Saturday, October 29, 2005

As it goes , it goes the life of innocent people like lawyer Soltani and others in the Islamic Republic of Iran !

Sunday Oct.30,2005
News update on Lawyer Mr. Abdolfatah Soltani
Roozonline reporting:

Mr. Saeed Mortazavi the public prosecutor of Tehran is oppsed for the release of Mr. Abdolfatah Soltani !
Rooze online wrote : " Today is the ninety two days " . Three months and two days have past since the " provisional arrest" of lawyer Abdolfatah Soltani. From every angle we get close , we arrive to " Saeed Mortazavi " the public prosecutor of Tehran who is opposed for the release of Abdolfatah Soltani . Rooze online reporter Ms. Maryam Kashani in this regard spoke to Mrs. Soltani and Mr. Mohammad Ali Dadkhah the lawyer of Mr. Soltani:
" Mrs. Soltani still doesn't have " any news" . the visitation was also cut off for " three-four weeks" but: " now again it began . Sunday nights he calls " meaning tonight. It shows that Mrs. Soltani not only have counted all these ninety two days but until tonight also counting the hours. What about Mr. Soltani, What he has to say ? He himself doesn't know. He is saying that; interrogation has also stoped."
What about his inspector? What he has to say? He is saying that he will be released on bail.
I ask same question from Mr. Mohammad Ali Dadkhah. His answer is : With the meeting that i had before with inspector from division number 14 , he clearly said that the charge is not espionage........
Mrs. Soltani : " Now the inspector says that you have to speak to prosecutor. We then went to prosecutor and he says wait for another week. Wait for two more days. Wait for another ten days .It extended until now. I have met Mr. Mortazavi for three-four times.Every time he says that he is investigating.................
As it goes, it goes the life of innocent people like Lawyer Mr. Soltani and others like journalists and .......
Link to this news in roozonline:

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Friday Oct. 28,2005
News from Iran - Gooya News online reporting:

Association of Web-log Writers ( Penlog) :
Expression of thought is a criminal offence in Iran !

Mr. Ahmad Saraji the weblog writer from the city of Tabriz recieved 30 lashes and was sentenced to one year imprisonment. His crime : Criticizing despotism and web-log writing.

Mr. Omid Sheikhan , must spend one year in prison and recieve lashes too. His crime: commiting internet crime ( writing web-log).

Mr. Mojtaba Samieinezhad, still in prison, after receiving torture he must spend two years of his best youth time in behind bars. His crime: having feeling for his people, freedom of expression and off course writing web-log.

Mr. Farid Modaresi and Mr. Hosein Abdollahpoor journalists from the city of Ghom , are sentenced to 91 days imprisonment. Crime: insulting former president ( Mr. Khatami) and members of " Systems'policy recognition assembly" and worse of all web-log writing.
The list goes on ..... In Iran people can be arrested , intimidated , tortured and imprisoned for just expressing their thoughts. If writing web-blog and freedom of expression and openions in many part of the world is the most peaceful way of political struggle but in Iran this action is a criminal offense.
The "Association of Iran Web-log Writers" condemn these medieval sentencing and requests from all free conscious human and human rights organizations to help and support Iranian political prisoners and condemn this inhuman policies.
We demand a delegate to be dispatched by Amnesty International to meet the web-log writers and political prisoners and to review their case file and to exert pressure on Islamic Republic of Iran for their freedom.
Association of Iran Web-log Writers ( Pen-log)
Oct. 2005

Link to this news in Farsi :
Link to Ifex about Iran :
Link to RSF about Iran :
Link to pen Canada:


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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tuesday Oct. 26,2005

