Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Ganji won't be alone any more !

Rooz :For spending another year in prison , Baghi was summoned to the court !

Ganji won't be alone any more !

Emadodin Baghi , Writer and researcher received another new court order and will go to Evin prison by tomorrow . Same place where he spent three years .Once in the year 2000 together with Akbar Ganji for the same reason for investigation and disclosure on "chain murdering file" was summoned to the court and with an article on " Ghesas " ( eye for an eye- Islamic judiciary sentencing ) in " Asre Azadegan " newspaper , and “ Asre Azadegan” added more onto his accusation .Akbar Ganji is the only among reformist journalists who after the release of Emad Baghi remained in prison. Emad received this sentencing late last Tuesday .He is asked to attend in division # 5 of the court and he is warned that if he fails to attend he will be arrested. They intend to stop him from writing and other activities. Baghi is the founder of an NGO called “ “Association Defending the Rights of Political Prisoners”. Baghi already spent three years in prison and is going to prison again on Thursday.


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