Thursday, June 30, 2005

Orumieh University : 200 students have been summoned to the diciplinary committee !

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Thursday June 30/2005

"Sina" News Agency :

"Kamran Zaman- Zadeh " In speaking with Sina has said: I have recieved a summon from the diciplinary committee of the "Orumieh University" that I have done propaganda against the state and caused trouble in programing of the university.

This member of the Central Council of the Islamic Association of Orumieh University also mentioned that 200 other student have been summoned to the diciplinary committee of the University.

Translated by: IRAN WATCH CANADA

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"Simin Behbehani" Prominent Iranian writer and poet : Till death we will strive for democracy and freedom !

Thursday June 30/2005
Radio Farda :
This morning in Brusseles the seat of European Parliament a conference on " Iran After Election " with participation of political and cultural personalities from Iran and a group of representative from Europe has started.

"Simin Behbehani" The prominent Iranian writer and poet was one of the speaker . She has asked Europe to push for justice and fairness in Iran before their interest when dealing with Islamic Republic.She then said : We will strive till death for democracy and freedom in Iran and asked from representative of the European Parliament present in the conference : But in this struggle we need the support of European Union and International community .

Translated by : IRAN WATCH CANADA

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Monday, June 27, 2005

With the order of Said Mortazavi; Publishing report about Ganji is banned!

Monday, June 27/2005

With the order of Said Mortazavi ( Tehran's infamous public prosecutor and one of the suspect of murdering Zahra Kazemi the Iranian -Canadian photojournalist in Evin prison ), publishing report about Ganji is banned !

In the same hour that Ahmadi Nezhad in a press conference was confronted with a question by reporters about Akbar Ganji , Masumeh Shafiei the wife of Ganji announced:
Said Mortazavi have ordered newspapers to stop writing any news about Ganji. Masumeh Shafiei who together with Shireen Ebadi and Yousof Molaei the lawyers of her husband ( who is in Evin prison in solitary confinement and on his 17th days hunger strike) attended in a press interview and announced that : She is worried about the health of Akbar Ganji .
Shireen Ebadi the Noble Peace Prize Winner in this press interview have said: " I am calling everyone's attention to the situation of Akbar Ganji".

The wife of Ganji has said : " He is now in the cell # 240 on the 4th floor of Evin prison in solitary confinement and on hunger strike , In his last meeting with me he was pail and due to lack of energy could not speak" she added: " Ganji's life is in danger and i am worried for another tragedy like Zahra Kazemi " .

In another news Naser Zarafshan's situation is almost same as Ganji .

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

A plan to murder Ganji in "Evin" prison ! Ganji's wife : Please help us,tomorrow will be late.

Iran-emrooz :
Wed. June 22 / 2005

Wife of "Akbar Ganji" , imprisoned investigative journalist reports:

A plan to murder Ganji in "Evin" prison !

Masumeh Shafiei ( Ganji's Wife ) : Ganji explained to me that ; Mortazavi's ( Tehran public prosecutor - an accused of killing Zahra Kazemi) plan is to kill me by an imprisoned drug dealer and then they will say that; there was a fight between this two and one was killed ..

In a meeting that I togethr with Mr. Molaei ( Ganjis lawyer) had with Mr. Mortazavi , while I was worried about the safety of Ganji , Mr. Mortazavi said: In a daily bases many prisoners are dying in different prisons of the country , Ganji too; may become one of them.

Me and my children and Ganji's old mother are very much worried that a tragedy might strike at any time . Please help us,tomorrow will be late.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Request of a journalist from the city of "Tabriz" from internal and external organizations defending journalists rights

Tuesday June 21,2005

Request by a journalist:

Request of a journalist from the city of "Tabriz" from internal and external organizations defending journalists rights

The letter was written to : Association of Syndicate Journalists in Iran, Association Defending Press Freedom, RSF , International Federation of Journalists ( IFJ )

I, " Peyman Pak-Mehr " Journalist , member of the Association of Syndicate Journalists in Iran and IFJ and the manager of the news website " Tabriz News " requesting from those organizations to try that the enemies of open socities , the opponent of freedom of information and those who control and disconect my telephone interviews to stop their inhuman and unlawful acts.

Although , We the journalists have co-habited with the work in the " jornalistic mine field " of Iran but never did accept to adjust ourselves to the inhuman unlawful acts.