Masumeh Shafiei the wife of Akbar Ganji in a statement which was published in the site of Emrooz disclosed all illegal and inhuman treatment that went on to her husband during 52 days of no news about him.
After a few words on Ramadam the month of mourning, here is the rest of the statement:
" Friends, honourable ! I didn't want to take your moments at this time of the year, but what can I do ? When paine comes to the bone, when you cant cry because you dont want your child see your tears, when you see all doors are closed to you, when you try more but get less result, when you witness little by little the most dearest to you and your partner in life is dying , when everyone know that you are right but they can't defend you, when every moment of your life , during sleep, and time of eating is full of anxiety, when you see yourself at the end of the line, then you become like me and decide like me.
I was hoping that at this time they will send Mr. Ganji home, so that his family become happy, specially his heartbroken and ill mother, but they didn't do that, I was hoping that after 52 days that I'm going to see him i'll become happy and stronger, and return to my home and happily explaine to my children about the visit, so that they can share with me this moments of happiness, but it didn't happen.
Friends! the reality is that on Monday July 16,2005 after 52 days of totaly without news , together with Ganji's mom and his lawyer Mr. Molaie we visited him, when I saw Ganji, in the first look we didn't recognize him , he was very thin and bent, with dishevelled long beard and hair .
All of us were crying, he was also crying, what he had to say made us including his mom more sad, Mr. Ganji explained: " 2-3 days after our last meeting ( on Aug. 26,2005) in Milad Hospital , the special judiciary team brought pen and paper for Mr. Ganji and demanded that in writting he will take back the letter that he wrote to Mr. Sorush , Ayatollah Montazeri and his book the manifest of republicanism, but he refused to write , in the second round they asked him again to take bake the two letters, again he diden't accept, at the end they asked him to promise them if we let you go ,you won't speak and won't make any interviews, again Ganji refused to accept , then in Milad hospital on 12th floor they attacked him, and in one day they beat him three times in a way that his body was covered with blood and his hands had deep wounds, they pounded his head severely to the bed and while they were using obscene words were telling: One who is like this" himself must go , we will do everything with him, things won't end here" After a few days the head of the operation team , who's name was " Samavati " told to Mr. Ganji that we want to let you go, then thoes people who beat him up came for his release, Ganji protested and Samavati said: They want to ask you to forgive them, therefore they took Ganji to a car and when they reached to " Chamran " high way, one of the agent moved to the back seat and sat on Ganji's legs and covered his eyes with blindfold and while using obscene words handcuffed him like scale from behind by doing this his left shoulder blade was damaged , while his shoulder joints were dislocated and was severly painful they didn't bring him to the clinic instead they brought him to a solitary cell which was called " 2 alef " , they diden't give him medication too, even a tablet, then they brought the person in charge of the clinic to do physiotherapy with him for several meeting.
The dear ones!
The visitation time which was limited went with cry . I do not know how they delt with him that his weight reached to 51 KG.and his blood pressure reached to 7/5 over 5 .
Ganjis' situation is worse than the time of his treatment in Milad hospital , the last time we visited him on Friday Aug. 26 , 2005 in the hospital , he was fairly getting better and by eating most of the problems were reduced, why for a long time in a solitary confinement they won't give him food and he doesn't have visitation ? Why they won't give him his medication? Is the prison officials responsible to follow the human rights of a prisoner or not ?
Friends! I know that you like me can't do that much , only i want you to know what went to us, be informed, the main cause of this situation are thoes who Ganji critisized them. Pray for Ganji ............
With highly respect
Masumeh Shafiei
Oct. 26,2005

Link to this news in Farsi :
Link to Ifex in English:
Link to RSF :


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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tuesday Oct. 25,2005
News updates - About a blogger "Payman Piran"
gooya news reporting from Tabriz News
Another court hearing is set for " Mr. Payman Piran " on Oct. 30 , 2005
The superior court after 19 months has agreed to review Payman Pirans' file !
His court will be held on Oct. 30, 2005 in Division number 13 of the Tehran Islamic court of revolution and Mr. Sadat will be the presiding judge.
Mr. Payman Piran was charged for " Actions against national security " and " Spreading fear for causing public unrest". For this charges he has been sentenced to 6 years imprisonment and 10 years deprivation from all social activities. It is now 19 months that he is in the section number 350 of Evin prison , serving his prison term.
In previous months I have translated an article by Mr. Shemiranie which was published in Shahrvand: Here is the section about Payman Piran:
Pezhman Piran 21 years old is the brother of Payman and is the son of Mostafa Piran:
I congratulate the Christian New Year to all Iranian inside and outside Iran. About my brother I should say that, all the time he is under pressure, just yesterday he was under interrogation for 4-5 hours, they intimidate and threatened him, they were asking him to announce that the web-log which is in his name doesn’t have any relation to him, I am really proud of Payman, he emphasized on how he can prepare a web-log from inside the prison, he has refused to sign or to write any statement in this regard. Q- What Government agency has put pressure on him? He is directly dealing with "Hefazat Etelaat" of Evin prison. But the reality is that the pressures and oppressions is being executed with the collaboration of all agencies such as security, police, ministry of information, court of Islamic revolution, "NAJA", Hefazat Etelaat and … everyone does their share, ministry of information feeds public prosecutor with information, they proceed with their stages, and the final oppression inside or outside the prisons are being carried by "Hefazat Etelaat" of this or that agencies. In other word many people who are going to be summoned by the court of revolution, have been pointed out by ministry of information and the information about them has been sent to public prosecutors office. Therefore it is difficult to separate them from each other and all of them are a collective of stifling system.

