Saturday, April 30, 2011

As Labour Day- May One - is approaching, Iranian workers and farmers situation get worse under Islamic Republic regime policy !

Help release leaders of the workers from prison!
THE SCHOLARS’ MESSAGE OF SOLIDARITY TO IMPRISONED IRANIAN WORKERS To imprisoned workers of Iran: Dear friends, This year’s International Workers’ Day is approaching at a time when you are in prison. We know that among you there are many like Farzad Kamangar who sacrificed his life to defend the human dignity of the humble masses that are forced to sell their labour for meagre wages. And there are many more of you who like Mansour Osanloo, Ebrahim Madadi, Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, Reza Shahabi and others, have languished in prison with many dark years still ahead simply for defending workers’ basic human rights. Others who have gone to prison for organizing workers have continued to be punished by the ruling legal and political regime after their release, being forced out of work and thus deprived of their only source of income, creating unbearable conditions for them and their families. The government, judiciary and intelligence machinery in Iran have proven that any attempt by workers to establish independent labour organizations and defend their livelihood will be met with swift vengeance, a fact that violates both international agreements Iran is a party to and tramples on the government’s own laws. This is while the very same government and ruling cliques provide the maximum of resources to owners and managers of wealth so that they can better organize themselves against workers’ and make greater profits. Justice in the Islamic Republic of Iran only exists as long as it does not interfere with easy profits for exploiters and excludes the amelioration of workers’ conditions, who are given the absolute minimum wage possible, equivalent to one third of the poverty rate set by the government’s own statistics. Friends, It shall not be long until the sweet breeze of the revolution of bread and freedom that began in Tunisia, overtook Egypt and is now overtaking the entire Arab world and North Africa shall reach Iran. Any regime that is based on social injustice and the concentration of wealth in the hands of a minority while poverty is concentrated in the masses shall not endure. Fighting this injustice is fighting for a better and more human world, fighting for true human liberation and not the liberation of capital, and transcending to a level where workers can no longer be fooled by inferior alternatives and false revolutions. We have not been closer to the possibility of realizing this human world at any time in the last 30 years as we are now. One need only look at the ever increasing protests of the workers of Wisconsin and the struggle of the dignified masses of England, France and other nations. This bright horizon is impossible to miss. Under such conditions, rest assured that the dignified workers and masses of Iran shall not fail to act. Your time of liberation is at hand. Be hopeful and know that on International Workers’ Day we hold your memory in our hearts and grasp a red rose as a sign of our solidarity with you. 1-Ervand Abrahamian, City University of New York, USA. 2-Kazem Alamdari, California State University, USA. 3-Kevin Anderson, University of California- Santa Barbara, USA. 4-Asef Bayat, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, USA. 5-Sohrab Behdad, Denison University, USA. 6-Richard J. Bernstein, The New School For Social Research, USA. 7-Timothy Brennan, University of Minnesota, USA. 8-Alex Callinicos, King's College London, UK. 9-Noam Chomsky, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. 10- Simon Critchley, The New School for Social Research, USA. 11-Hamid Dabashi, University of Columbia, USA. 12- Nancy Fraser, The New School for Social Research, USA. 13- Amir Hassanpour, University of Toronto, Canada. 14- John Holloway, Autonomous University of Puebla, Mexico. 15- Peter Hallward, Kingston University, Canada. 16- Paul Mattick, Adelphi University, USA. 17- Behrooz Moazami, Loyola University New Orleans, USA. 18-Haydeh Mogheysi, York University, Canada. 19-Farhad Nomani, The American University of Paris, France. 20- Misagh Parsa, Dartmouth College, USA. 21-Saeed Rahnama, York University, Canada. 22-Mehrdad Vahabi, University of Paris VIII, France. 23-Helena Worthen, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign, USA. 24-Slovj Zizek, European Graduate School, Switzerland.


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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hands off hard working Iranian teachers! FREE Iranian teacher Rasoul Badaghi from the Islamic Republic prison NOW !

Picture-Rasoul Badaghi's Wife and her twin daughters.

IRAN WATCH CANADA : Let The Nation Be Free !

Rasoul Badaghi is a teacher and board member of the Teachers Union. He was arrested on September 20 ,2009 and was sentenced by the Islamic court to six years imprisonment and five years bann on practicing social activities . Since his imprisonment he wasn't allowed to visit his family members.
He has three daughters; one is 14 years old and the other two are twins and are close to four years old.Rasoul Badaghi was also on hunger strike together with many other political prisoners.

His 14 years old daughter in a telephone interview told to Fatemeh Shojaei from "Jaras" Website that, They have missed their father specially the twin sisters and they haven't seen their father for more than three months.When the repoter asked her what message you want to send to your father; she said, I just want to say that i love my father very much and i missed him and the teachers Day is coming and i hope the prison official will allow him to come home for a day on the teachers Day.

People of Iran will hold Mr. Mohammad Sadegh Larijani the head of Judiciary power and Mr. Javad Larijani as the head of Islamic Republic Human Rights commision and Mr. Ali Larijani the head of Islamic Republic Parliament accountable for keeping silence to all these injustices.


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Syria's cyber revolution.

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Shirko Maarefi the Iranian- Kurdish political prisoners who was sentenced to death went on hunger strike !

Let The Nation be Free , before they storm the prisons all over Iran!

According to report coming from Iran, Shirko Maarefi the Iranian-Kurdish political prisoner who was sentenced to death went on hunger strike in "Saghez" city prison.Shirko is from the city of Baneh and he started his hunger strike from today Thursday April 28 ,2011. He told to "Mokrian News Agency "reporter that; in protest to his unclear situation in the prison ,he is going to have hunger strike.He said : I have already told the prosecutor and prison authorities by a letter about this."

Link in Farsi:

Background: Shirko Maarefi resident of "Baneh" city was arrested and detained three years ago and was sentenced to death by the " court of Revolution" in "Saghez" city .The sentence was appealed in the court of appeal but it was reinstated.


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Tehran,June 21,2009."Death to dictator"- Let the Nation be Free,before it's too late !Release all political prisoners, before people rush to Evin !

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fars News Agency: 100 members of parliament signed a petition calling Ahmadinejad for questioning?

