Friday, April 15, 2005

Hands off weblog writer Mohammad Reza Fathi ! ( Persian ) :Report by , Human Azizi, Maryam Huleh and Navid Akhgar , April 15 / 2005 Stockholm:

Few days ago we put the report about the arrest and torture of " Mohammad Reza Fathi " the writer of the local "Saveh" publication who is also a blog writer ( , By doing so we thought to reduce the pressure on him , although he was temporarily released , but according to the latest report recieved from "Saveh" , The 1st session to review his file will begin on Monday April 29 at 10 am in Saveh's judiciary centre. The plaintif of the file are ; Alireza Ashenagar ( governor of Saveh) together with Mehri Rustaie Grailu ( Mayor of Saveh ) and apparently Hassan Tardast the prosecutor of Saveh will look into the file . Mohammad Reza Fathi has written an article in his website criticized the action of the governorand mayor and blamed them for mismanagement and causing problems for the public in Saveh. On March 26/ 2005 he was interrogated by the " Edareh Amaken" in Saveh which was reported by many sites , this weblog writer also wrote a letter to president Khatami, which was no replied . On April 4 /2005 this journalist again was arrested by the police with the order of ministry of justice and was brought to a temporary detention . The Saveh's police went in to his house and looked at all the belonging of him , his children and his wife's and confiscated some of his belonging for more investigation. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,He then wrote a note in his blog for the last time and wrote : Based on the reason that in this country criticising and protest is very expensive for the writer , he will break his pen and will put away the " writing " for ever.
These reporters requested from international organizations not to becom silent with regard to the regimes supression .


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