security agents in the streets and all the arrest they made before and after the protest.

Once more you have shown the movement is alive and strong and can come out with or without permision.

Regime tried to disrupt all the communication channels , internet and telephone, but failed because, news have reached to its destination and has been reported in major TV stations around the world.
Regime has put both leaders of the green movement and their families (Karoubi-Musavi)under house arrest.And the security agents were in control of their activities.This picture shows police van at the door step of Musavi.It is also reported that, the house of Seyed Mohammad Khatami and Abdollah Nouri was also under the control of security agents.

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