As a coup president of the Islamic Regime, Ahmadinejad never bends to anyone except Khamenei ( May be not now).
He showed he is strong and tough and defends his cabinet ministers from all conservative and non conservative or parliamentary members criticism and pressures.He is known for his big lies and toughness unlike Khatami the reformist president who is known as Mr. Smiley and softness who lost many precious opportunities while as prsident.Yet he sometimes treats his own cabinet members so harsh which surprise everyone, like in the case of Mr. Motaki the Foreign Minister who was removed from his post while on assignment in a small African nation. Mr. Motaki himself didn't know that he was removed from his post until the African host told him.
He is creator of enemies for himself from left and the right.
On that note, last week Ahmadinejad put Mr. Moslehi his Minister of Information under pressure to resigne and Mr. Moslehi then resigned and Ahmadinejad accepted the resigne, but Khamenei came to Moslehi's rescue and reinstated him , whcih became a week more dispute between him and Khamenei and the talk of the media and people.
At the same time Mr. Motahari an MP has collected 100 signature from members of the parliaments to call Ahmadinejad to the parliament for questioning for not complying w/ the parliament orders and ignoring the decisions made by members of the parliament.

As a result of all these, Ahmadinejad is not showing in Government cabinet and other important meetings, while Mr. Moslehi the Foreign Minister proudly attending because of support by Khamenei. Iranian People jokingly say that; Ahmadinejad "Ghahr Kardeh" meaning; he is not in good term with Moslehi or in fury.

Tension is very high among Islamic Republic regime officials.


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Mohammad Nourizad the Iranian Film maker, Writer and a strong supporter of Green Movement on his 40th Day of Hunger Strike in prison !

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Help release Iranian political prisoners !

Mohammad Nourizad: "I disagree w/all the sentences against me and therefore i start hunger strike!
According to Mohammad Nourizad's wife, her husband is on his 40th day of hunger strike and he wants to continue the hunger strike until his demands are fulfilled.
Based on a report posted on Mohammad Nourizad's personal journal ,Mrs. Fatemeh Malaki the wife of this imprisoned artist said : Further to hunger strike and not eating food, he is also not willing to have any visitation until his demands are fulfilled.She added : "I agree with you and i won't request from the authorities for any visitation or phone call. "
Mr. Nourizad has spent 16 months in prison already for supporting the green movement and four months of this 16 months in ward number 350 without any visitation.


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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let Our Nation Be Free !

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Focus on Political prisoners. Five more political prisoners in "Rejaei Shahr "prison will join the other 11 political prisoners for hunger strike!


For: UN Human Rights Council

In the past 11 political prisoners from "Rejaei Shahr" prison including: Eisa Saharkheiz (Journalist) Mansour Osanloo (Labour union leader ),Majid Tavakoli (Student leader ) ,Keivan Samimi ( Writer ) ,Heshmatolah Tabarzadi ( Student Leader ) , Rasoul Badaghi and Mehdi Mahmoudian in protest to their detention or trial and sentencing and continous pressure against their families went on hunger strike and said; "They will continue their strike until their demands are fulfilled." . Now five more political prisoners at Ward 4 of unit 12 in "Rejaei Shahr" including : Behrouz Javid Tehrani, Ali Ajami,Reza Sharifi Bukani, Khaled Hardani and Jafar Eghdami announced they would also join the hunger strike from the 2nd week.

Link in Farsi:


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EU Finalizes Sanctions for 32 Individuals in Iranian Government Who Violated Human Rights

The names of 32 individuals to be sanctioned by the European Union (EU) were announced today. Reports indicated that 80 Iranian officials had been reviewed by EU officials. After a review of that list, the names of these 32 individuals, some of whom are top-ranking Iranian officials, have also been added. The sanctions will be effective in all EU member states. Noteworthy is the inclusion of judicial authorities in some Iranian cities and provinces, as well as the Head Warden of Evin Prison’s Ward 350 on the list.
According to the second article of these procedures, which concentrates on the restrictions put on the individuals, all financial resources belonging to the 32 individuals, or those controlled through entities, individuals or organizations related to them, are blocked. Additionally, no assistance or financial resources will be made available to these individuals through member states whether directly or indirectly. Individuals and entities that operate under EU procedures will be fined for violating these procedures.
A few months after the 2009 disputed presidential election, the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran published a comprehensive report and introduced 15 perpetrators of violence and individuals responsible in the post-election violence. In the report, entitled Men of Violence, the individuals’ backgrounds, positions, statements, and roles in post-election events are comprehensively described by the Campaign. (Men of Violence multimedia, PDF file)
In the introduction to the new EU procedures, referring to the widespread violations of human rights in Iran after the 2009 election and the arrests of journalists, political activists, and human rights activists, the named individuals are stated to be directly or indirectly responsible for ordering or implementing the violence.
The stipulated sanctions will also include flight restrictions. Any airplane that flies under EU rules and regulations is bound by the sanctions on these 32 individuals.
The list of the sanctioned individuals is as follows:
1. Ismail Ahmadi Moghadam, Iran’s Chief of Police: Forces under his command carried out brutal attacks on peaceful gatherings as well as at Tehran University dormitories on 15 June 2009.
2. Hossein Allahkaram, Head of Ansar Hezbollah and an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Officer: He was one of the founding members of Ansar-e Hezbollah. This paramilitary force was responsible for the extraordinary violence used during the crackdown on students in 1999, 2002, and 2009.

3. Abdollah Eraghi, Deputy Army Commander of the IRGC: During the summer of 2009 (after the presidential election), he was directly and personally responsible for the suppression of protests.

4. Ali Fazli, Deputy Commander of the Basij, Former Commander of the IRGC’s Seyed-ol-Shohada Force in Tehran Province until 2010: the IRGC’s Seyed-ol-Shohada Force is responsible for Tehran Province’s security and carried out a central part in the bloody crackdown on protesters after the election.

5. Hossein Hamadani, IRGC Commander

6. Mohammad Ali Jafari, IRGC Commander

7. Ali Khalili, Head of the Sarallah Base Medical Unit

8. Bahram Hosseini Motlagh, Commander of the IRGC’s Seyed-ol-Shohada Base

9. Mohammad Reza Naghdi, Basij Commander

10. Mohammad Reza Radan, Deputy Police Chieif

11. Azizollah Rajabzadeh, Former Tehran Police Chief (until January 2010)

12. Hossein Sajedinia, Tehran Police Commander

13. Hossein Taeb, former Basij Commander, Deputy IRGC Commander, and Head of the IRGC’s Intelligence Unit

14. Seyed Hassan Shariati, Head of Mashad’s Judiciary

15. Ghorbanali Dorri Najafabadi, former Prosecutor General (until September 2009)

16. Hassan Zare Dehnavi, also known as Haddad, Judge, Branch 26 of Tehran Revolutionary Court

17. Hojat-ol-eslam Mohammad Soltani, Judge, Mashad Revolutionary Court

18. Ali Akbar Heydarifar, Judge, Revolutionary Court

19. Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi, Tehran Prosecutor

20. Mohammad Moghisseh, Judge, Tehran Revolutionary Court

21. Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejehi, Prosecutor General since September 2009 and Spokesperson for the Judiciary, Minister of Intelligence during the 2009 election.