Link to this news in Farsi from gooya news:

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Tuesday Oct. 25,2005
News updates on Ganji and Zahra Kazemi
Gooya news reporting from "ISNA" ( Iran Students Nws Agency) :
An official personality in appeal court: The death file of Zahra Kazemi is in appeal court. About this file wait for 10-15 days more!
Since the lawyer for Zahra Kazemis mom said that; the appeal court announced they do not have Zahra Kazemis' file . To this statement the response from the official of appeal court was: This file is in appeal court and have been reviewed by this authority and it is possible other authorities such as head of the judiciary or office of control and review will have this file.


Link to this news in Farsi :

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Mr. Saraji a blogger who was serving his 6 months prison term was sentenced to additional one year imprisonment!

Monday Oct. 24,2005
News update -Tabriz New : "Mr. Seyesd Ahmad Seyed Saraji" a blogger from the city of Tabriz who was already in prison and recieved 30 lashes inside the prison in another ruling was sentenced to one year imprisonement!
Tabriz News : The one year imprisonment term for Mr. " Seyed Ahmad Seyed Saraji " the imprisoned blogger from the city of Tabriz was approved by the division Number two of the East Azarbayjan appeal court.
Mr. Saraji in a short telephone conversation with human rights division of Tabriz News said : " In addition to six months jail and receiving 30 lashes the division number two of the East Azarbayjan appeal court approved the additional one year prison term which was given priorly by the division number ten of Tabriz judiciary on the bases of charges such as " conspiracy to topple the government" and " insult to the leader of the Islamic Republic " and my other charge was "apostasy" which was droped .
This political prisoner added :" During the last four months imprisonment i was banned from visitation and until now I do not have lawyer."
Mr. Saraji a blogger from the city of Tabriz based on the charges of " propaganda against Islamic Republic" was arrested on Wednesday June 29 , 2005 and is serving his prison term in the central prison of the city of Tabriz . At the time he was managing several web-log.

Iranian youths are the main target of the Islamic Republic- 70 % of Iranian population are under 30 years of age.

Link to this news in Farsi :

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Young Iranian bloggers life is going to be withered in the prison of Islamic Republic!

Sunday Oct. 23, 2005

News updates on bloggers - gooya news reporting from " ILNA" :

The lawyer of Mehdi Derayati, Hanif Mazruie, Asghar Vatankhah and Masud Ghoreishi the bloggers who have been acquited, criticized for not releasing his clients property documents which was left as bail.
Mr. Nemat Ahmadi in speaking with ILNAs' reporter hopes that very soon the property document of his clients be released by the judiciary .
It is needed to say that among bloggers who have been arrested on Sep. and Oct. of last year the file of Mr. Ruzbeh Mirebrahimi, Omid Memarian , Shahram Rafizadeh and Gholam Tamimi is still open .

Link to this news in Farsi:

Link to IfeX in English:
Link to RSF in Farsi:

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday Oct. 23, 2005
News update on Zahra Kazemis case
gooya news online reporting from" ISNA ":
The defense lawyer for Zahra Kazemis' mom : "The appeal court announced that they are missing my clients file. The appeal court announced that they do not have the file."
"Mohammad Ali Dadkhah" in speaking with "ISNA" ( Iran Students News Agency ) said :" I am sorry that the appeal court has announced the file of Zahra Kazemis' death is not with them. He added : It is important the file be available with the appeal court and if at this time the file has gone to another authorities based on the standard rule of legal procedure must be immediately identified."
The lawyer said : "This long period of time and prolongation of trial after the final session is lacking the principle respect of an office which the court still refuses to issue its view and ruling."

