Monday, June 30, 2008

Jacques Brel- "Dont quit on me" or " Dont Leave Me"


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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Iranian journalists fight back!
In the year of more strike for "Human Rights and Democracy " , the Iranian youth, women, workers , teachers , nurses , journalists and writers intensified their peaceful fight back.
Despite of pressure from Ahmadinejad's Government to close down the office of the "Association of Iranian Journalists" , the Iranian journalists fight back.

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Movement for "Democracy and Human Rights" a necessity in Iran!

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Peace, not War !

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Picture: Iranian childeren selling Gas in the street.

80% of Iran's income is by selling its oil.

Ahmadinejad's Government in its first year in power had an income of $50 billion dollar .

In two and a half year Ahmadinejads government had an income of 120 billion dollar.

One student asked Ahmadinejad : Where did 120 billion dollar go?

Hashemi Rafsanjani : Unfortunately 85% income revenue for the year 2007 has been spent .

Another report indicate that : Income for the year 2004 , 2005, 2006 from oil was 200 billion dollar. In three years the government of Ahmadinejad has spent 85 billion dollar.

Iran's average annual income from oil is 60 billion dollar.

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Association of Iranian Journalists Stays
Badrossadat Mofidi in Interview with Rooz -

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs ignored six letters from the Association of Iranian ‎Journalists (Anjoman-e Senfi-ye Ruzname Negaran) to hold a general meeting and abruptly ‎deemed the association eligible for dissolution. In an interview with Rooz, Badrossadat Mofidi, ‎Secretary of the Association of Iranian Journalists, discusses the details of and motives behind ‎the issue. ‎
Rooz (R): Ms. Mofidi, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has deemed the Association of ‎Iranian Journalists eligible for dissolution. First tell us what is at the root of the disagreement ‎between the Ministry of Labor and the Association of Iranian Journalists? ‎
Badrossadat Mofidi (BM): Our disagreements with the Ministry of Labor date back to the ‎coming to power of the ninth administration. With the view that this administration held ‎regarding independent labor organizations, and the Association of Iranian Journalists in ‎particular, it has been striving to dissolve the association ever since. Previous governmentson the ‎other hand, meaning Mr. Khatami's administration, worked mostly to strengthen the guilds. But ‎the events that have taken place in connection with the Association of Iranian Journalists are that, ‎in 2006, the Association went through an election process following which it intended to hold a ‎third general meeting of its members when it suddenly faced a plethora of excuses and ‎hindrances from the Ministry of Labor, none of which had any legal basis. ‎
R: Can you cite more specific instances of the Ministry of Labor's hindrances? ‎BM: With only three days left for the third general meeting of its members which aimed at ‎appointing a new board of directors, the Ministry of Labor announced that because the ‎association's by-laws did not mention a third general meeting but only a first and second such ‎meeting, the association was not permitted to hold a third round of elections. ‎
R: What was the reaction of the Association of Iranian Journalists to the Ministry of Labor? ‎BM: The association immediately backed its claims by forwarding a letter written in 2001 by the ‎Ministry of Labor's deputy of labor organizations' affairs at the time which permitted the ‎association to hold a third general meeting in the presence of fifty members. In addition, because ‎the Ministry of Labor's newly appointed officials in 2006 had taken such a hardline position with ‎respect to a third general meeting and the association had already started the elections process, ‎we held elections pursuant to instructions set forth in the letter from 2001. ‎
R: Do you think political motivations are behind the Ministry of Labor's letter regarding the ‎Association's dissolution?‎BM: Their letter has two fundamental problems. First, it lacks legal basis and, secondly, it is ‎driven by political motivations. Apparently the gentlemen at the ministry expected the 1385 ‎‎[2007] elections to change the composition of the board of directors. But the results were not to ‎their liking. Therefore, we now face actions such as this. ‎
R: Can the Ministry of Labor legally dissolve the association?‎BM: From a legal standpoint, the Ministry of Labor does not have the power to do this. ‎According to regulations governing labor organizations, the Ministry of Labor does not have the ‎power to dissolve the association and the issue must be pursued in the appropriate court. ‎
R: Given these conditions, would the Association of Iranian Journalists, which has more than ‎‎4,000 members, be shut down or would it continue its existence? ‎BM: Look, when laws are inadequate, they do not dissolve organizations that are set up in ‎accordance with those laws, but reform the laws! The answer is to reform the laws so that the ‎‎4,000 members know where they stand. Dissolving the association is not the solution. Therefore, ‎the association will continue its lawful activities unless it is confronted with ways beyond legal ‎possibilities. ‎
R: What is the Association's next move?‎BM: We will first inform our members about what has taken place. Unfortunately, we have ‎heard reports from independent media outlets that they are placed under pressure by the Ministry ‎of Labor not to publish the viewpoints of the association. For instance, ISNA conducted an ‎interview with me in this regard which it was forced to retract half an hour later. The report ‎about the letter of the president of the association to the labor minister, which contained ‎comprehensive and exhaustive legal arguments, was never published. The association's next ‎move is to hold a press conference and respond to questions from domestic and foreign media ‎networks. In the meantime, we will continue to communicate with officials and would even ask ‎Majlis representative, as representatives of the people, to pursue the association's violated rights ‎by posing questions to and even summon the labor minister. We would definitely file a ‎complaint with the judiciary against the Ministry of Labor as well. Finally, we would file ‎complaints with international organizations such as those affiliated with the International ‎Federation of Journalists, and even independent civil society organizations, such as the United ‎Nation's International Labor Organization (ILO). This is because the Association of Iranian ‎Journalists has been recognized by and holds a seat at the ILO. ‎