22. Saeed Mortazavi, Tehran Prosecutor during the 2009 election

23. Abbas Pirabbasi, Judge, Branches 26 and 28 of Tehran Revolutionary Court

24. Amir Mortazavi, Deputy Prosecutor of Mashad

25. Abolghassem Salavati, Judge, Branch 15 of Tehran Revolutionary Court

26. Malek Ashtar Sharifi, Head of Judiciary in East Azarbaijan

27. Ahmad Zargar, Appeals Court Judge

28. Ali Akbar Yasseghi, Judge, Revolutionary Court

29. Mostafa Bozorgnia, Warden, Evin Prison’s Ward 350

30. Gholamhossein Ismaili, Head of Prisons Organizations

31. Farajollah Sedaghat, Deputy Head of Tehran Prisons Organization

32. Mohammad Ali Zanjirehei, an authority with the Prisons Organization


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Iran 66 years ago before coup d'etat in 1953 !

Let Our Nation Be Free !

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Focus on political prisoners in Iran! Why judiciary power arrest,detaines, intimidate and threats impartial lawyers and their families in Iran!

IRAN WATCH CANADA:The judiciary power system in Iran headed by Mohammad Sadegh Larijani is not impartial or independent and thats why it won't tolerate the impartial/independent lawyers, particularly the lawyers who are on the forefront of defending human rights in Iran. These impartial lawyers are the true son and daughters of "doctor Mosadegh"the prime Minister of the National Government in Iran on 1953.

Why the judiciary power system dosen't tolerate these lawyers and instead make life hard for them and their families? I'ts because, who else could open the eyes of Iranian on corruption or violation of constitutional law and discrimination in the justice system than these very brave son and daughters of " Doctor Mossadegh ". Its been more than a century the Iranian people fought and are fighting for "Edalat khaneh" meaning" justice house " . An independent /impartial justice house which could deliver justice to "all Iranian people" apart from discrimination was and is the want of all Iranian. The Islamic Republic Judiciary power under Mohammad Sadegh Larijani is manipulated by political will power and Mr. Larijani is aware of all these injustices, but ignores the violation of the rights of Iranian citizens and closing his eyes to them.

Let's not to forget The brave Iranian lawyer and human rights defender Nasrin Sotoudeh who was sentenced to 11 years in prison and she is now serving that sentence in Evin prison. And as a result of these injustices many impartial lawyers like Naser Zarafshan and ...spent time in prison and many others left the country because of persecution including Shirin Ebadi , Mohammad mostafaei, Shadi Sadr and.....

And now regime has arrested another lawyer who is a human rights defender and that is Mr. Mohammad Seifzadeh.Two weeks after the news about the disappearance of Mohammad Seifzadeh, his lawyer has told reporters that her client is in Orumieh city prison.

Marzieh Nikara lawyer of Mohammad Seifzadeh told to reporter that on Thursaday her client contacted his home and informed them about his arrest and currently is in Ministry of Information detention center in Orumieh prison.She said: her client is charged with " Action against national security by leaving the country illegally".

Link in Farsi:


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April 26,2011- Student at "Polytechnic" University in Tehran gathered for their rights and welfare. No regime can defeat the student movement in Iran.


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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Letter by 23 Iranian polititical prisoner to clergies and ayatollah's on their condition and Irans' situation!

23 Iranian political prisoners from different Islamic Republic regime prisons wrote letter to religious authorities and requested them to look into all the cruelties they face inside the prisons and asked them to break their silence on all these cruelties.
Link in Farsi:

The political prisoners reason for writing was because these religious authorities were talking about all the injustices and the people's rights in the region but not about the people and political prisoners inside the Iran!?

They wrote : When looking into the cruelties against the moslem people of the region , at least based on your religious credibilities and Qoran you must end all the oppression and cruelties that is going on here too and raise your voice against the military,security and intelligent oppression.

In their letter the political prisoners said : Although several religious authoritis including Ayatollah Biat Zanjani, Ayatollah Saneei, Ayatollah Musavi Ardabili, Ayatollah Dastgheib , Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani , Ayatollah Amjad and sometimes Ayatollah Javadi Amoli become the voice of the people and protested on lies of the current regime and about the arrest or killing of innocent young peoplebut , all other religious authorities must end their silence and protest against these situation.

This letter was signed by 23 Iranian political prisoners from the following Islamic Republic regime prisons :
Prisoners from ward 350 in Evin prison.
prisoners from Ward 2-alef in Evin under suppervision of revolutionary guards (Sepah).
Prisoners from ward 209 in Evin under suppervision of Ministry of Information.
Detention centre under suppervision of " Hefazat Etelaat Zendane Evin " (Information protection of Evin Prison).
Prisoners from prison in "Rejaei Shahre Karaj " .
Prisoners from prisons in Khuzestan province - South of Iran.

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Friday rally, 4o people killed many disappeared.political crisis continue.Young generation want new political system against old one !


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Friday, April 22, 2011

Tension is high in the Persian Gulph region, now that people are also calling for reform and their human rights ! Peace.....

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Sham -Banias city protest in Syria , Friday April 22/2011 rally !

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Excerpt from an interview with Faezeh Hashemi the daughter of Hashemi Rafsanjani!The situation in Iran in all front is a police & security state now!

Faezeh Hashemi: The country is in the hands of Rascals / villains and lackeys !

Faezeh Hashemi:
The situation in Iran at present is a police & security state , In all places including universities, offices,media ......
Faezeh Hashemi in an interview with a website known as "Roshangari " spoke on the current issues and situation facing Iranian people. It is needed to say that; Faezeh in the past 12 years showed some liberal ideas and took initiative herself to implement these ideals for instance publishing reformist women newspaper ("Zan")or heading women sport activities and for these activities was under pressure by radical islamist. In recent years particularly after the election coup by Ahmadinejad, she participated actively in opposition movement known as green movement inside Iran and few times were arrested in the streets of Tehran and detained or she has been attacked by vicious radical militias ( the case in recent weeks -The militia's in the city of "Rey" headed by Said Tajik attacked her. the video is available in IRAN WATCH CANADA or Youtube).