Despites of " filtering/ blocking " Tabriz News website , its been years that whenever Iranian news were hot topic , my home and cell phone conversation with international Radios like Radio France , Farda , B.B.C. , Azadegan and .... for many time while talking have been cut off and sometimes were impossible for reporters to contact me.

Since "Tabriz News " website was reporting news without censorship about the rights of Evins political prisoners , Students protests and opposition inside Iran at this time of 9th presidential election the site was filtered........

If these threat , botherings and persecution , will continue , I will legaly bring my complaint from the officials and those people behind these actions to the attention of international human rights organizations.

With respect

Peyman Pakmehr
Journalist in Tabriz
Member of ......
Manager of

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Monday, June 20, 2005

Allert !!! Ganji and Zarafshans life in great danger !

NEWS from Farsi weblogs:

"EGHBAL" an independent newspaper have been closed !
The reason : Publishing the letter of Mr. Karubi a presidential candidate to Khameneie the leader about the fraud in election.
With the order of judge Mohsen Ghazi the prosecutor of # 5 court division this independent newspaper have been closed.

Today " AFTAB YAZD " another newspaper did not go on printing and its not known wether in the days coming it is going to be published or not.

Statement by the Central Council of "Daftar Tahkim Vahdat" a religious reformist organization: The election have been altered !

NEWS : Ganjis family wrote a letter to general secretary of U.N. Kufi Annan ; Help save the life of Ganji !

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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Zarafshan on his 12 th day of hunger strike and is in an unknown hospital , Ganji is also on hunger strike and is in solitary confinement!


Dr. Zarafshan have been transfered to an unknown hospital !

Call for a public gathering for the freedom of Zarafshan !

The life of Zarafshan is in great danger , While supporting the committee protesting for the release of Zarafshan, We call all Iranian who value humanity and supporters of human rights and freedom lovers to come together on Tuesday June 21 / 2005 in front of United Nations office from 5:00pm - 7:pm .

According to news It's now 12 days that Zarafshan is in hunger strike. His life is in great danger.

Akbar Ganji too since his return to Evin prison , he is continuing his hunger strike and is kept in solitary confinement.


FREE ZARAFSHAN & GANJI NOW ! Both of them are defenders of human rights, free expression , media freedom and are lawyer and journalist

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

In solidarity with Zwarafshan : Gathering in front of Evin prison !
Translation by : IRAN WATCH CANADA

In solidarity with Zwarafshan : Gathering in front of Evin prison !

"Association of Writers in Iran ": Although there was warnings by the ministry of information and demanded to cancel this event , However the association rejected to bend to their demand and the event went on at the same time with the presence of security and police forces and many people .
In this event the message of association was delivered to the protesters.
Abdollah Nouri the publisher of reformist newspaper " Salam " which was banned and he spent 5 years in prison went to Zarafshans home to express solidarity with them.

The committee in solidarity with Zarafshan asked madam Shireen Ebadi that as a lawyer of Mr. Zarafshan , What she is going to do? Zarafshans hunger strike is in Its 8th day . He is gradually dieing.Mr. Fariborz Raisdana another member of the Association in a telephone conversation he had with Zarafshan from Evin prison said : He is very ill and breath hardly. The Association said that : Islamic Republic is responsible for the health and death of Dr. Naser Zarafshan.

Its Now 3 years that Zarafshan is in prison he was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and 70 lashes. He is ill and complaining of kidney problems, He is now on his 8 day of hunger strike he calls it " Marathon of death" . Naser Zarafshan is the lawyer of the file famous to " chain murdering ". and the only reason for his imprisonment is because as a lawyer he accepted to follow the case from victims familie.his death will be a disaster for lawyers societies.*******

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Monday, June 13, 2005

Naser Zarafshan on the verge of death !

News are :

Naser Zarafshan Is continues his hunger strike in Evin prison , Is he going to die for the democracy , freedom and human rights for his country? Is he going to die in prison? A lawyer who only accepted to defend his clients against the state inteligence, A brave lawyer who believes in justice no matter of what situation . His only crime is to defend the citizens right and security and freedom of people. Naser Zarafshan on the verge of death.

Friday June 17 /2005 is the 9th presidential election in Iran, people are divided, there are only 8 candidates with only one pro-state reformist . Political situation very chaotic. Many political prisoners are in hunger strike , peoples protests are growing.....