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Defend the "Association of Journalists" and "Association in Defens of Press Freedom" in Iran !
A statement has been released by the "Association in Defense of Press Freedom". The central council of the Association in Defense of Press Freedom in its session on Wednesday June 25, 2008 has discussed about the cancellation of the license of Tehran Emrooz newspaper and the serious threat against the "Association of journalists" and "Association in Defense of Press Freedom" in Iran.
In the session the press freedom defenders discussed about their concern and worries and protested about the increasing pressure against the freedom of pen and freedom of press in Iran .
"The statement of the Association in Defense of Press Freedom which was issued on this regard talks on the intension to disolve the Association of Journalists and the statement reads:
In the latest round of actions against NGO's and Civil liberty organizations and in the direction of the increasing pressure against freedom of press , the Ministry of Labor has announced that; the "Association of Journalists" has the condition to be dissolved. The officials of this ministry has threatened to dissolve and prevent the members of the association to get together for an election in a general assembly."
While the statement protest the cancellation of the license of " Tehran Emrooz " newspaper , it also brings the attenntion of the Ministry of Guidance to obide and follow the article number 168 of the constitution. The Association also called all journalists and photojournalists to support and defend their organization by using all legal and civil means.
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

50% of Iranian people are living below poverty line.

While Iran is the fourth oil power in the world .

deputy to economic programing for president put the number of people below the poverty line as 14 to 15 millions. But the economic experts put this number as 50%.

The income of people below the poverty line is only $2 dollar.

This is while the income of Iran from oil , natural gas and tax in the last three years was 200 billion dollars.

Alireza Heidari a worker:
60% of all workers in Iran live below least living condition .

from every four Iranian youth one is without job.

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600 graduated students from university's in all over Iran demanded from the head of the judiciary power to call judge Saeed Mortazavi the crown prosecutor of Tehran to stand on trial.

He is known as the judge of court number 1410 the butcher of reformists media and also is one of the interrogator involved in the death of Canadian-Iranian photojournalist Zahra Kazemi. He is one of the enemy of independent journalists.

The graduated students in a letter to the head of judiciary power demanded for an independent and open court to review the charges of Saeed Mortazavi.

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25 June 2008
Kurdish journalist sentenced to 11 years in prison; Tehran daily closed for
criticising President Ahmadinejad
SOURCE: Reporters sans frontières (RSF), Paris
(RSF/IFEX) - Reporters Without Borders firmly condemns the 11-year prison
sentence imposed on Kurdish journalist Mohammad Sadegh Kabovand on 22 June
2008 for "activity against national security." The organisation has also
learned that the daily "Tehran Emrooz" was closed on 21 June, a few days
after running several articles criticising President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's
economic record while mayor of Tehran.
"The authorities have no scruples about using unfair trials to convict
journalists on trumped-up charges," Reporters Without Borders said. "No
consideration was given to Kabovand's poor health, either. This especially
severe sentence is a message to all those who do not kowtow to the regime,
especially in the Kurdish northwest. The decision to close 'Tehran Emrooz'
was taken without referring to any court. President Ahmadinejad uses
government commissions to settle his political scores."
The former editor of "Payam-e Mardom-e Kurdestan", a weekly closed down in
2005, Kabovand received his 11-year sentence from a Tehran revolutionary
court for creating a human rights organisation in Iran's Kurdish region.
Since his arrest in July 2007, he has been held in Tehran's Evin prison,
where he spent the first five months in solitary confinement.
Despite his health problems, Kabovand was unable to taken advantage of a
provisional release order prior to his trial because his family was unable
to raise the exorbitant bail that was demanded - 150 million toumen
(approx. 145,000 euros).
Kabovand suffered an acute dizzy spell in his cell on 19 May and his wife,
who visited him the day before his sentence was pronounced, told Reporters
Without Borders he continues to have periods of dizziness and headaches
against which the medicine he is being given in prison is having no effect.
"This verdict shows how the authorities persecute journalists and human
rights activists in Iran," she said.
Kabovand's lawyers, Nemat Ahamadi and Mohammad Sifzadeh, protested
vehemently against the sentence, describing it as "political." They also
condemned the court's decision to hold the trial behind closed doors.
"Tehran Emrooz" is owned by current Tehran mayor Mohammed Baqer Qalibaf,
who plans to run against Ahmadinejad in next year's presidential election.
It was closed by the Commission for Press Authorisation and Surveillance,
an offshoot of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, after
publishing a detailed report mocking Ahmadinejad's economic record while
mayor from 2003 to 2005.
The newspaper's printer was summoned by a court the day after the article
came out to answer to charges of "printing images and editorial content
insulting to the president" and "spreading lies with the aim of upsetting
public opinion." The newspaper was forced to publish an official apology,
acknowledging that the criticism had not been "moderate."
Updates the Kabovand case:
For further information contact Hajar Smouni, RSF, 47, rue Vivienne, 75002
Paris, France, tel: +33 1 44 83 84 78, fax: +33 1 45 23 11 51, e-mail:, Internet:
The information contained in this update is the sole responsibility of RSF.
In citing this material for broadcast or publication, please credit RSF.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Alert ....Alert
Help save the life of Arzhang Dawoodi !