Here is an excerpt from this interview:
She is telling to the website that; Her attacker ( Said Tajik) action was condemened by khamenei but at the same time Khamenei is praising them and nothing is happening when these plain cloth militia arbiterarily do things that are antagonistic with islam, but they do it, because they are being told to do it inside the classes the "Sepah"( Revolutionary Guard) organize's for them and they are being prepared to do these thing against enemies. About election she says: Regime has no credibility when it comes to election and people are not satisfied /content about the last election.The last election was not the healthy one and it is beleived that; the rest of the election will be the same.On the government and economical situation, she says: The political , freedom and human rights situation in Iran is deplorable.The whole situation is bad, including the foreign policy which day after day is becoming bad, there is no positive point for me to say.
On the question about who are these plain clothe militia who arbiterarily attacked her , she said:
These are not arbiterary forces, they are organized .These forces are told to do, it doesn't make any different who ?They do it to keep people silent.
She added: Those who ordered to suppress the people protest , they are the one who organizes these forces,
At present in Iran, these forces are running the country .
On the issue of attacking her in the city of "Rey" she said:
There were police forces, agents from ministry of information and forces from "Herasat" ( another security forces stationed in offices and places....) around us on that day but they didn't and couldn't do or say anything to these forces, i have said earlier;they have created a situation ,now they can't control it. Most of these forces do these stuff because of their interest to gaine promotion to higher ranking , money ,education and..and some are brainwashed.
On a question about ......In your opinion with all the circumstances can the government and Guardian council hold a healthy election? she replied:
"Based on the past event and experience , i can't believe This will happen."
On another question about green movement ; she said: " I'm hopeful for green movement .In my opinion the green movement is alive and actively going forward and changing its strategy in different circumstances.....The current oppressive situation won't be continued for long and and i only hope that the people will achieve their goals with less cost."

Link to this in Farsi:

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Free Iranian Film maker Ramin Parchami !

IRAN WATCH CANADA : Islamic Republic regime in Iran arrest and detains professional Iranian with baseless accusation. As a result of bad policy and politicized judiciary hundereds or may be thousands of innocent Iranian professional including : film makers ( Jafar Panahi, Ramin Parchami...) , Journalists ( Eisa Saharkheiz , Bahman Amouei, Ahmad Zeidabadi,Masoud Bastani.......), Human rights defender and lowyer( Nasrin Sotoudeh......) , human rights advocates ( Emad Baghi , Shiva Nazarahari .....), Writers ( Keivan Samimi and ...........) , Labour Union leader ( Mansour Osanloo,.......)and hundereds of students and activists ( Heshmat Tabarzadi, Majid Tavakoli, Behrouz Javid Tehrani and......), The list goes ...... are detained for long time ,tortured,
their families are threatened and also arrested because of them or their lives are destroyed.Who is responsible for all these? who is to be blamed? Ahmadinejad? Khamenei? who?
I think the judiciary system headed by Mohammad Sadegh Larijani has more responsibility and then the parliament and police and security chiefs.

Ramin Parchami Iranian Film maker
Background (Preamble):
Iranian actor and filmmaker Ramin Parchami, who was arrested during anti-government protests on 14 February, has been sentenced to a year in prison.The 38-year-old was arrested during protests held in solidarity with the Arab uprisings of Egypt and Tunisia in February 2011. According to Green Movement website Kaleme, until a few days ago, the actor had been held in solitary confinement in ward 209 of Evin prison under the supervision of the Intelligence Ministry. However, he is now being held in ward 350.“There’s no precise information about Parchami’s case, but it’s been said that the reason for his arrest on 14 February was his insistence to stay in the protest. Plain-clothed agents who had spotted him in the crowd warned him a number of times to leave the demonstrations, but he ignored their words and was arrested in the end,” reported Kaleme.According to the Committee of Human Rights Reporters, Parchami’s one year jail-term was issued by branch 13 of the Revolutionary Court of Tehran under Judge Eslami on charges of “acting against national securiting through taking part in an illegal assembly, attempting to film and disrupting public order.”Parchami’s trial was held on Wednesday 12 April and his transfer to the court took place “under security measures” and he was seen “handcuffed, with long a beard and a not-so-appropriate appearance while accompanied by a number of policemen.”Parchami has a master’s degree in directing and acting, and has directed and acted in a number of films and television series. He is also a former editor-in-chief of the cultural weekly Naghsh Afarinan.The barbaric human rights violations carried out by the Iranian regime cannot be allowed to continue.Please do not stand by. Please sign this petition.Ramin Facebook Page:

For signing the petition:


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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dream of Silk

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Khaabe Abrisham, A documentary on Iran



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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Focus on building idividual and group rights in the Middle East !?

Democratic changes are what the people of Middle East particularly the young want!

"In the midst of a Middle East meltdown, in the midst of the most dangerous mayhem and madness, can a feminist and human rights revolution really be brewing in…Saudi Arabia? We know that Saudi Arabia is exceptionally barbaric towards its women and to all progressive thought. Women are not allowed to drive, and they cannot travel, accept employment, or open a bank account without the approval of a male relative. In addition, Saudi women must be fully veiled from head to toe and from front to back, and they must submit to arranged child marriage and to polygamy."


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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is democracy achievable in the Middle East?

Despite of months of unrest and martyrdom ( For democracy) in the Middle East, is democracy achievable? When? Where it is going to begin and how it should proceed? Is there enough knowledge about democracy and democratic institution among intellectuals? Does society have common knowledge how to proceed?
Democratic institution relatively are established in the western society from French revolution to American revolution and civil rights movement and also the socialist revolution in the eastern countries. How much knowledge and actual /practical knowledge Middle Eastern society have from the transformation of these societies to a relatively democratic society.
Since almost all the institutions in the Middle Eastern society is based on undemocratic structure, reformation of these structure is the first and foremost step toward democracy and at the same time reformation of the governing institution is the other side of the coin which must take place in parallel to the public understanding of democracy.
Western societies from the lowest institution upward is based on democratic understanding . When we look at the families in the western society and comparing it to the Middle Eastern , it shows the huge differences, for example the unfair relationship of families and childeren and public interaction with eachother or the government structure is totally undemocratic..

What i'm trying to say is , the first and foremost step as i said above is to bring general democratic knowledge to the public in these societies and that can only be brought by workshop of wast variety of NGO's working on different issues. Now, does the current governing regimes allow this to happen or do they want to help their society to achieve this understandin? No , not the current governing bodies. Their institutions are based on intolerance.