The wife of Akbar Ganji has said that since noon Saturday when Akbar Ganji returned to Evin prison up to now she has no news from her husband. She is worry about her husband , Akbar said if he returned to prison he will continue his hunger strike, is he in solitary confinement? Is he under torture ? She is like many others protesting behind the Evin gate . When she asked about her husband she found out that he is been banned to visitation rights.

Human rights advocates here in Toronto( Centre for Dialogue & Human Rights in Iran ) are going to have a protest in front of Queens Park, On Friday June 17 at 11:00 am . The theme of protest is undemocratic election and freedom of political prisoners .

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Wave of support for the hunger strike by Naser Zarafshan and Akbar Ganji !

Wave of support for the hunger strike by Naser Zarafshan and Akbar Ganji !Radio Farda reports: " From Tuesday June 7 Naser Zarafshan lawyer of the families of the " victimes of political murdering" went on Hunger strike , The families of political prisoners , family of Zarafshan, members of the Association of Writers in Iran , Students associations and also the other political prisoners inside prisons joined in solidarity with his hunger strike by protesting in front of the gate of evin prison. Akbar Ganji before returning to Evin prison joined the gathering beside the Evin and announced till death he will continue his hunger strike.Ganji while returning to Evin prison at around noon time Saturday June 11th joined the gathering . "

Akbar Ganji whom the Iranian people call as the " revealer of the hands behind the curtain of chain murdering " , an investigative journalist announced that he will continue his hunger strike till his death unless they will solve his situation and let him free in order to find medical treatment for his illness which has been approved by medical teams.

Naser Zarafshn have been in prison for three years now and Ganji started its 6 years.

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Ganji returned to Evin prison !

Ganji returned to Evin prison !

Ganji Today Saturday June 11 / 2005 returned to prison, and officialy announced that he will continue his indefinite hunger strike , Ganji wrote a letter , Ganji joined to the "death marathon" of Naser Zarafshan ( hunger strike) .


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Naser Zarfshan still in hunger strike, It's now in it's 6th days !

Naser Zarfshan still in hunger strike, It's now in it's 6th days !

Naser Zarafshan is in it's 6th day of hunger strike and the judiciary power does nothing to the chaotic situation of Zarafshan. Political and cultural activists who were present every day in front of the gate of Evin prison for protest and solidarity with Zarafshan in a letter to Mr. Shahroudi the head of the judiciary demanded that instead of Zarafshan to keep them in prison and let Zarafshan free for his health reason as well the " Association of Writers in Iran" in a statement asked the people of Iran as well as the human rights societies to come together for protest on tomorrow (Tuesday June 14) in front of the Evin prison gate.

IRAN WATCH CANADA will bring you the latest on Zarafshan by translating the news from Farsi to English.

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Letter from Naser Zarafshan from Evin prison: From Tuesday June 7/2005 I will start for indefinite hunger strike.

Tuesday June 7 / 2005

Letter from Naser Zarafshan from Evin prison: From Tuesday June 7/2005 I will start for indefinite hunger strike.

Oppressed people of Iran:

It's been 6 months that as a result of severe kidney illness, while tolerating the illness and its consequences, am busy dealing with different officials for pushing them to execute the legal regulation in regard to treatment of my illness, but not only my follow up from within prison ended with result but also my lawyers from outside the prison too? And the officials always waste the time.
Now that there result of examinations, tests and different X-rays which was all taken by the clinic inside prison and the specialists and their trusted doctors, and from prison it was sent to officials in judiciary, everything is clearly specified and the related officials are completely aware of it........and this is in a condition that the murderer armed bandits on a pretext take leave of absence from Evin prison and during the leave of absence they again commit the murder.

Now that all my notification and continues protests during this time, added to those is my personal approach to Tehran prosecutor during the short leave of absence that I received on last new year, none of them ended to result, and since for receiving the most natural and basic of my rights has been denied then I do not have any other tool except my own life , therefore from Tuesday June 7/2005 I will go on indefinite hunger strike and "will continue this marathon of death “ to the end , so that if the behavior they pursue with the independent political prisoners is a kind of gradual death and no one will be responsible for it ,by doing so I will make their intrigue ineffective and will bring the responsible into the eye of society and people.

