Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fundamentalist Islamist who were telling green movement is dead,became angry to see otherwise &now in rage calling for execution of Musavi& Karoubi

Really it was painful for those fundamentalist Islamists who had non or very little role in 1978-79 revolution and now have occupied in all levels of the system and who also were through the last year telling the Green movement is dead , yesterday saw otherwise and now in rage calling for the execution of two of green movement leader Mr. Musavi and Karoubi. They are calling for the execution of not an ordinary person but two person who had role in the revolutionary era in 1978-79 and One become prime Minister of Khomei's era and the other became head of the parliament.

What is happening behind the scene or behind close door is not known by the majority of Iranian but definitely there are careful planning is going on. These fundamentalist Islamists know very well that execution of these two political fiigure will cause big shock wave in Iranian society and among Iranian in the green movement but despite of knowing this they push for their execution.

one of these fundamentalist whos'e hand could be seen in so many political murder is Rohollah Hoseinian( A clergyman) ,he is a member of the parliament , i have no doubt that he is fully and actively behind organizing the members of the parliament to chant for the execution of green movement leaders yesterday inside the parliament.Around 223 conservative (Fundamentalist Islamists )members of the parliament ( No one knows how they have been elected ,perhaps like Ahmadinejad by secret ballot ) called for the execution.

two days ago this picture went on in online web., it shows the henchman puting rope in not only Karoubi and Musavi's neck but also in Khatami the reformist leaders neck.
IRAN is going through one of the most dangerous road turn ever in its history in the coming future .

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