Western domocracies therefore, must put aside the double standard of talking and supporting democracies but at the same time supporting these most tyranical/ Barbaric and undemocratic governing bodies ( Like the support of US for Saudi Arabia and... ) and defend materialy /morally the true democratic process via working on public awarness through genuine NGO's in the Middle East.
The young generation of Middle East must creatively bring these changes from bottom up and as well from top to bottom. I may not see this, but it will come by patience and hard working and of course street protest for human /individual rights , independent justice system away from political influence and equality between women and men......


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Monday, April 18, 2011

Nazanin Khosravani Iranian journalist is sentenced to six years imprisonment!Another injustice by Mohammad Sadegh Larijani the head of Judiciary !

IRAN WATCH CANADA:We are not talking of one or two or a week or a month jail term . This is six years of her life . A young women's life just for writing critical column. What a judiciary system? what a regime? This young girl has to spend six years of her precious life in dungeon. Why? Spit on your Islamic regime ( Excuse my language). According to report Nazanin Khosravani the Iranian journalist was sentenced by branch number 26 of the Tehran court of revolution to six years imprisonment .Farideh Gheirat the lawyer of Nazanin told to Kalameh Website that she received the sentence today Monday April 18,2011.She said Nazanin is charged with " gathering and colaborating against National Security and propagating against the regime." The lawyer said : she will protest and will make an appeal within 20 days time limit . In the past Nazanin was arrested in November 2010, the agents searched her house and took away with them all her personal belonging including the computer softwares. After spending 132 days jail time, Nazanin was released on $600,000 bail from Ward number 209 of Evin prison on March 2010. The judge who put her in jail was Judge Pirabbasi. Nazanin khosravani has worked for reformists newspaper of "Bahar ,Dorane Emrooz, sarmayeh, Kargozaran and .." , all of these newspaper were shut down by regime . Link in Farsi:


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Mohammad Sadegh Larijani head of judiciar power is one of regime official responsible for detaining,torturing the political prisoners!

Free All Political Prisoners in Iran now!


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Syria and the rest of the countries including Iran will be freed from these dictators who are corrupt and criminals!

The fight for true freedom and true democracy will continue by new and fresh blood young people of Middle East against dictators and dictatorship in the middle East particularly the Saudi Arabi the most back ward state where the women have no say and no rights at all .For how long these families must run these countries ,one decade , two decades ..... The people of Middle East need a goverment which is democratically elected by them and truly represent them and a parliamentary system where all political parties are being elected in a democratically electoral system. The fight will continue as long as these dictatorial system are in place. Watch these latest video clips about the struggle of Syrian people:


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People of "Ahwaz" in the south of Iran fight back for their rights and against discrimination!

On April 16 ,2011 the peaceful protest of Arab-Iranian people of "Ahwaz" (in the south of Iran near Persian Gulph) for their living condition ,rights and against discrimination were treated with bullets ,arrest and imprisonment by regime militia and plain cloths securities. As a result more than 12 people have lost their lives and 20 people were wounded and more than tens of them were arrested and detained.

There are no news about those who have been arrested and the agents warned and threat the families of those killed to keep quiet and not to speak to media . Some families dared to speak to Arabic language media were arrested.

Madame Shirin Ebadi the Iranian Noble Peace Prize Winner in 2003 and president of the Association of Human rights defenders in Iran sent a letter to honourable madame Navi Pilay the high commissioner to UN Human Rights Council and requested her to look into the situation.

Link to this news in Farsi:

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Focus on political prisoners in Iran .........Nasrin Sotoudeh's letter from prison to her young daughter......

IRAN WATCH CANADA work voluntarily and tirelessly to bring the voices of voiceless Iranian political prisoners to you and your voices to them. This is what IRAN WATCH CANADA can do and won't stop doing because IRAN WATCH CANADA won't forget the Iranian people particularly the Iranian political prisoners who are the true voices of freedom and democracy in Iran.

Here is the letter:

More than everything I'm resisting becuse of you and your father ! Letter from prison by Nasrin Sotoudeh to her young daughter. Jaras website: One day after Nasrin Sotoudeh the imprisoned defence lawyer , demanded her appeal to be stopped and at the same time she received the international award for " defending the rights for Freedom of Expression" ,she wrote a letter to her young daughter "Mehraveh" and spoke about her months of ordeal in the prison. She wrote: My dear to heart Mehraveh! I'm proud of you! From the ward number 209 in Evin prison ,I'm expression hello and wishing best of health to you. I'm removing from the basket of my greeting ,the worries,the nostalgie and the tears, so that in my basket there be left more greetings and best health for you and your dear brother. I have been away from you for six months. During this time i had the opportunity of meeting you with the presence of security agents.During these time i was not allowed to send you letter or receive picture from you or even meet you freely without security condition and you dont know what an agony i felt in my heart whenever i had to meet you under this condition. Every time after the visitation and day after day in clash with my own sole ,i had to asked myself ,did i respect the rights of my childeren?And you dont know how much i was in need to make sure that you my dear child ,whome i believe in her wisdom , won't condemn me for violating the rights of my childeren. You my dear Mehraveh, from the very first day of my detention, i was thinking about you and your brother's rights and i was more worried about you, because of your age . Worried about your patience and judgement , worries about your state of mind and more than everything the worries from accepting this issue by your friends and classmates.But it didn't take long that the clouds of hesitation went away and i knew none of those worries were real and me ,no ,us could stand firm on our place ...... You resisted like me, in responce to my answer which i said:" My daughter , dont ever think that i have done something and i should receive punishment and i wasn't thinking about all of you" but then surely ,i told you :" All i have done were legal" and with kindness and with your child like hands you touched my face gently and assured me that: " I know mom .....I know " and that day i was relieved from the nightmare of the judgement of my childeren. My daughter, my worries about your relation with your classmates were also wrong, because always the new generation, come faster than their parents to their wisdom and thinking...... And thats why i was releaved from all my worries and stood firm and strong on my first point.... And more than everything i'm indebted to you and your father. Dear to my heart Mehraveh , Let me tell you a bit about our sweet memories. Many times at night,on bed time in prison,i did remember how i helped you sleep with different lullaby and variety of poetry. You liked "Paria " very much. Nights at bed time ,you wanted Paria and i would begin: Once upon a time/Under an azure dome /Nude and Naked at dusk /three fairy -face were seated/ My daughter! The most important motive for me to defend childeren's rights was you. To be continued... Link to this letter in Farsi:


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Nasrin Sotoudeh "the daughter of Mossadeq " lawyer & human rights advocate in Iran and a prisoners of conscience serving 11 years prison term !

Focus on Iranian political prisoners.

See the video :


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Saturday, April 16, 2011

" Ya Ali" the story told by a clergy and the rest of the issue......

