Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Tears go for the young Iranian for their bravery and fight back against the regime of Islamic Republic !

Picture: Mohammad Mokhtari ,One of the young Iranian peaceful protester who was killed by regime millitia.

Watch these links , Iranian student of "Sanati Shrif " university chanting: "Mubarak,Ahmadi , congratulation for you unity" and "Death to dictator" and " Death to this government of lies" or " Ya Hossein , Mirhossein " support for Musavi..............

During the protest on Monday Feb.14 by peaceful Iranian, regime used force and as a result two young Iranian were killed and they are : Sane Jaleh and Mohammad Mokhtari (As reported)

Regime security agent also arrested ayatollah Biat Zanjani's childeren . Ayatollah Biat together with Ayatollah Sanei and Ayatollah Musavi Ardebili and ........are suporters of people's rights .

Musavi's advisor called for a truth finding committee about the violence during the protest on Monday and the death of two Iranian protesters.

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