Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Judge Mortazavi: Ganji have fled away ! An investigative journalist fate.

Fars News Agency:
IRAN WATCH CANADA translation:
Judge Mortazavi: Ganji have fled away !
Up to now , nobody knows of Ganji's where about !

Fars News Agency: Tehran public &revolution prosecutor spoke about Ganji's scape and said: We have issued a subpoena for Ganji ,but he has scaped and he is in hiding.
Based on reporter from Fars News Agency , Said Mortazavi in speaking with reporter from Fars News Agency added that: At the end of Ganji's leave of absence from prison, he did not present himself to the prison authority and therefore is absent, On this bases a Subpoena was issued. He said : The judiciary agents with Ganji's subpoena in hand yesterday attended to his home , but he wasn't home and upto now did not return home and is in hiding.
The public prosecutor of Tehran said: Upto now Ganji's hiding ground have not been located.

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