A clergy in a mosque told stroy about the birth of Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei the leader of the Islamic Republic to the audience , he said : "The midwife heard when the leader came out from his mother's womb called "Ya Ali " (called the name of Ali , one of Shiiet moslem Imam) .

Watch the video clip in Farsi:

This last week , one of the talk among Iranian public was about this issue .

These are the people running our country Iran (Persia) with more than 2500 years history.


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Focus on political prisoners in Iran.Iranian political prisoners to UN General Secretary:"We will hold unlimited hunger strike starting May 22nd.

A group of well known political prisoners in Iran issued and signed a letter to UN general secretary !

Since the Islamic Republic's Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Ali Akbar Salehi demanded from UN general secretary to investigate about the events in Bahrain , the political prisoners in Iran also requested from UN general secretary for an investigation on prison condition and prisoners situation in Iran. The political prisoners in Iran in their letter wrote: "The same style the people of Bahrain were suppressed and imprisoned ,same way Iranian protesters were suppressed and imprisoned."

Some of these political prisoners who are spending time in "Gohar Dasht " prison in the city of Karaj asked from UN gerneral secretary to send its special envoy to observe the political prisoners and human rights situation and prison condition. They also have indicated that they will start their unlimited hunger strike from the coming may 22 ,2011.

The political prisoners have added that; while the Islamic Republic officials in Iran talk about the rights of people in other countries but in contrary they suppress and violate the rights of its own citizens in Iran.

The signatories are:

Mansour Osanlou

Rasoul Badaghi

majid Tavakoli

Eisa Saharkheiz

Keyvan Samimi

Heshmatolah Tabarzadi

Mehdi Mahmoudian


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Thursday, April 14, 2011

More on political prisoners:

Watch these reports by BBC program "panorama" :

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Reliable sources on Iran:

Link to read more on violation of human rights in Iran: Or:


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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top PEN Prize to Honor Nasrin Sotoudeh, Jailed Iranian Lawyer, Writer, Activist

New York City, April 13, 2011—PEN American Center today named Nasrin Sotoudeh, a writer, lawyer, and leader of the women’s and children’s rights movement in Iran, as the recipient of its 2011 PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award. Sotoudeh was arrested on September 4, 2010, and is now serving an 11-year sentence for her outspoken advocacy in defense of her clients arrested after the June 2009 presidential elections and interviews she gave to human rights organizations and media about their cases. The award, which honors international literary figures who have been persecuted or imprisoned for exercising or defending the right to freedom of expression, will be presented at PEN’s Annual Gala on April 26, 2011, at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi, a close friend and associate of Ms. Sotoudeh, will attend the PEN Gala on April 26, 2011, and receive the award on her behalf. Ms. Ebadi, who is the author of Iran Awakening and the newly released memoir The Golden Cage: Three Brothers, Three Choices, One Destiny, will be available for interviews in conjunction with the event. “Nasrin Sotoudeh not only embodies the spirit of the PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award, but also the spirit of this remarkable year,” said Kwame Anthony Appiah, president of PEN American Center. “As a writer, as an activist, and as a lawyer she has dedicated herself to a simple and powerful idea: the principle that the rights guaranteed by law are absolute and shared equally by all. At a moment when women and men around the world are standing together peacefully to reclaim this most basic truth, she is in one of the world’s most infamous prisons, to the great shame of the Iranian government. In honoring her with this award, we stand with the millions of Iranians she has stood up for and inspired, and we urge individuals and governments around the world to join us in pressing for her immediate release.” Nasrin Sotoudeh, who is 47 and the mother of two young children, began her activism in 1991 as the only female writer for the Nationalist-religious publication Daricheh Goftegoo; one of her first projects was to prepare a series of interviews, reports, and articles on Iranian women to mark International Women’s Day, all of which her editor refused to run. After completing her Master’s Degree in International Law at Shahid Behshti University, Sotoudeh passed the bar exam in 1995 but was not permitted to practice law for another eight years, and so she concentrated on journalism instead, writing for several reformist newspapers, including Jame’e. When she was finally granted a law license in 2003, she specialized in women’s and children’s rights while continuing to write articles addressing these issues. Her clients have included women’s rights activists, among them the organizers of the grassroots, door-to-door One Million Signatures Campaign; journalists such as Isa Sharkhiz; political activists such as Hashmat Tabarzadi, head of Iran’s banned opposition group the Democratic Front; and Shirin Ebadi herself. She has also represented prisoners sentenced to death for crimes committed when they were minors and many Iranian opposition activists arrested in the crackdown following the June 12, 2009 presidential elections. On August 29, 2010, security officers raided Sotoudeh’s home and office, confiscating several of her files and documents. Authorities also froze her assets. On September 4, 2010, she was summoned to the special court in Evin prison and arrested on charges of “propaganda against the state,” “cooperating with the Human Rights Defenders Center,” and “conspiracy to disturb order.” She was denied access to her lawyer and was restricted family visits for the first several months of her detention. On January 9, 2011, Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court sentenced Sotoudeh to a total of 11 years in prison—one year for “propaganda against the regime,” and a total of 10 years for the two charges of “acting against national security” and “violating the Islamic dress code (Hijab) in a filmed speech.” The court also banned her from practicing law and from traveling outside the country for 20 years, a term that begins after her release from prison and that for all intents and purposes confines her to Iran and bars her from her profession for life. Sotoudeh has gone on several hunger strikes since her arrest, refusing even water during one 11-day stretch, to protest her detention and ill-treatment inside Evin Prison. She has reportedly lost a considerable amount of weight and is in poor health. She is being held in Ward 209 of Evin Prison, where she has spent much of the time in solitary confinement. Sotoudeh is still awaiting a decision in the court of appeals. In announcing the award today in New York, Freedom to Write Program Director Larry Siems praised Nasrin Sotoudeh’s “unyielding spirit in her fight for justice, equality, and the rule of law in Iran.” “From the start, Nasrin Sotoudeh has insisted on voicing the unspoken realities of post-revolutionary Iran,” Siems said. “The struggles of women, the experiences of minors swept up in Iran’s judicial system, the aspirations of writers, journalists and ordinary Iranians to engage in free and open debate about their country’s future—Nasrin has risked her own freedom to make sure these are acknowledged in Iran. That they have been acknowledged by sending her to prison speaks volumes about the Iranian leadership; that she is a hero and an inspiration to millions of her countrymen says even more about the Iranian people.” Siems joined Appiah in urging the Obama administration to press Iranian authorities to bring their country into step with the human rights revolutions sweeping through the Middle East and release Sotoudeh, one of the most visible symbols of these universal values in Iran. “President Ahmadinejad has repeatedly praised the popular uprisings in the region while at the same time Iran’s security forces have been brutally suppressing peaceful demonstrations and dissent in Iran. This hypocrisy is lost on no one, at home or abroad.” Writer, historian and PEN Member Barbara Goldsmith underwrites the PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award. This is the 25th year the award has honored an international literary figure who has been persecuted or imprisoned for exercising or defending the right to freedom of expression. Candidates are nominated by PEN International and any of its 145 constituent PEN centers around the world, and screened by PEN American Center and an Advisory Board comprising some of the most distinguished experts in the field. The Advisory Board for the PEN/Barbara Goldsmith Freedom to Write Award includes Carroll Bogert, Associate Director of Human Rights Watch; Vartan Gregorian, President of the Carnegie Corporation; Joanne Leedom-Ackerman, International Vice President of PEN International; Aryeh Neier, President of the Open Society Institute; and Joel Simon, Executive Director of the Committee to Protect Journalists. The Freedom to Write Award is an extension of PEN’s year-round advocacy on behalf of the more than 900 writers and journalists who are currently threatened or in prison. Forty-five women and men have received the award since 1987; 32 of the 36 honorees who were in prison at the time they were honored were subsequently released. PEN American Center is the largest of the 145 centers of PEN International, the world’s oldest human rights organization and the oldest international literary organization. The Freedom to Write Program of PEN American Center works to protect the freedom of the written word wherever it is imperiled. It defends writers and journalists from all over the world who are imprisoned, threatened, persecuted, or attacked in the course of carrying out their profession. For more information on PEN’s work, please visit

