Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Iranian Students will gather & protest tomorrow at 9:00 am to the killing of an art student !

Picture : Shows Saneh Jaleh together w/ other friends visiting Ayatollah Montazeri a long time critic of the regime of Khamenei.
Student who came out on Valentines Day for the love of Freedom was killed by regime security agents!

The procession will take place at 9:00 am tomorrow in front of Art University. Sane Jaleh was student of art in Tehran University ,he was killed by the regime security forces in the rally on Monday Feb.14. a friend of Sane Jaleh told 'Daneshjoo News" (student news )that, he doesn't belong to "Basiji student organization" (a regime made student organization), he was participating in the protest against the regime.Regime made a scenario and claimed that protesters killed him.By saying that, regime wanted to connect this killing to Mr. Musavi and Karoubi the two leaders of the Green movement. Basiji Students (Students that are militia as well ) with the support and help of regime propaganda machine claimed that; protesters in the green movement killed Sane Jaleh.This regime together with its not elected president Ahmadinejad learned how to tell big lies by reversing the stories 180 degrees.

In the past Sane Jaleh the Art student wrote a story called "Otobus " meaning Bus in "Azma" publication, the revolutionary guards publication has written comments about the publication as kind of publication that are activ in "soft war " against the Islamic Republic.
The students have said they will participate in the procession and won't allow regime to claime Sane was one of them.
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