Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Ganji awaits to return to Evin prison !

Tue. 7 June 2005

Ganji awaits to return to Evin prison !

Agents from Judiciary power on Monday night as representative of Judge Mortazavi ( Tehran prosecutor and an accused for murdering Zahra Kazemi ) on pretext of looking in to the extending the leave of absence of Akbar Ganji from prison went to his home , This people by entering to Ganji's home searched his home as well as his neigbours home and after learning that he isn't there went on lurking around Ganjis home.

A few socio-political activists like Ms. Davoudi Mahajer, Abdollah Momeni, Shamsolvaezin,Ali Afshari and akbar Ganji's lawyer by attending in Ganji's home are waiting for Ganji's return and to prepare an action program.
Ganji has annouced if he will be forced to return to prison at the end of the week , He will start his indefinite hunger strike.

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