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EU Announces Sanctions On Libyan Oil Companies, Iranian Human Rights Abusers

EU slaps sanctions on 32 Iranians over rights abuses (AFP) – 1 day ago LUXEMBOURG — The European Union imposed assets freezes and travel bans on 32 Iranian officials on Tuesday, saying they had been involved in human rights violations. British Foreign Secretary William Hague said on the sidelines of a meeting of European Union foreign ministers that the 27-nation bloc wanted to hit back at the "appalling human rights record of Iran." He denounced the jailing of Iranian opposition leaders, the detention of more journalists "than any other country in the world," and an "excessive use of the death penalty, often on vague charges." The EU "is agreeing today restrictive measures on 32 individuals in Iran we believe are responsible and instrumental in these policies," he said. The measures were decided at a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg, following in the footsteps of the United States, which imposed similar sanctions in September 2010. The list of names will soon be made public in the EU Official Journal. The EU ministers had already agreed in principle to the sanctions in March, when they voiced concern about the "deterioration" of human rights in Iran. They also voiced alarm over the "dramatic increase in executions in recent months and the systematic repression of Iranian citizens." Iran has already been hit by a raft of sanctions imposed by the United Nations over its refusal to halt its controversial nuclear programme. The United States and the European Union added their own unilateral sanctions on top of the UN measures last year. Western powers accuse Iran of seeking to build a nuclear bomb. Tehran denies the charge, insisting its programme is a peaceful effort to produce civilian energy. The United States hit eight Iranian official with sanctions last year, including current and former ministers, accusing them of committing serious human rights violations during the disputed presidential elections of 2009. Link:

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Focus on Iranian political prisoners. In this post about Hashem Khastar the imprisoned Iranian teacher .....

Hashem Khastar the 57 years old Iranian Agricultural Engineer and a retired teacher and leader of the Association of Teachers Union in the city of Mashhad ,was arrested on September 2009 while walking in "Melat " Park in the city of Mashhad and was transfered to "Vakil Abad " prison and in judicial trial he was first sentenced to six years imprisonment and later it was reduced to two years and currently serving the sentence in Vakil Abad prison .

while undergone surgery in "Imam Reza" Hospital in the city of Mashhad on Monday and was promised to have leave of absence from prison to rest for treatment but instead after operation was transfered by eight soldier to Vakil Abad prison again.

Sedigheh Maleki wife of Mr. Hashem Khastar told to International Campaign for Huamn Rights that: Doctor who operated him told: he needed medical treatment but 24 hours after operation the judiciary and prison authorities transfered him to prison.She added, while my husband was in the hospital, the judiciary and prison officials didn't let us to visit him or talk to him by phone.

With my persistant calling and beging for permision to visit him , the authorities let me to see him for 15 minuites and last night he was able to use the phone of another patient to speak to me but was cut off by guards.

While in the hospital ,i saw him chained with the bed and he was also chained while undergone surgery.


Link in Farsi :


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Monday, April 11, 2011

Focus on political prisoners in Iran.........

Continuation from past post ...

Dear Friends!

"Doesn't democracy and living in a world w/ less violent motivate you to support the student movement in Iran? won't it be also called as assisting the coup Government by Ignoring the clear violence on Iranian students ? Iranian who want western society style democracy and human rights won't believ this is happening . Is human rights important for you?Is Freedom of Expression important for you?Do you want the severity of vilolence be reduced?Do you want in another part of this wast world the torch of freedom be still kept on light? Then , dont stay silent on these crimes , violence and oppression?" ( Video conference speech of Bahareh Hedayat in solidarity with student movement in Iran on the anniversary commemoration of "Shanzdah Azar " the Student Day -December 5,2009 in one of Netherland University).

Bahareh was arrested exactly three Weeks after this message and was sentenced to nine and half years in prison.The court dealing w/ the charges against this student activist was held on 26 of April at division number 28 of the court of revolution.In this court judge Moghisehei sentenced her to 7 years imprisonment for the following charges: "Gathering and colaboration against the regime " , "Insulting the president" , "Insulting the leader " and "proagating against the regime" and together w/ two years suspended sentences in total become nine and half years imprisonment.

Bahareh Hedayat is born on 27 April 1981,is a women movement and student activist ( Tehran Science university ).She is also central council member of " Daftare Tahkime Vahdat" a student organization ( she acted as spoksperson for this organization) . She was also active among the activists in " Campaign for one Million Signature". Up to now she has been arrested and detained four times for these activities.

To be continued......


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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why Iraqi regime attacked on Camp Ashraf and killed or wounded so many members of Iranian Mojahedin Khalgh who have lived there for decades !??

