Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Homa Zarafshan is arrested ! She is the wife of Naser Zarafshan.

Wed.June 8/ 05

Statement by " Committee for the Freedom of Zarafshan"

Homa Zarafshan is arrested !

6 people who staged a protest in front of Evin prison including Mrs. Homa Zarafshan the wife of Naser Zarafshan on Wed. June 7 /05 have been arrested by security agents.These people in solidarity with the hunger strike by Naser Zarafshan staged a peaceful protest in front of Evin prison.
Shahla Entesari, Najaf Rahimi, Asadollahi brothers and another lady are among the people who have been arrested in front of Evin prison."Committee for the Freedom of Zarafshan " has published a statement and while protesting to the action by security agents has announced that will continue its actions in solidarity with Naser Zarafshan and other friends who have been arrested.

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