Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Musavi's daughters: "We are worried ,No news about our parents"

Musavi's daughters in a contact w/ Jaras website announced they have no news about their parents. Prior to the march on Feb. 14, Mr. Musavi and Mr. Karoubi were under house arrest and a police van was parked right at the door step of Musavi's home.

Regime cut off all communication channel with both Musavi and Karoubi in a way that, even the personal security guards and childeren are unable to speak w/ their parents.

It is difficult to see inside the van and no one knows if there are people or they are armed.According to Musavi's childeren , those who have stopped them from entering the house ,diodn't show any identification cards and no one knows who is behind this act.

the daughters said: We dont know if our parents are in our home or not/ we are worried what is going on inside this house. We dont know who is responsible for the lives of our parents.

Its been reported that, After current MP's call for the execution of green movement leaders inside the parliament , the head of parliament Mr. Ali Larijani has ordered for the creation of a committee "to review the situation of counter revolutionaries".

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