On Saturday there was strike by political prisoners in all over Iran in solidarity with Arzhang Dawoodi a political prisoner in Iran!
In solidarity with Arzhang Dawoodi a statement was issued by political prisoners.
The crisis committee of Iran's political prisoners at 5:00 on thursday received an important communique from inside Evin and Gohardasht prison. this statement which was red by political prisoners themselves is as follows:

In the name of God , freedom , democracy and social justice.
From the four corner they have closed the way out , we are reviewing the length of the time with our broken chain, in a prison there is no way to scape, As all of you know, political prisoner Arzhang Dawoodi started hunger strike from inside his solitary confinement in Evin prison since April 18th 2008, and because of this on 27th of April he was transfered with shackle to "Rejaei- Shahr" prison and was locked in the ward number 6 auditorium number 16 and cell number 5. Because of his health concern on June 14 he was transfered to prison clinic with stretcher but 5 days later the prison officials namely : Haj Kazem, Ali Mohammadi, Khadivi and Mohammad Reza Bakhshi (the murderer of Zahra Kazemi ) with stretcher once again brought him back to his cell number 6.

The reason he started his hunger strike is because:

1- The court of revolution doesn't provide him and other political prisoners their verdicts.
2- Not providing treatment to prisoners who have been tortured.
3- Not categorizing the prisoners based on their crime and not separating the political prisoners from the ordinary prisoners.
4- Arbiterary confiscation of the properties and documents for the purpose of puting more pressure on political prisoner families.

Therefore we the prisoners of the in Rejaei -Shahr and Evin dungeon in solidarity and support with this brave political prisoner will stop eating for one day on Saturday June 21 and request from all countrymen inside and outside Iran to join and help us.
Long live the struggle of the people of Iran for freedom.
Thank you

Signed by Rejaei-Shahr and Evin political prisoners:
1-Mehdi Zali
2-Manuchehr Ebrahimi
3-Asadolah Vafaei
4-Mohammad Jokar
5-Fereidoon Valatabar
6-Naser Yousefi
7-Farhang Pourmansuri
8-Shahram Pourmansuri
9-Khaled Hardani
10-Amir Hossain Eshghi
11-Hamid Borhani
12-Morteza Sadeghi
13-Hamid Malek- Assadolahi
14-Farzad Kamangar
15-Ali Heidarian
16-Babak Dadbakhsh
17-Amir Heshmat- Saran
18-Behruz Javid Tehrani
19-Afshin Bayemani
20-Reza Karami
21-Mostafa Alavi
22-Mohammad Rezaei
23-Saleh Kohandel
24-Hossain Vafa
25- Dawood Zamani
In Evin Prison:
26- Hamid Reza Mohammadi
27-Amid Panah
28-Farhad Vakili
29-Payman Karimi
30-Bakhshi Kalimi
31-Mostafa Daryanavard
32-Abolfazl Jahandar
33-Mostafa Sangtarash
34-Abdolreza Rajabi
35-Ahmad Ghasaban
36-Abdolah Moghadam
37-Hushang Ghasemi
39-Sabah Nasri
40-Hossain Ghazali
41-Abbas Khorsandi
42-Banakar brothers
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Once again war is threatening the world peace !

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Here is a name list of commanders " Sardaran " in the Islamic Republic in Iran. These commanders are the most violators of human rights in Iran and currently with the support of Ahmadinejad's government taking control as well in national and international strategic economical positions:

1-Sardar solaymani - one of " Ghods" corps commanders. He is also deputy coordinator of the " Basij" resistance force.
2-Sardar Jalali - In charge of non-military defens organization
3- Sardar major general Hasan Firuzabadi- commander general of the military forces
4- Sardar Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf - One of the past commanders of " Sepah Pasdaran" and currently the mayor of Tehran . In recent years he has put military uniform aside.
5- Sardar Alireza Afshar - deputy of the cultural and propaganda defens in general military headquarter
6- Sardar Naser Shabani- commander of the "commanding college and headquarter of the Sepah pasdaran "( Dafus)
7- Sardar Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari- Current commander of Sepah Pasdaran . He was the military commander of Tehran at the time of student s uprising a decade ago .
8- Sardar Zolghadr-
9- Sardar Mahmoudzadeh- governor of " Golestan " province
10- Sardar Seyed Yahya Rahim Safavi - military advisor to Khameneei
11-Sardar Mohammad Reza Naghdi -Commander of the logistics of the military forces. He is an Iraqi and a relative of Mr. Sader .
12- Sardar Mohsen Rezaei- Former commander of " Sepah Pasdaran ". He is currently member of the expediency council of the Islamic Republic
13-Sardar brigadier general Reza Zareei - Head of Tehran police force . He was the head of a plan known as " Tarhe Arazel va obash " ( plan against rascals and villains ) or security of the society , but was found with six naked women which he asked them to pray naked in front of him.
14- Sardar Azizolah Rajabzadeh - The chief of Naja
15- Sardar Talaei - Past commander of Tehran police force
16-Sardar Farhad Nazari- Commander of police force in Tehran at the time of student uprising a decade ago.
17-Sardar Ahmad Reza Radan- Tehran's chief of police
18-Sardar Lotfalian
19-Sardar Alireza Akbarshahi- Commander of police for Greater Tehran's
20-Sardar Jafari- Chief of Naja
21- Sardar brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri
22-Sardar Admiral brigadier general Mohammad Reza Ashtiani- successor to the commander general of the Islamic Republic Army
23-Sardar major general Gholamali Rashid - One of " Pasdaran" corps commander
24-Sardar Ahmad Frouzandeh- One of the " Ghods" corps in Iraq .
25-Sardar Jourkesh - Commander of police force in Kerman at the time when "chain murdering" happened in Kerman
26-Sardar Abdolali Najafi- Past commander of " Ansarolmahdi" corps . Special task force in protecting personalities in " Sepah".
27-Sardar Alireza Asgari- Military and Atomic liaison of " Sepah" with Syria and Hezbollah
29-Sardar Haj Morteza Rezaei- Successor to the commander general of the " Sepah Pasdaran". For years he was the commander of the security intelligent organization of " Sepah" and one of most powerful among them
30-Sardar Mohammad Taghi Osanlu- Commander of motorized army division 31" Ashura" in West Azarbayejan
31- Sardar Mostafa Mohammad Najar- Iran's Minister of Defens
32- Sardar Mahsuli- Ahmadinejad's advisor