In the meantime based on the past experience the first reaction of the officials is direct denial of these kinds of protest actions and the next step is to distort, poison public opinion and to spread rumors against people on hunger strike by the elements and societies linked to power ,in order to prevent these type of poisoning, information about my situation will be brought to the people of Iran exclusively through my family and a committee composed of my lawyers , madam Shirin Ebadi , Dr. Mohammad Sharif, Dr. Fariborz Raisdana, Ali-Ashraf Darvishian and Seifolah Akbari .

Evin prison- June 6/2005-Naser Zarafshan

Translated by: IRAN WATCH CANADA

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Ganji have been lost in the happy city !

Friday June 10,2005

Electronic media " Rooz" reported:

"Ganji have been lost in the happy city (After Iran beat Bahrin Soccer team , Qualification to world cup) ! Until 3:00am no one had report about Akbar Ganji.Gajis home phone is taped, No one answere the phone. Friends and youth are in front of Ganjis home, We do not know anything else, These are the latest news we have from Ganji which Mohsen Kadivar last night at around 11:00pm Iranian time have told to " Rooz" reporter ".

Translated by :IRAN WATCH CANADA

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Homa Zarafshan is arrested ! She is the wife of Naser Zarafshan.

Wed.June 8/ 05

Statement by " Committee for the Freedom of Zarafshan"

Homa Zarafshan is arrested !

6 people who staged a protest in front of Evin prison including Mrs. Homa Zarafshan the wife of Naser Zarafshan on Wed. June 7 /05 have been arrested by security agents.These people in solidarity with the hunger strike by Naser Zarafshan staged a peaceful protest in front of Evin prison.
Shahla Entesari, Najaf Rahimi, Asadollahi brothers and another lady are among the people who have been arrested in front of Evin prison."Committee for the Freedom of Zarafshan " has published a statement and while protesting to the action by security agents has announced that will continue its actions in solidarity with Naser Zarafshan and other friends who have been arrested.

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Is Ganji in Evin prison?! Where is he? Is he under torture because he has said the leader must be elected as president?

Wednesday June 8/ 2005

In a report in "Roozonline" in Farsi by "Farnaz Ghazizadeh" I red :

" The situation of Ganji a matter of uncertainity"

She reported:
"The agents of Tehran prosecutors with a subpoena which had the signature of Tehran prosecutor Said Mortazavi at around 10:30 pm last night went to Akbar Ganji's homein order to arrest him, while yesterday morning Jamal Karimirad spokeperson for ministry of justice among a group of reporters spoke about the extension on Ganji's leave of absence".

According to the report by the "Rooz" reporter: These individuals which numbered to more than 10 , while there were guests in Ganji's home , returned to his home , but since Ganji wasn't present at home , they were disappointed of the arrest and about an hour waiting , They left the house".

Apparently , there are two decission making faction in ministry of justice , One spoke among reporters on extension of Ganji's leave of absence from prison and the other faction with the authority of Tehran public prosecutor wanted to get him back to prison.

" Ganji's wife said: Based on negotiation we had with ministry of justice , we agreed to bring a letter from Ganji's doctor which was done on Monday and we had a letter from Dr. Masjedi a lung specialist who indicated the necessity for Ganji's treatment and we gave this letter to our connection in ministry of justice and he gave this letter to the official in charge".

Based on Ganji's wife: "during the negociation for the release of Ganji , Said Mortazavi was not the negociating party and this action was taken by other officials".

She said when the agents arrived , Ganji was out with his friends,. She said many people were willing to gather in our house to prevent them to bring Ganji to prison , but we diden't agree,We dont want trouble the country needs calmness.
Based on latest news from Tehran, Akbar Ganji up to 1:30am mid night Tuesday did not return home, this situation caused for the family of Ganji a great deal to worry that may be he is been arrested, but the lawyer of Ganji rejected this rumors.

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Naser Zarafshan , Lawyer and member of the Association of writers in Iran continues his indefinite hunger strike.


Translated by IRAN WATCH CANADA/

On the second day of Naser Zarafshan hunger strike in Evin prison , his family together with members of " United democracy for Iran" gathered in front of Evin prison. The wife of Zarafshan ,Homa Zarafshan Said: " Based on the kidney ilness of Zarafshan , this action is very dangerous for him" . They demanded for his release. Zarafshan in a letter which was published on Tuesday, because of not dealing with his situation went on indefinite hunger strike in Evin prison.

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Judge Mortazavi: Ganji have fled away ! An investigative journalist fate.

Fars News Agency:
IRAN WATCH CANADA translation:
Judge Mortazavi: Ganji have fled away !
Up to now , nobody knows of Ganji's where about !

