Friday, May 27, 2005

Ganji: Until the fullfilment of my demands , I will continue the hunger strike !

A few days ago Officials met with Ganji in Evin prison and asked him to stop his hunger strike and they promissed they will work on his demands and based on this agreement Akbar Ganji temporarily stoped his hunger strike ( Although he mentioned he only took some soup ) and said that if they didn't fullfil his demand he will re-start his hunger strike on Thursday. Today Friday May 27/05 he resumed his hunger strike again. Now , continuation of the news: In persian

Ganji: Until the fullfilment of my demands , I will continue the hunger strike !

Ganji: The bases of the negociation between me and the officials , Was the trust and the promisses that they have made with me. Now that i am going to continue the hunger strike , as I told before everybody knows that who would be responsible for my life. Any news about me will be delivered through my wife and my lawyers.

Dr. Molaie , Ganjis lawyer : Let the independent journalists attend in Evin prison and collect report and picture from Ganji.

Abdollah Nouri ( Salam newspaper publisher , who also spent several years in prison)in his visiting Ganjis family : Ganji has openions which they ( The regime ) does not like.

Ganjis wife , Masoumeh Shafiei in a news that is reported by ISNA said : The bases of my negociation with them was the trust and the promisses they made to fullfil my problems.the condition for negociation is trust.............
Ganji complained of them lying to the public that they dont have political prisoners , Totalitarian regime continue to live on the bases of lies............
Ganji said that the regime runs solitary confinment in his prisons.


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