Translated by the IRAN WATCH CANADA

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thursday Oct.20,2005

News in brief - gooya news online reporting from ISNA :
Press jury of the Islamic Republic: " Aknoon " magazin was found guilty and doesn't deserv for reduction on charges ! But the managing director of "Honar va Zendegi" found not guilty !
Based on the report recieved by the Iran Student News Agency " ISNA " ; In a court session which was held on Wednesday Oct. 19/2005 against the managing directors of " Aknoon " and " Honar va Zendegi " magazin under presiding judge Mohammad Sarami and with the presence of Press Juries, Aknoon magazin was unanimousely found guilty but " Honar va Zendegi " was unanimousely escaped the charges and found not guilty.
The session to review the chrges of managing directors for the following magazins " Donyaye Javan " , " Dampezeshk" and " Fazilat Khanevadeh " was adjourned because the accused were not present .

Link to this news in Farsi language :

Link to Ifex in English :

Link to RSf in Farsi:


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Thursday Oct. 19,2005

iran-chabar online ( ) reporting from Tabriz news:
News in brief - A blogger was sentenced to 30 lashes and the sentence was carried inside the "Tabriz" prison !
Tabriz News : Mr. " Seyed Ahmad Seyed Saraji " a blogger was sentenced to 30 lashes and it was carried in Tabriz prison .
Mr. Seyed Ahmad Seyed Saraji in a short telephone conversation from Tabriz prison with Tabriz news reporter said : " Division # 7 of the Tabriz judiciary for execution of sentencing has carried 30 lashes against me.
Mr. Saraji have been accused of " insulting the leader and other high ranking officials of the Islamic Republic" . He has been charged with other offenses like " propaganda against the system".
Mr. Saraji was arrested on Wednesday June 29, 2005 and was sentenced to 6 months prison term and he was serving his sentences in Tabriz Central Prison when this happened.
This blogger spent most of his prison term among murderers and drug dealers and in one occasion they beat him up and they told him that they will cut his wrist and leaving him to die and showing that "Saraji has commited suicide".


Link to this news in Farsi :
Link to english news about Iran from IFEX :
RSF Link in Farsi:


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Monday, October 17, 2005

" Yusef Molaie" Akbar Ganj's lawyer met him in Evin prison!

Monday Oct.17 / 2005
News updates on Akbar Ganji

Gooya news online reporting from ISNA :

"Yusef Molaie" , defense lawyer of Akbar Ganji's meet with him in prison.

Defense lawyer of Akbar Ganji today announced that: " This morning I have met with my clients in Evin prison."
Yusef Molaie in speaking with reporter from ISNA, while expressing his satisfaction about the health situation of his client emphasized : " this is hopefull that they allowed us to meet and this could be a start for more opening on my clients file situation."


Link to this news in Farsi :

Link to news about Iran in English from Ifex ( International Freedom of Expression and Exchange) :

Link to Iran news in Farsi from RSF ( reporter without border ) :

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday Oct. 14,2005
News in brief - gooya news online reporting from "ILNA"

Shireen Ebadi: "I demand for immediate and unconditional release of my clients Akbar Ganji( journalist) and Abdolfatah Soltani ( lawyer and human rights defender )."

The lawyer of Akbar Ganji and Abdolfatah Soltani said: "I demand for immediate and unconditional release of my clients and I hope soon this will becom certain."
Shireen Ebadi in speaking with ILNA reporter, while having no information about her clients Akbar Ganji and Abdolfatah Soltani said : "Unfortunately meeting with my clients is not available yet, it is for months that i have no news about my clients Akbar Ganji and Dr. Abdolfatah Soltani."