Fars News Agency: Tehran public &revolution prosecutor spoke about Ganji's scape and said: We have issued a subpoena for Ganji ,but he has scaped and he is in hiding.
Based on reporter from Fars News Agency , Said Mortazavi in speaking with reporter from Fars News Agency added that: At the end of Ganji's leave of absence from prison, he did not present himself to the prison authority and therefore is absent, On this bases a Subpoena was issued. He said : The judiciary agents with Ganji's subpoena in hand yesterday attended to his home , but he wasn't home and upto now did not return home and is in hiding.
The public prosecutor of Tehran said: Upto now Ganji's hiding ground have not been located.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A national and International demand:Immedite freedom of all political and media prisoners!

Tuesday June 7/2005

A national and International demand:

Immedite freedom of all political and media prisoners!
By : Farhad Motamed

Akbar Ganji must have returned to prison at mid-night last night, A" must" based on persistance of the Tehran's " prosecutors " deputy while immediate freedom of all political and media prisoners have becom the daily demand of Iranian people and human rights advocates around the world.

Ganji demanded for the release of all political prisoners and Emad Baghi said that there are 50 political prisoners.

Last week, reformists forces outside the government like: Habibullah Payman, Ebrahim Yazdi, Ahmad Sadre Haj-Seyed Javadi, Ahmad Zeid- Abadi, Ezat Sahabi, Mohammad Basteh Negar, Emadodin Baghi, Morteza Kazemianand Mehdi Aminizadeh in protest for not releasing the prisoners went on a " sit in " in front of ministry of justice and demanded from the minister of justice to release 3 " Melli - Mazhabi " prisoner : Hoda Saber, Taghi Rahmani and Reza Alijani and threatened that if they are not released in 2 weeks again they will gather in protest.

Hashem Aghajeri formerly a prisoner himself demanded for the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners.

RSF official site reported about imprisoned journalists and weblog writers: "Siamak Pourzand, Abbas Abdi, Ensafali Hedayat, Mohammad Reza Nasab Elahi, Mojtaba Lotfi and Mojtaba Samiei Nezhad."

Report on hunger strike of political prisoners in "Rejaei Shahr- Karaj " prison added 13 name to this list and brought the number to 24 people: these prisoners have started their hunger strike from yesterday , The are : Amir Saran, Hojat Zamani, Arzhang Davoudi, Farzad Hamidi, Bia Darabzand, Mehrdad Lohrasbi, Khaled Hardani, Vali Feiz-Mahdavi,Jafar Eghdami, Seifollah Shahbazi, Afshin Baymani, Mohammad Ebrahimi and Heidari.
Omid Abbas-Gholinezhad another prisoner who also is but in " Fardis - Karaj " prison joined to this hunger strike and then after him the political prisoners in Evin prison went on hunger strike . They are : Hojat Bakhtiari, Mostafa Jokar, Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, Fatah Madani, Manouchehr Mohammadi and Shahram Hoseinjani.
Mohammad Ali Dadkhah who is the lawyer of students arrested on student uprising a few years ago,added more name to the list that had already 31 namesand brought it to 36 namein the list.They are : Ali Shojaie, Khosro Tarkashvand, Mojtaba Najafi and Heidar Zahedi.Association of Writers in Iran in their statement yesterday demanded for the freedom of " Yousef Azizi-Banitorf" .Association of Women Journalists in a statement demanded for the release of media writers.

These days ( presidential election days ) everyone talks of the release of political- media - weblog ... prisoners , The judiciary power also accepted this national demand but still the prison doors are closed .

To this perhaps you can add daily arrest and release of many people , the religious minorities like Bahai's and others ...........which is not reported by media.......

IRAN WATCH CANADA will try its outmost effort to translate these news and report it to world human rights offices as well as NGO's.

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Ganji awaits to return to Evin prison !

Tue. 7 June 2005

Ganji awaits to return to Evin prison !

Agents from Judiciary power on Monday night as representative of Judge Mortazavi ( Tehran prosecutor and an accused for murdering Zahra Kazemi ) on pretext of looking in to the extending the leave of absence of Akbar Ganji from prison went to his home , This people by entering to Ganji's home searched his home as well as his neigbours home and after learning that he isn't there went on lurking around Ganjis home.