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New stage of a plan called "upgrading the security of the society " by the Islamic Republic in Iran !
Here are a few pictures taken from the streets in Iran where; the security agents are arresting and then transfering the people to prison because of their hair can bee seen or because of the way they look like or because of their dress code. People are being causioned even in the restaurant and .........
Dont experience the experience of Iranian people!

Your rights is more important than anything !

Talk with Iranian people about Islamic Republic . Read more about Iran . Dont just listen to the propaganda of the Islamic Republic.
Freedom loving People in countries like Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan, Palestine, malaysia , Indonesia, Syria, Turkey , Somalia and ...... where Islamic Republic of Iran is trying to influence by its propaganda with its Oil money must be aware of what is going on inside Iran.
Islamic Republic government in Iran is interfering in every little private things of the Iranian people.


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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Human Rights are not a Political Tool
A Talk with Narges Mohammadi - 2008.06.19
Narges Mohammadi is the spokeswoman for the Iranian-based Center for the Defense of ‎Human Rights group. She went to Geneva last week to participate in a conference on ‎human rights abuses in Iran, where she exchanged views with other human rights ‎activists. We talked with her about her views.‎
Rooz (R): What was the purpose for participating at the Geneva meeting?‎Narges Mohammadi (NM): In December of 2007 when the UN General Assembly passed ‎a resolution over Iran’s violations of human rights, the Assembly expressed its concerns ‎about the situation in Iran and tasked the Secretary General to prepare a report on this. ‎Human rights defenders believe that the report must be based on documented evidence ‎and investigation conducted by the Secretary General over the situation in Iran. But since ‎independent human rights organizations cannot send their representatives to Iran, because ‎the government prevents them from coming to Iran, as do other governments such as ‎those in Burma, Syria, Cuba, four work groups (in the fields of unilateral arrests, violence ‎against women, national and ethnic minorities, and, executions) were created and hosted ‎a meeting on the subject in Geneva. Then a session was arranged for Iranian human rights ‎activists to present their case at the UN headquarters in Geneva which focused on the ‎legal impediments on implementing and respecting human rights in Iran. At the same ‎time, disregard for law by parts of the Iranian government which leads to a weakening of ‎human rights was another issue that was discussed at the gathering.‎
R: When UN human rights reporters are not permitted to go to Iran, how does the UN ‎Secretary General expect to roundup his report for September?‎NM: He is responsible to provide a report and the participants of this gathering demanded ‎that his report must be based on real investigations of the situation in Iran, something that ‎has unfortunately not been done. This is the reason that these work groups wanted to ‎meet with us.‎
R: Since you live in Iran and work in the field of human rights, are you not concerned ‎that your participation here will displease the authorities in Iran?‎NM: Our area of work is human rights and this is an international sphere and not ‎confined to a specific geographic area of the globe, or a particular country. Just as Iran ‎can protest about the human rights situation in Palestine, any human rights group in Iran ‎can take a position on human rights conditions anywhere in the world. This also true for ‎Iran. In any case, the Secretary General must present his report to the UN General ‎Assembly about Iran. Our position is what we have published at the Center for the ‎Defense of Human Rights in Iran.‎
R: Some argue that protesting against the human rights situation in Iran at international ‎organizations may provide an excuse for those who are militarily threatening Iran. What ‎do you think?‎NM: We do not believe that human rights and democracy should be used as political ‎instruments by major powers, and that both of these can be attained only in a free ‎environment where the human being enjoys dignity and respect. This is the reason why ‎our center is engaged in two goals: one is to promote peace and work against war, and the ‎other is over violations of human rights, which are not contradictory in nature.‎

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Human Rights Inspectors Awaiting Permission to Enter Iran
Interview with Shirin Ebadi - 2008.06.19

