Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Democracy and Freedom is what the people of Middle East want !

More than 360 Million people live in the Middle East and the average age of the Middle Eastern is ranging from 17-24 and internet is what most of these young people are familiar with. Middle Eastern families are no longer the families of 20 or 30 years ago and religious fundamentalism has very little role in their lives. The religious exteremist families giving birth to its antagonistic child and this can be seen in many religious families not only in my country Iran but also elsewhere in the Middle East. Many younger childeren of most officials in the Islamic Republic are with green movement or are liberal minded and upto now several of them have been arrested during protest chanting slogan against dictatorship and for change in the streets and sometime mistakenly killed by the torturers of the Islamic Republic (Case of Roholamini) .A member of the Hashemi Rafsanjani's family is even an actress ( Daughter of Mohsen Hashemi), there are many more example of this.People in the Middle East want Democratic society and Freedom for their country and people.The Cry for Freedom in the Middle East particularly Saudi Arabia must be taken seriousely , then comes the political freedom, power sharing , end to corruption , free election, respect for universal human rights and NGO's as well as wome's rights......
These are long overdue and new generation want these to happen.

News from Iran:
Ahmadinejad's advice to colonel Ghadafi :" Respect to the will of your people"!?
See,who says what!? He kills the Iranian protesters in the streets in Iran and then prescribe medication for Ghadafi,if you dont call him as lunatic what else you can call him.

University of Shiraz in the city of Shiraz is still tense and students are mourning for one of their martyr .

According to Daneshjo News more than 80 students have been arrested during protest in Feb.20.

In the meantime there are no news from Mr. Karoubi and Musavi who are under house arrest,however the "Coordinating Council for the Green Path of Hope" released a draft charter of green movement and is trying to find a way to organize more protest in the coming weeks inside Iran.

Iran still remain unrest and the Islamic Republic official's nightmare continue ..

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