Monday, April 11, 2005

In protest to the expulsion of " Masih Alinezhad" from the parliament,

Iran-emrooz ( Persian ) site: In protest to the expulsion of " Masih Alinezhad" from the parliament,
eleven newspaper boycutted the news coverage of the parliament.
Eleven independent and reformist's newspaper in Iran on Monday april 11 /2005 for protest and in solidarity with Masih Alinezhad the reporter of the Hambastegi newspaper and ILNA from parliament , in a coordinated action boycutted the coverage of news from the parliament.These Newspapers :
Hambastegi, Eghbal, Aftab Yazd, Shargh, Etemad, Abrar, Tose-eh , Arman, Mardom Salari, Donyaye Eghtesad and Hayate Now Eghtesadi have decided not to cover the news from the parliament.
This is the first time in recent decades that the Iranian newspapers boycutted the news coverage of the parliament of the country.Hambastegi Newspaper in it's front page wrote : " The news from parliament was boycutted " .

Masih Alinezhad Was expelled from the parliament because of her report about the bonous ( One Million and one hundred thousands Tuman ) the members of the parliament recieved on the occasion of new year . But the members who decided for her expulsion , blamed her for her " behaviour".
The conservative members also accused her for stealing the "pay cheque" of the members . But one of the minority reformist member of the parliament announced that he has given his pay cheque to her, and she has reported about it.

Then the conservative brought another allegation of " coquettishness and flirting ".

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