Nobele laurette, attorney and human rights activist Shirin Ebadi recently discussed instances of ‎human rights violations in Iran at a seminar entitled, "Challenges of Human Rights Defenders in ‎Iran," condemning threats of military action and the Islamic Republic's refusal to allow United ‎Nations human rights inspectors to visit the country. Below is the text of this interview. ‎
Rooz (R): What particular instances of human rights violations in Iran did you discuss in ‎Geneva?‎
Shirin Ebadi (SE): Among the issues I discussed was the execution of minors (under 18 years) ‎in Iran. It is unfortunate that only three countries in the world, including Iran, have the death ‎penalty for minors. Another issue that was discussed by Dr. Lahiji was the death penalty in ‎general. Unfortunately, Iran has the second highest percentage of executions in the world. ‎Another speaker, Mrs. Mohammadi also spoke about the condition of workers and teachers and ‎their rights. In the end I noted that Mr. Abdolfattah Soltani had planned to attend the meeting ‎but could not because even though he had been cleared of all the charges against him, his ban on ‎leaving the country remained. ‎
R: What is the status of United Nations human rights inspectors visiting Iran? Will these ‎inspectors be able to travel to Iran in preparation for their report? ‎
SE: The government has not issued entry visas for UN’s human rights inspectors. For that ‎reason, Iran's name appears next to Turkmenistan and Burma, as countries that have not granted ‎entry visas to human rights inspectors. Pursuant to a decision that was issued at the U.N. ‎General Assembly last year, the U.N. Secretary General has been tasked to prepare a report on ‎human rights conditions in Iran for the upcoming General Assembly meeting in New York in ‎September. It is however impossible to prepare this report without human rights inspectors ‎physically visiting Iran. All participants in the meeting requested that the Iranian government ‎allow human rights inspectors to enter Iran. ‎
R: When was the last time that these inspectors visited Iran? ‎
SE: A few years ago, during Mr. Khatami's administration inspectors investigating rogue arrest ‎cases came to Iran and visited Evin Prison, along with the freedom of speech and women's rights ‎special inspectors. ‎
R: What are the repercussions of the decision not to allow human rights inspectors to enter Iran? ‎
SE: There certainly aren't good repercussions. When a country does not allow inspections, it is ‎interpreted that it has something to hide. ‎
R: In your latest trip to Europe, you attended the Global Media Forum in Bonn. What was the ‎purpose of the forum and what issues were discussed? ‎
SE: This forum was held at the invitation of Deutsche Welle radio in the city of Bonn and was ‎attended by eight hundred editors and reporters from across the globe. I was the keynote speaker ‎and spoke about freedom of speech and different aspects of censorship.‎
R: After that you traveled to London where you discussed various topics related to conflicts in ‎the Middle East. What programs did you pursue on this trip?‎
SE: The trip to London was to unveil the book "Refugee Rights in Iran," which was written and ‎published in Farsi and was recently translated into English by Ms. Banafshe Keynoush and ‎published with the assistance of the U.N. High Commission for Refugees. I also had a speech in ‎London on the situation in the Middle East where I discussed the reasons behind the unrest in the ‎region. At the end of that discussion, I opposed not only military strikes against Iran, but also ‎threats of military action and noted that, although human rights and democracy conditions in Iran ‎were very poor, it is the responsibility of us Iranians, and not foreign soldiers, to change this. ‎Human rights and democracy can flourish only in peace and calm. In a country such as Iraq, it is ‎useless to speak of freedom of speech and expression because people are searching for a place to ‎shelter themselves. ‎

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Five years imprisonment for Hana Abdi a 21 years old student and women rights activist!

Hana Abdi is a 21 years old student of " Payame Noor" University of Bijar and a women rights activist. She was in prison since early October last year. She has been sentenced to five years imprisonment in a remote border city close to Jolfa in Azarbayjan. She has been allegedly accused of "crime against national security".

She is a member of the "Azarmehr Association of Women" in Kurdistan and also a member of the "Campaign for One Million Signature " in Iran. She was arrested by the security agents in the city of Sanandaj in Kurdistan province.

Doctor Mohammad Sharif is Hana's lawyer and is planning to appeal the decission.

Islamic Republic in Iran can display a historical cylinder with a written code of human rights on it ( this historical cylinder is 2500 years old and was prepared by Persian king Syrus the great) in its National Meuseum but does violate human rights every seconds in Iran. Iran Watch Canada shows just a tip of the ice berg on violation of human rights in Iran by Islamic Republic.

Link to this news:

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Islamic Republic's security agents kidnapped three Iranian dissidents from Turkey !
Mr. Fatholah Manuchehri with an alias name of "Frud Foladvand" is an opposition of the Islamic Republic. He was managing a TV channel in London critical to the Islamic Republic. He has been disappeared a year ago in Turkey.
Mr. Foladvand started this TV channel in the year 2002 in London and he was an Iranian refugee in London.
The son of Mr. Frud Foladvand : My father is in the Islamic Republic's prison !
Mr. Kianoush Manuchehri the son of Mr. Foladvand in an interview with Radio Farda said: "The Iranian security agents once contacted him by phone and warned him to keep silent about his fathers destiny and to avoid making noise or interview with media " .
Amnest International on June 13 issued a statement about this case and announced three people has been kidnapped by the security agents of the Islamic Republic and are in Iranian prison.
The other two individuals name are : Alexander Valizadeh ( Alias : Korosh Lor ) an Iranian -American and Nazem Echmidth an Iranian- German ( Alias: Simorgh) .
Mr. Kianoush Manuchehri:
In a phone contact which ended with harsh conversation , the caller said: " Do you want to hear the voice of the person you are looking for? At that time they gave the receiver to my dad and he said a few words hastily: This is me baba, This is me baba .then they took the reciever from him. While I was angry i said: what do you want from our life , and they said : Shut up and dont speak about this case to anyone.
Apparently they have been kidnapped on 17 January , 2007.

Link to this news:

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Outside the Iranian National Meuseum demand for Human rights is a reality !