A few socio-political activists like Ms. Davoudi Mahajer, Abdollah Momeni, Shamsolvaezin,Ali Afshari and akbar Ganji's lawyer by attending in Ganji's home are waiting for Ganji's return and to prepare an action program.
Ganji has annouced if he will be forced to return to prison at the end of the week , He will start his indefinite hunger strike.

IRAN WATCH CANADA will translate news in order for you to be able to read the latest news on violation of human cliking on the title you will see the persian written related news site.

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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Effort for the release of Mojtaba Samiei Nezhad, Imprisoned weblog writer.;

News always translated by IRAN WATCH CANADA for you to see and to read .

Effort for the release of Mojtaba Samiei Nezhad, Imprisoned weblog writer.

Mojtaba Samiei- Nazhad imprisoned weblog writer , just for writting an offensive subject sentenced to two years imprisonment. Mohammad Ali Abtahi head of the office of president Khatami and legal liaison between president and parliament in his weblog reports on the shocking letter of Samiei Nezhad ( Apparently what went to M. Samiei-Nezhad while in detention , like other bloggers) .

Mojtaba Samieinezhad is 25 years old and is student of communication . He is the writer of a weblog called " I'm not what i supposed to be " and " Estijeh" , from early November last year until end of January for reporting about the bloggers arrest spent time in prison and then again because of creating new weblog was arrested which was continued until now. Mojtaba right now is in "Ghazal Hesar " prison and has been kept among regular ( criminal ) prisoners.

2 years jail for writing on weblog , for expressing his mind.

All of us must call for his release.

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Friday, June 03, 2005

Hear the pain of a mother and father ! -

Letter from the mother and father of Akbar and Manuchehr Mohammadi to president about an attempt to the life of Akbar Mohammadi !......

As you are aware , our son Akbar Mohammadi together with his brother Manuchehr Mohammadi have been arrested during the student protest on 1998 and was brought to Tohid prison by the ministry of information and was tortured.The torture was so horrible that back and kidney of Akbar is severly damaged. Akbar at first was sentenced to death but later it was changed to 15 years imprisonment. Now after 6 years imprisonment and since he was becoming paralyzed , Evin prison let him for the leave of absence because diden't want to accept the expenses for his treatment.
Akbar Mohammadi , in this last 4 months had 4 operation on his back and it is needed that the other 2 operation will take place outside of Iran, but because of financial difficulties and not having leave of absence and him being banned to leave the country we are unable do anything .

Your Excelency,

On Tusday May 31 / 05 while our son Akbar was on his way from the city of Amol to go to Babol for the result of the medical test and after recieving it and on his return he was chased by 2 unknown cars , 2 unidentified men after a few minutes chasing him struck their car to the back and side of Akbar's car and as a result he was thrown outside of the road and his car pressed , your representative can go and chek this . Those men after the accident escaped but right after them 3 police officer arrived did not do anything and left the place as well. It seems that they came to make sure if Akbar is alive or dead.In this situation the farmers who were working on their farms came and by breaking the door they took Akbar out of peices of Irons and brought to hospital.........At the end agents came to our house and asked about Akbar and threatened him to keep quiet otherwise you will expect a severe consequence, why dont you want to learn a lesson?.
........ We demand you find this perpetrators and bring them to justice in case you will not help us we will ask international human rights organizatiopns to help us.

Mohammad Mohammadi, Gol-Jahan Ashraf pour

Father and mother of Akbar Mohammadi


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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Ganji and June 17 / 05 presidential candidate Mr. Moin

Mr. Moin the presidential candidate visited Akbar Ganji on his release from Evin prison.
Ganji who suposed to be back in prison after 7 days said : If he is forced to go back to jail he will go back to his hunger strike he had a week ago .

Here is some picture showing Ganji with Mr. Moin.

picture in support of Moin , A freedom rally in Freedom Square.

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Release three " Melli-Mazhabi " prisoner !

IRAN WATCH CANADA a search into news on human rights, freedom of expression and press freedom violation .

News: In protest for not releasing 3 prominent " Melli, Mazhabi " political activists , The Melli Mazhabis staged a protest infront of the ministry of justice.
Melli - Mazhabi = A political powerful group , A national religious group formerly allied with Khomeini

In their protest they demanded for the release of :
1-Hoda Saber
2- Alijani
They mentioned that if this three prisoners won't be released within 2 weeks they will stage another protest gathering infront of ministry of justice.


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