Sunday, May 01, 2005

ILNA : The court held its session on two Kurdish journalists ! (Persian) - ILNA : The court held its session on two Kurdish journalists !Tehran - Iran's Labour News Agency.

The court's session on to the accusation of Ajlal Ghavami and Saeed Saei , the two Kurdish journalists was held this morning ( Saturday April 30 /2005) in the division # 4 of the public prosecutor and revolution court of the city of Sanandaj . According to the reporter of " ILNA " The pair journalists have been accused of " conspiracy against the security by propagating for boycuting the election" , " cursing the leader and instigating problems among religious and minorities " , " by showing the state does not function " , " Propaganda activities for the opposition parties that are against Islamic Republic" and " cursing the states officials".

In this court session which was held with the presence of the complainant , this two journalists pleaded not guilty.

At the end of the court session the judge ordered a bail with the amount of 14 million Tuman ( 1 Canadian $ is = 700 Tuman ) for each of the accused and announced that the next session of the court for the rest of the accusation will be announced by a written letter.

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