The Islamic Republic of Iran is plundering the human rights from its citizens but plan to show the charter of rights written on a cylinder 2500 years ago by the order of the Persian king Cyrus the great.
the news was short, with the support of vice president Mr. Rahim-mashaei the minister of tourism and cultural heritage, the historical charter of rights written on a cylinder 2500 years ago by the order of the Persian king Cyrus the great, will be brought from British meuseum to Iranian Meuseum for exhibition in Iran.
After 130 years this is the first time this historical cylinder is coming back to Iranian National Meuseum for exhibition.
Link to this news:

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Monday, June 16, 2008

Alert ....Alert

Student Committee Reporting on Human Rights :

The life of Arzhang Dawoody and Mostafa Alavi the two political prisoner are in great danger.
Arzhang is on his 60th day of hunger strike in "Rejaei Shahr" prison And Mostafa in his 56 day. When Ms. Nazanin Dawoodi (Arzhang's wife) visited him he was brought in by a wheelchair. She said : After one month , today i was able to visit him . He could hardly speak. A moment neglect towards my husband situation will cause his death .

Arzhang has been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. He has already been in prison for 5 years .

Link to this news:

IRAN WATCH CANADA will follow and report more on these two cases.

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In a news today, the president of Zanjan University accepted his vice president's " moral infamy"!

Amir Kabir newsletter: "Doctor Alireza Nadaf the president of Zanjan University in an interview accepted the moral infamy of his vp Doctor Madadi ."

The students demanded on the following:
The identity of the girl student not to be disclosed.
The Vice President be expelled from university
The president of the University to resign
Student association be given freedom to activity
To allow student to print their publications
To end harrasment by " Herasat " office ( security agents ) against students.

The students said they won't end their protest until their demands are fulfilled.
Here is the video clip by Zanjan University student, which show the vice president Mr. Madadi with white shirt and a girl student in his office . While both, the girl student and Mr. Madadi the vice president of the university were inside his office , apparently he was trying to rape the girl , the students stormed his office and recorded the incident. The conduct of Mr. Madadi broght anger among students and they staged protest against the university officials.

you can watch the video clip here:

Added: June 15, 2008 (More info)
مددی معاونت دانشجویی دانشگاه زنجان توسط دانشجوی...

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Iranian young women are not feeling safe from regim's revolutionary guards, basiji's , judges and ...!

Fear of being taken away by the regims agents from the streets , be raped and then killed is increasing among Iranian young girls, women in general and families.

According to the reports from Zanjan, the students of Zanjan University since Saturday nights started protesting against the officials in Zanjan University for what they call " moral infamy".
According to the students; they saw the vice president of the university tried to attack on a girl student. The students have distributed the video clip of this incident. In the past , in other universities in Iran like "Sahand", "Alameh" and "Razi" similar incident have also occured.
Mr. Madadi the vice president of the university in an organized plan has asked one of the girl student to attend in his office for diciplinary action . This had happened several times before . He asked the student to bend on his request or face the diciplinary committee's reaction.
In the past , god knows how many young women have been raped and then murdered by these ways . Recently , the head of Tehran police force Mr. Zareei was seen standing next to six women who were forced to become naked by him and pray. In other news we have heard ; Ms. Baniyaghub a young medical student was arrested and brought to a prison in the city of Hamadan and later news was released by the prison officials that she commited suicide. There are many cases like this including Zahra Kazemi.

Link to a Farsi news about a pervert judge raping a 13 year old boy:
More on this issue:

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Ahmadinejad's government is on the verge of collaps!

Said Hajarian:

"Ahmadinejad's government is unable to ensure security and control the inflation. His government is on the verge of collaps. Because , Iran has been taken by chaos ."

Hajarian is the 2nd prominent reformist politician and a political theorist who has predicted the government of Ahmadinejad will collapse.

Hajarian: "The criticism to the government of Ahmadinejad is intense and the commodity prices has gone very high , in a way, he calls the system in Iran as "plundering system" and he says : this situation is preparing for the appearance of a "despotic fascist" ruler.

Before him, Mr. Mahajerani the minister of guidance in Khatami's refomist government also said that: "The sun of Ahmadinejad government is setting."

Link to this news:

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In the year of strike:
Iranian women to organize mass protest for their equal rights!

in a statement by more than 1200 women rights activists and equality rights defenders:

....If we want our childeren, for a string of hair , for a dress, for a small entertainment party ..... not to get punished , If we want to have equal human & citizen rights , there is no other way than to get out of our own single minded resistance and think for organizing collective mass protes.

Link to this news :

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Mohammad Hassanzadeh a teenager was sent to the gallows on June 10 in the city of Sanandaj!

International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran announced that: Mohammad Hassanzadeh a teenager who have commited a crime when he was just 15 years old on June 10 was sent to the gallows by the judiciary office in the city of Sanandaj.

This is the 2nd teenger who was sent to the gallows this year in Iran. The first teenager was Javad Shojaei who commited the crime when he was just 16 years old.

Link to this news in Farsi:

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Iranian Nobel winner faults UN rights council
By FRANK JORDANS – 1 day ago
GENEVA (AP) — The U.N.'s top human rights body has performed poorly since it was created almost two years ago, Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi said Monday, but she urged leaders not to abandon it.
The Iranian lawyer said the U.N. Human Rights Council is vital because serves as a final resort for many victims of abuse.
The United States has been strongly critical of the council's record and announced last week it would only participate in the forum when absolutely necessary.
"Even though it has not performed well we should not be interpreting it the same way as the United States has done," Ebadi, who won the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize for her work on behalf of women and children in Iran, told journalists in Geneva.
Western countries and rights groups have repeatedly criticized the council's heavy focus on Israel at the same time as it treats autocratic governments and their allies who have a seat in the 47-nation body with a light touch.
"We should be coming up with solutions on how this trend can be reversed and the council can indeed become effective," Ebadi said, speaking through a translator.
"The U.N. is really the last hope of many people and many countries," she said. "If the United Nations is weakened we have taken away that hope from them, and that resort, a last resort."
The council was created two years ago to replace the discredited U.N. Human Rights Commission as the global body's watchdog against governments that abuse their citizens.
But some critics feel it has failed to address the grave human rights violations in countries such as Zimbabwe and Iran, and has taken only ineffective action on Sudan.
The council has acted about 20 times over the past two years to condemn Israel for its actions in the Palestinian territories and Lebanon.