Link to this news in Farsi :

Link to IFeX about Iran :

Link to RSF ( Reporter without border ) about Iran :

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wednesday Oct. 12 , 2005
News update on Ganji

Iran-Emrooz online reporting from " ILNA "

Masumeh Shafiei's( Ganji's wife ) respose to Mr. Karimi Rad .
Ganji's wife: Urgingly we demand for the immediate and unconditional release of Ganji !
ILNA : Ganji's wife in a letter show'd that she is worried about the lack of information on her husbands situation.
In response to judiciary power's spokesperson who said : " Ganji always had visitation and we limmited Ganji's visitation because some of the visitors endanger his rights and healths.", Masumeh Shafiei has written : " I would like to inform him that; by today it is exactly 48 days that I haven't seen Ganji and I dont have any news from him even a telephone call, the last time I saw him was Friday Aug. 26 in Milad Hospital, his lawyers haven't seen him for almost six months ."
In response to other comments made by Mr. Karimi Rad, the spokesperson of the judiciary power , who have said: "If Ganji's family visitation is limited, we have to solve that. " , she wrote: "This means the spokesperson of judiciary power does not know that it is 48 days since Ganji was cut off of visitation or he is pretending that he does not know? In any way cutting off Ganji's family visitation is a clear violation and could be punishable by law. Visitation subject doesn't heal anything , we urgently demand for his immediate and unconditional release and we will try every possible way to for this cause."


Persian link to this :

English link about Iran :

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Saturday 8/ 2005
News update on journalist Akbar Ganji :
gooya news online reporting:

More than 150 political,cultural and social personalities wrote a letter to head of Iran judiciary power about new pressure on Ganji
"As you know , on Sunday Aug. 28 / 2005 Mr.Akbar Ganji was transfered from the hospital to an unknown location in Evin prison , since then he did not have any visit by his family or his lawyer and there are no news release from any independant sources about his health situation, and his life."
The personalities by signing this petition demanded from Mr. Shahrudi the head of Iran judiciary power for the visitation rights of Ganji's family , lawyer and friends and his release from prison.
In another news it was said that 30 days past since Ganji's transfer from hospital to Evin prison and there are absolutely no news about him whether he is alive or he is in hunger strike again.
Mr. Isa Saharkhiz a leading member of the "Association of Syndicate journalists of Iran", also expressed his worries about Ganji life and demanded answer from judiciary power .
In a letter the "Association of Syndicate journalists of Iran" to Mr. Hashemi Shahroudi demanded for citizen's rights of Akbar Ganji and for the follow up of his court file.
Masumeh Shafiei ( Ganji's wife ) also previousely wrote a letter to Shahroudi and demanded that; why under his leadership of the judiciary power in Iran and the prisons which are under his direct control, officials are dealing with Ganji unlawfully and his family, lawyer and friends are unaware of his situation.
It is exactly a month since Ganji was trnsfered to Evin prison. They are saying that he is under supervision of medical treatment in Evin prison and the visiting permission is only possible by Mr. Mortazavi the Tehran public prosecutor .In this regard Mrs. Shafiei had an interview with Persian voice of Radio Germany ( Dw ): "It is a month that i did not see Mr. Ganji and i have no news from him. On Monday I went to prison but they did not let me to see him and prison official told me that i must have permission from prosecutors office. Based on Ganji's prison term he must spend 6 months more ( Mr. Mortazavi said : Ganji's prison term will be finished by March 21 next year ). He was on hunger strike for 70 days and lost 30 kg.I am in a situation that i dont know what to do? As a citizen and wife of a prisoner I tried every ways , but did not get any result , what has happened to Ganji that they are hiding it ? ..................


The persian link to this news are :

For English , please see this link:


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Thursday, October 06, 2005

"Masumeh Babapoor" the Tabriz news reporter who was disappeared , have been found under a bridge in the city of Tabriz with 9 knife wounds.

Thursday Oct.6/2005

News in brief - gooya news online reporting from " Tabriz" news

"Masumeh Babapoor" the Tabriz news reporter who was disappeared , have been found under a bridge in the city of Tabriz with 9 knife wounds.

Mr." Hasanzadeh Bagher " the husband of this Tabriz reporter in a telephone contact with Tabriz news- social service have said : "My wife have left home at 10 : 00 am on Monday Oct. 3 / 2005 for her reporting job and until 11:00 pm on Tuesday Oct. 12 niether have return home nor made a call to me".

