Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Regime stolen the Feb.14 martyrs bodies and buried without parents permision !

This regime steal martyr bodies from their parents and buries in rush to quickly turn off the issue.

Ghane Jaleh :"My brother never was a Basiji , he was a supporter of Musavi."
Ghane Jaleh the brother of Sane Jaleh the Kurdish art student of Tehran University , a writer and a green movemet supporter who was killed by the regime militia on Feb.14 peaceful protest in Iran, while crying told to voice of America that: "The Ministry of Information put alot of pressure on my family and made plan to show my brother was a Basiji (Militia ) but this is not true."

Ghane added : " 1- Sane wasn't a Basiji 2- My cousine is a known agent of the Ministry of Information , without me knowing about the killing ,he came to our house and asked for his picture and we gave him because he was our cousin ,unfortunately after that he gives the picture to his websites and they annouce him as a Basiji ,I saw that day they fabricated a card for him,they put us under alot of pressure not to speak out ,they dont even give his body to us , we dont know what to do ,if they dont give his body to us ,we won't go to his burial , he always wished like Ghobadi to serve his people ,they steal his body and gave it to the enemy ,we are under alot of pressure , my father says ; dont say anything otherwise they will kill all of us.Yes , this was the cospirecy of my cousin ,took the picture and did this ....."

Ghane spoke about alot of pressure regime put on his family and said: he won't participate in regime engineered plan of burial ceremony for his brother. While crying he said; his father is worried about the rest of the family members, that the regime may come for the rest of the family members.

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