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June 11 has been chosen by the Iranian women human rights activists as a day of national solidarity to protest the discriminatory laws against women.

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Mohammad Mostafaei the juvenile court case lawyer in Iran:

The death penalty for the two teenagers ,Behnoud Shojaei and Mohammad Fadaei has been postponed for at least one month by Mr. Shahroudi the head of the judiciary power. Mr. Shahroudi has given one month to the young offenders families to satisfy the families of the victims ."

He added: "Although i'm happy about the postponment, but i dont know what is going to the spirit and mind of the teenagers who have experienced two time the shadow of death ."

The head of the Islamic Republic " Vali Faghieh " Ayatollah Khamenei, is the only who can intervene on the death penalty for juvenile offenders.

Said Jazi is the next teenager who is going to the gallows on 25th of June /08.

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Allert ! Urgent ! Urgent ! Call the judiciary power in Iran , Call the Iranian Embassies , Call the officials in Iran and stop it and save life.
Save the life of Behnoud Shojaei and Mohammad Fadaei !

Save the life of these teenagers who are going to the gallows on the early morning of Wednesday june 10/08 in Evin prison.

The newspapers in Tehran have announced that 11 persons are going to the gallows on Wednesday morning June 10 /08 and the name of Behnoud is also in the list.

In another report , Behnoud Shojaei and Mohammad Fadaei the two teenagers are transfered to the solitary confinement / a preparation to carry the death penalty.

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Sunday, June 08, 2008

40 Students Association from all over the universities in Iran in support with the students of " Teacher Training University of Karaj " issued a statement.

These 40 student Associations demanded :the officials help solve their colleagues problems or else warned they will take necessary action which may bring more crisis to the universities.

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Nine days have passed since 80 students of “Teacher training university of Karaj” in protest to their human rights violation went on hunger strike.
The students demanded several management personnel of the university be removed from their position. Because of the strike, the university decided to call 8 students to disciplinary committee. The students started their strike from last thursday in protest to the quality of food served by the university , educational problems as well as pressure by the security agents stationed in the university.
Link to this nes in Farsi:

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Cheney blocked talks with Iran
Colin Powell's former Chief of Staff Larry Wilkerson on how Cheney turned down talks with Iran view

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mohammad Noori one of the prominent Iranian singer .
03, 2007July (More info) Ma Baraye Porsidane Naame Gholi Nashenas, Che S...

we have travelled alot ,just to ask for the name of an unkown flower ..........
For Iran to become a shining jewel , we have sufferred alot ......
For kissing the tip of the mountain, we have endangered much of our life......
For Iran to become a place for the good , we have suffered alot.......


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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

4 June 2008
Imprisoned journalist suffers stroke, denied adequate medical care as trial
SOURCE: Writers in Prison Committee (WiPC), International PEN, London
(WiPC/IFEX) - WiPC is seriously concerned for the health of Iranian Kurdish
journalist Mohammad Sadiq Kabudvand, who reportedly suffered a stroke in
Evin prison on 19 May 2008 and has been denied access to adequate medical
care. He has been held since 1 July 2007 on charges of "acting against
national security". His trial reportedly began on 25 May 2008.
WiPC is calling for the immediate and unconditional release of writer
Mohammad Sadiq Kabudvand in accordance with Article 19 of the United
Nations International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). WiPC
seeks assurances of his well being, guarantees that his basic rights are
being respected and that he is given full access to all necessary medical
care as a matter of urgency.
According to PEN's information, Kabudvand, editor of the banned weekly
"Payam-e mardom-e Kurdestan", was arrested on 1 July 2007 at his place of
work in Tehran by plain-clothed security officers. Following his arrest,
Kabudvand was initially taken to his house in Tehran, where security
officers confiscated three computers, books, photographs and personal
documents, before taking him away to the Intelligence Ministry's Section
209 of Evin Prison, where he is said to have been ill-treated. He is
believed to have had no contact with his family since his arrest. No reason
has been given for his arrest, although it could be linked to a previous
one-year prison sentence which he has never served. His family has been
unable to raise the bail that could have enabled him to be freed pending
Kabudvand has reportedly written two books on democracy and a third on the
women's movement in Iran, which were not given publishing licences.

Send appeals to authorities:
- expressing serious concerns for the health of Kabudvand amid reports that
he is denied access to necessary medical care
- calling for his immediate and unconditional release on humanitarian
grounds and in accordance with Article 19 of the International Covenant on
Civil and Political Rights, to which Iran is a signatory
- expressing concerns at the apparent pattern of repression against
journalists and human rights activist in Kurdish Iran
His Excellency Ayatollah Sayed 'Ali Khamenei
Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic
The Office of the Supreme Leader
Shoahada Street, Qom
Islamic Republic of Iran
E-mail: or
His Excellency Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi
Head of the Judiciary
Ministry of Justice, Park-e Shahr
Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
E-mail: via Judiciary website:
Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejeie
Minister of Intelligence
Ministry of Intelligence
Second Negarestan Street
Pasdaran Avenue
Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Prisoners of Conscience in Iran:

1- Mansour Osanloo
Mansour Osanloo, arrested on July 10, 2007, is a leading trade-union activist who has been imprisoned several times during the past three years.