He said hour later after getting out of the house her mobile phone was turned off. He added: " My wife have been threatened to death by person or persons. Thoes who made the threat did it through her mobile phone and the phone at her work place."
"I have reported her missing to the police and from yesterday morning until today together with police we are looking for her."

The kidnappers threw the near death body of " Masumeh Babapoor" , the woman reporter of Tabriz community newspapers under a remote bridge on Wednesday Oct. 5 /2005 .

Her husband in a telephone contact said: " My wife was kidnapped in the street by 4 person and after beating her up wounded nine part of her body with knife."
He said : My wife at present is under treatment in a hospital in the city of Tabriz. He added that : During the last 48 hours police was unable to arrest the kidnappers.
Journalists in north western part of Iran are demanding for the arrest and prosecution of the kidnappers.


Link to this news in Persian :

If you need to read more about Iran , this is a link to ifex (International Freedom of Expression) :

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Afshari has left Iran , escaped 6 years imprisonment!

Thursday Oct.6/2005

News in brief- iran-emrooz online reporting from " Etemad" newspaper
Ali Afshari has left the country !
Before leaving the country , because of political activity , Ali Afshari was sentenced to six years imprisonment and was deprived to five years of all social rights.
With him leaving the country , the number of the members of central council of " Tahkim Vahdat " who have left the country for continuing their education has reached to three person now.
Before him Mr. Akbar Atri , and Mr. Saeed Razavi Faghih who were also encountered with thick court file had left the country.
There are news that Mr. Afshari has gone to Irland to continue his education. Mr. Afshari in recent years has spent some times in prison and the prison officials made a video of forced confession that shows he is apologizing from the officials but after his release from prison he took back his apologies.
After release he was scorded by other radical students who were also in prison and believed that his interview brought humiliation for them. Three days ago a blogger wrote in his personal blog that "Afshari too, flew " but contrary to other accused political files , he flew with a regular flight from "Mehrabad"air port and at last yesterday his travel to Irland was officialy announced.
Link to this news - Persian site :

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Demand for the release of Dr. Abdolfatah Soltani the lawyer of Zahra Kazemi's family!

Monday Oct. 3/2005
Letter by "Association in Defense of Human Right in Iran " about Dr. Abdolfatah Soltani.
Worried for two months of solitary confinement !
News Update- On Dr. Abdolfatah Soltani who is a lawyer and member of the " Association in Defense of Human Rights in Iran " .

The Association in a letter to Iranian Government demanded that; To immidiately release Dr. Soltani who is a lawyer and has been in prison for the last two months. Since Dr. Soltani is in solitary confinement it makes us to worry more of the use of violent acts.
Paris - Sep. 30/2005
The representative of the " Support for Human Rights Defenders " which is a joint plan between International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) and International Organization Against Torture (OMCT) and the Association in Defense of Human Rights in Iran (LDDHI) has expressed its worries about the situation of Dr. Abdolfatah Soltani . Mr. Abdolfatah Soltani is a lawyer and is a member of the "Association of Tehran Lawyers " and he is also a founding member of the " Association of Human Rights Defenders " . He has been in Evin prison in a solitary confinement since July 30 / 2005 .
He has been arrested by direct order of Tehran's public prosecutor Mr. Saeed Mortazavi , He is charged for " espionage " and he is not allowed to have a lawyer to defend him and as well not allowed to see his family member in prison.
The representative of the "Association in Defense of Human Rights " believe that : Mr. Soltani's arrest is related to Zahra Kazemi the Canadian- Iranian photo journalist , because he is one of the lawyer of Zahra Kazemi's family and on July 25 / 2005 in an unofficial court hearing, he spoke with the judge and said: The judiciary in this case is partial and added the court did not issue bill of indictment against the alleged accused including Mr. Saeed MOrtazavi .

The representative reminds that ; On October 2003 , the commission on article 90 of the legislative assembly delivered its report about the death of Ms. Kazemi . In this report it has come to the attention that because of violent interrogation in Evin prison , The public prosecutor and other members of the judiciary had participated directly in the death of Ms. Kazemi.
The representative therefore requesting to get involve for the immidiate release of Dr. Abdolfatah Soltani .
More link in this relation ( Persian)

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