Saturday, June 11, 2005

Letter from Naser Zarafshan from Evin prison: From Tuesday June 7/2005 I will start for indefinite hunger strike.

Tuesday June 7 / 2005

Letter from Naser Zarafshan from Evin prison: From Tuesday June 7/2005 I will start for indefinite hunger strike.

Oppressed people of Iran:

It's been 6 months that as a result of severe kidney illness, while tolerating the illness and its consequences, am busy dealing with different officials for pushing them to execute the legal regulation in regard to treatment of my illness, but not only my follow up from within prison ended with result but also my lawyers from outside the prison too? And the officials always waste the time.
Now that there result of examinations, tests and different X-rays which was all taken by the clinic inside prison and the specialists and their trusted doctors, and from prison it was sent to officials in judiciary, everything is clearly specified and the related officials are completely aware of it........and this is in a condition that the murderer armed bandits on a pretext take leave of absence from Evin prison and during the leave of absence they again commit the murder.

Now that all my notification and continues protests during this time, added to those is my personal approach to Tehran prosecutor during the short leave of absence that I received on last new year, none of them ended to result, and since for receiving the most natural and basic of my rights has been denied then I do not have any other tool except my own life , therefore from Tuesday June 7/2005 I will go on indefinite hunger strike and "will continue this marathon of death “ to the end , so that if the behavior they pursue with the independent political prisoners is a kind of gradual death and no one will be responsible for it ,by doing so I will make their intrigue ineffective and will bring the responsible into the eye of society and people.

In the meantime based on the past experience the first reaction of the officials is direct denial of these kinds of protest actions and the next step is to distort, poison public opinion and to spread rumors against people on hunger strike by the elements and societies linked to power ,in order to prevent these type of poisoning, information about my situation will be brought to the people of Iran exclusively through my family and a committee composed of my lawyers , madam Shirin Ebadi , Dr. Mohammad Sharif, Dr. Fariborz Raisdana, Ali-Ashraf Darvishian and Seifolah Akbari .

Evin prison- June 6/2005-Naser Zarafshan

Translated by: IRAN WATCH CANADA

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