Monday, February 21, 2011

On Sunday's Iranian protest another young student was killed by Islamic Republic regime in Iran !Khamenei is responsible for all bloodshed in Iran !

So many beautiful young lives are taken away by Khamenei the dictator and his Islamic Republic regime in Iran!

On last sunday's protest by Iranian, another young student of Shiraz University was killed by regime militia. Hamed Nourmohammadi Was student of biology in Shiraz University.He is from the city of Khoramabad and was living in the campus . According to student news Hamed was thrown down from bridge and he was then struck by a passing car and killed.

The Fars New Agency (False news agency- a pro-Ahmadinejad news agency) Reported : "Based on Mr. Moazeni the president of the University , Hamed the student of biology was struck by a car and killed and not by security -Militia forces."
Security forces have entered into Hamed's campus dorm and took all his belonging with them.According to report the situation of Shiraz University is tense.
No one beleives what the regime says .

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