Friday, June 03, 2005

Hear the pain of a mother and father ! -

Letter from the mother and father of Akbar and Manuchehr Mohammadi to president about an attempt to the life of Akbar Mohammadi !......

As you are aware , our son Akbar Mohammadi together with his brother Manuchehr Mohammadi have been arrested during the student protest on 1998 and was brought to Tohid prison by the ministry of information and was tortured.The torture was so horrible that back and kidney of Akbar is severly damaged. Akbar at first was sentenced to death but later it was changed to 15 years imprisonment. Now after 6 years imprisonment and since he was becoming paralyzed , Evin prison let him for the leave of absence because diden't want to accept the expenses for his treatment.
Akbar Mohammadi , in this last 4 months had 4 operation on his back and it is needed that the other 2 operation will take place outside of Iran, but because of financial difficulties and not having leave of absence and him being banned to leave the country we are unable do anything .

Your Excelency,

On Tusday May 31 / 05 while our son Akbar was on his way from the city of Amol to go to Babol for the result of the medical test and after recieving it and on his return he was chased by 2 unknown cars , 2 unidentified men after a few minutes chasing him struck their car to the back and side of Akbar's car and as a result he was thrown outside of the road and his car pressed , your representative can go and chek this . Those men after the accident escaped but right after them 3 police officer arrived did not do anything and left the place as well. It seems that they came to make sure if Akbar is alive or dead.In this situation the farmers who were working on their farms came and by breaking the door they took Akbar out of peices of Irons and brought to hospital.........At the end agents came to our house and asked about Akbar and threatened him to keep quiet otherwise you will expect a severe consequence, why dont you want to learn a lesson?.
........ We demand you find this perpetrators and bring them to justice in case you will not help us we will ask international human rights organizatiopns to help us.

Mohammad Mohammadi, Gol-Jahan Ashraf pour

Father and mother of Akbar Mohammadi


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