2-Abbas Khorsandi
Abbas Khorsandi, a political activist held in Evin Prison, is sentenced to eight years in prison solely for his political beliefs and internet writings.

3-Majid Tavakoli
Majid Tavakoli, arrested on May 9, 2007, is a student at Tehran’s Amir Kabir University and a member of the central council of the university’s Islamic Association.

4-Emad Baghi
Emad Baghi (45), a prominent human rights defender, is serving a one- year sentence for articles he wrote a decade before, and for which he already spent three years in prison on the same charges.

5-Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand
Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand, arrested in June 2007 and held in solitary confinement, is the founder of the Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan.

6-Farzad Kamangar
Farzad Kamangar (32), a Kurdish teacher and social worker in the city of Kamyaran, is sentenced to death based on "absolutely zero evidence," according to his lawyer.

7-Ronak Safazadeh
Ronak Safazadeh (21), arrested on October 9, 2007, is a women’s rights activist in Sanadaj, capital of the western province of Kurdistan. She is a member of the local women’s organization, Azarmehr Association of Kurdish Women.

8-Hadi Ghabel
Hadi Ghabel, an outspoken Iranian cleric, was imprisoned on April 7, beginning a 40 month term following prosecution and conviction by the Special Court for the Clergy, a body akin to modern inquisition court.

9-Ehsan Mansouri
Ehsan Mansouri, political secretary of the Islamic Association at Amir Kabir University, was arrested after security agents raided his parent’s house on May 29, 2007.

10-Ahmad Ghasaban
On May 3, 2007, plain-cloths security agents arrested Ahmad Ghasaban, editor of student publication, Sahar, as he was planning to file a complaint with judicial authorities.

11-Ayatollah Kazemini Boroujerdi
Ayatollah Seyd Hossein Kazemini Boroujerdi (49), arrested on October 8, 2006, is a Shia cleric who advocates separation of religion and politics. He is reportedly suffering from several serious illnesses.

12-Hana Abdi
Hana Abdi (21) is a student and women’s rights activist in Sanandaj, capital of the western province of Kurdistan. On November 4, 2007, intelligence agents arrested Hana in her grandfather’s house and transferred her to the Intelligence Ministry’s detention center.

13-Abbas Lisani
Abbas Lisani (39) is an Azerbaijani activist from the city of Ardebil. He is serving multiple prison sentences following prosecutions for his peaceful activities promoting respect for the cultural and linguistic rights of the Azerbaijani ethnic minority.

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Mehdi Nedami the young homosexual has been released from prison!

Mehdi Nedami the young Iranian homosexual for defending himself had killed one of the two who attacked on him. Mehdi has been in a solitary confinement for one and a half year in ward number 240 in Evin prison.He was unable to pay the " Diyeh" or blood money to the victims family. Upon the request for support from his lawyer Mr. Mostafaei , people inside and outside Iran helped him to pay 12 million and 400 thousands "Tuman" (almost 15 million Dollar) the blood money and he was released .

Mehdi Nedami was released 20 days ago and once outside the prison has said: Thanks to all who have helped me to gain my freedom . He has also thanked his lawyers Mr. Mostafaei and Ms.Sohrabi . He plans to go under surgery for sexual change.

Link to this news in Farsi:

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Monday, June 02, 2008

30 May 2008

Afghan journalist freed after 86 days in detention
SOURCE: Reporters sans frontières (RSF), Paris
(RSF/IFEX) - Reporters Without Borders welcomes the release of Afghan
journalist Ali Mohaqiq Nasab, the editor of the monthly "Haqoq-e-Zan"
(Women's Rights), on 29 May 2008, after being held for 86 days, in an
intelligence ministry prison, in the holy city of Qom (150 km southwest of
"Nasab was held arbitrarily for three months," the press freedom
organisation said. "The conditions were difficult and he was in solitary
confinement for most of the time. He has been released conditionally and is
not allowed to leave the country. We urge the authorities to drop the
charges against him."
A refugee in Iran for the past 24 years, Nasab was arrested on 4 March in
Qom, where he lives. The arrest was carried out by intelligence ministry
personnel, who had an order issued by a special court for the clergy.
"According to the arrest warrant I was shown, I was accused of having
suspicious relations with foreign embassies but the interrogation to which
I was submitted was mainly about my journalistic activities and the
articles published in 'Haqoq-e-Zan'," Nasab told Reporters Without Borders.
Copies of the resettlement requests he had sent to the Office of the United
Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which were found during a search of
his home, were also used to accuse him of "publicity against the
government" and "publication of false information."
Nasab spent 81 of the 86 days in solitary confinement, and suffered kidney
and chest pains that were not treated.
Updates the Nasab case:
For further information contact Hajar Smouni, RSF, 47, rue Vivienne, 75002
Paris, France, tel: +33 1 44 83 84 78, fax: +33 1 45 23 11 51, e-mail:, Internet:
The information contained in this update is the sole responsibility of RSF.
In citing this material for broadcast or publication, please credit RSF.

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Women, workers, teachers, students, writers, journalists , human rights defenders......
Unite under the Human Rights for all in Iran !


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