Thursday, February 24, 2011

"The Coordinating Council for the Green Path of Hope": From now ,every Tusedays of the week, we will go into the streets and protest!

The situation in Iran is like unannounced martial law !
There are security and militia forces in every major intersection and squares.

"Protest on every Tuesday's" !
Mr. Mojtaba Vahedi the political advisor to Mr. Karoubi ,one of green movement leader announced that; from now every Tuseday we are going to have protest inside Iran till the end of the year ( The Persian new Year on March 20).
The proposed dates are:
March 01
March 08
March 15
The protests will take place at 5:00pm from Revolution Square (Enqelab Square)to Freedom Sqare (Azadi Square)

At present , all major squares in Tehran are occupied by security forces and militia on foot or on motorcycles.
It seems regime is unable to function and run the country because of all these protests which is escalating to other cities and bringing more people into the protest.

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Again ,people from all walks of life must join the protest inorder to bring this regime down , it seems this isn't the intention of the coordinating council of the green path of hope. government employee,Nurses, transit workers, teachers, doctors and oil workers are needed to make major impact on regime.

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