Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Is Ganji in Evin prison?! Where is he? Is he under torture because he has said the leader must be elected as president?

Wednesday June 8/ 2005

In a report in "Roozonline" in Farsi by "Farnaz Ghazizadeh" I red :

" The situation of Ganji a matter of uncertainity"

She reported:
"The agents of Tehran prosecutors with a subpoena which had the signature of Tehran prosecutor Said Mortazavi at around 10:30 pm last night went to Akbar Ganji's homein order to arrest him, while yesterday morning Jamal Karimirad spokeperson for ministry of justice among a group of reporters spoke about the extension on Ganji's leave of absence".

According to the report by the "Rooz" reporter: These individuals which numbered to more than 10 , while there were guests in Ganji's home , returned to his home , but since Ganji wasn't present at home , they were disappointed of the arrest and about an hour waiting , They left the house".

Apparently , there are two decission making faction in ministry of justice , One spoke among reporters on extension of Ganji's leave of absence from prison and the other faction with the authority of Tehran public prosecutor wanted to get him back to prison.

" Ganji's wife said: Based on negotiation we had with ministry of justice , we agreed to bring a letter from Ganji's doctor which was done on Monday and we had a letter from Dr. Masjedi a lung specialist who indicated the necessity for Ganji's treatment and we gave this letter to our connection in ministry of justice and he gave this letter to the official in charge".

Based on Ganji's wife: "during the negociation for the release of Ganji , Said Mortazavi was not the negociating party and this action was taken by other officials".

She said when the agents arrived , Ganji was out with his friends,. She said many people were willing to gather in our house to prevent them to bring Ganji to prison , but we diden't agree,We dont want trouble the country needs calmness.
Based on latest news from Tehran, Akbar Ganji up to 1:30am mid night Tuesday did not return home, this situation caused for the family of Ganji a great deal to worry that may be he is been arrested, but the lawyer of Ganji rejected this rumors.

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