Why now? What was different from the past? what went wrong? Mojahedin members were living in Camp Ashraf for so many decades and what happened which made the Iraqi regime to attack Camp Ashraf and kill so many innocent unarmed Iranian who have already suffered so much in their life. Why the Iraqi regime should deal with the issue in this way and not diplomatically or politically with Mojahedin leaders.Why the innocent members of Mojahedin should face an armed forces . These last few days almost all Iranian were shocked to see their countrymen and women were treated this way and as a result some of them lost their lives. Iraqi regime showed to the world that; it did not learn nothing from Saddam and history. It showed to the world that ; it has very little tolerance and uses violence to settle problem. Beside ,the situation of middle East and timing of attack by Iraqi forces is questionable ?! The UNHCR and UN human rights council as well as Red Cross or Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch must send professional impartial investigators to gather informations about this criminal acts and report to the public.It seems that, the government of Maleki under the influence of Khamenei regime attacked at Camp Ashraf. As a result of this barbaric act and based on report, many members of Mojahedin lost their lives . And finally , Why the Iraqi regime and Mojahedin leaders dont seat on table and find a way to settle this problem for once and all. This problem is going on and off for several years. See these video clips and judge yourself: What is going on here?

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Friday, April 08, 2011

political prisoners in "Rejaei Shahr" prison in the city of Karaj: From Sunday we are going into hunger strike !

Focus into Iranian political prisoners !

IRAN WATCH CANADA : We, all Iranian opposition must unit w/ one voice in releasing all political prisoners from the prisons run by a bunch of criminals and lunatic !

A group of well known Iranian political prisoners in a statement announced from Sunday they are going into hunger strike in protest to all the summons, arrests, threats, pressure over political prisoner's families including illegal and inhuman pressures and restriction imposed over hundereds of political and non political prisoners and in solidarity with Ms. mohtashamipour .....

These political prisoners announced; they would continue their hunger strike from this coming Sunday until the security and judiciary officials will change their behaviour towards the prisoners.

This statement was signed by political prisoners including:

Mansour Osanlou

Eisa Saharkheiz

Majid Tavakoli

Heshmatollah Tabarzadi

behrouz Javid Tehrani

Keyvan Samimi

Reza Rafiei

Jafar Aghdami

Ali Ajami

Rasoul Badaghi

Mehdi Mahmoudian


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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Mohammad Sadegh Larijani (head judiciary)Mohammad javad Larijani(head human rights commission),Ali larijani(head parliament)will be held accountable!

IRAN WATCH CANADA:Mohammad Sadegh Larijani (head of judiciary power), Mohammad javad Larijani ( head of human rights commission) , Ali Larijani (head of parliament) including Khamenei and.....will be held accountable for all these injustices and crime against humanity during their role on important position they occupied....... One day people will ask them .......And that day will come ...... this isn't revenge ..but the civilized people of Iran will decide .....
This was Bahareh Hedayat message to all before going into the cold prison cell of Evin :

My friends who are living in the free world,

Do you hear my voice from my country the role of student movement ,for achieving the historical demands like freedom and justice is very important....the role of student movement striving for democracy is very vital.You the students of Europe have only heared names about dictatorship ,despotism and closed society.But us ,in Iran feel those with our skin and flesh. Here the students and people even for reporting about an event which they have seen, go on trial and get sentenced to imprisonment.

The demands of dissent students are the demands of many Iranian people. we want Freedom of Expression and academic freedom.We want everyone express their openions freely and not be subjected to question or threat after expression. We want to stop the systematic elimination of dissent voices and intellectuals.We want to eliminate the sexual discrimination in society and universities.

You tell me:

Do you follow the news on student and green movement protests in my country?Do you know that; how effective your support is to our demands, which can stop the coup d, etat Government of Ahmadinejad in its widespread violent oppression?

In here, protest gathering means being beaten up , means imprisonment, means facing the insult, means being tortured for forced, false and unreal aconfession,means solitary confinment,means being deprived from continouing education, means being banned from leaving the country, means being charged to "propagating against the regime" and " activities against national security" , means imprisonment for 3,4,5years .... This is Islamic Republic ....This is their way of governing.

To be continued....



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"Exile International Cartoon Expo" L'exil Exposition internationale de Dessins de Presse‏

With participation of:

Adjim DANNGAR - Chad

Amr Okasha - Egypt

Angel Boligan - Mexico

Angelines San José - Spain

Ayako Saito - Japan

Bernard Bouton - France

Corinne Rey (Coco) - France

Cristina Sampaio - Portugal

Damien Glez - Burkina Faso

David Miège - France

Firoozeh Mozaffari - Iran

Gabriel Ippoliti - Argentina

Hassan Karimzadeh - Iran

Ismail Kar - Turkey

Jan Tomaschoff - Germany

Jaume Kapdevila (KAP) - Spain

Jean Plantu - France

José Rubio Malagón - Spain

Juli Sanchis - Spain

Kianoush Ramezani - Iran

Liza Donnelly - Unites States

Louis PoL - Australia

Majed K W Badra - Palestine

Mana Neyestani - Iran

Nikahang Kowsar - Iran

Oleg Dergachov - Canada

Patrick Pinter - France

Paulo Caruso - Brazil

Pepe Palomo - Chili

Peter Broelman - Australia

Peter Nieuwendijk - Pays-Bas (the Netherlands)

Pierre Bizalion (Biz) - France

Raquel Orzuj - Uruguay

Rolf Heimann - Australia

Tan Oral - Turkey

Tommy Thomdean - Indonesia

Vladimir kazanevsky - Ukraine

Wesam Khalil - Egypt

Xia Lichuan - China

Yves Guezou - France

special thanks to all friends who sent their artworks and showed their support

Kianoush Ramezani

Director of Expola Maison des journalistes

35, rue Cauchy 75015 Paris - France

téléphone et fax : 01 40 60 04 02portable: 06 60 93 97 18courriel : expo@maisondesjournalistes.comsite :


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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

One day people of Iran will ask Mohammad Sadegh Larijani head of judiciary;why he detained &tortured all these brave Iranians&ruined their families

No more silence ! Freedom of all political prisoners the agenda of green movement ! Break the walls of all prisons including Evin prison and free the sons and daughters of Iran!

Biography of Masoud Moradi Bastani Masoud Moradi

Bastani was born on May 12th, 1978 in the city of Arak. He completed his studies from early childhood to University in Arak where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Electronics. He followed his interest in journalism while a student and started working in the field in 1999. In 2002 he became the Editor-in-chief of a weekly magazine in Arak called “Neday-e Eslahat”. (Voice of Reform) After a while his magazine was shut down because of its critical writings on human rights condition in Iran. Masoud moved to Tehran while a file was opened in Arak by the 5th branch of the revolutionary court accusing him of spreading fallacies. He resumed his work as a journalist in Tehran. July 25th 2005, While on assignment investigating the health and condition of Akbar Gangi, a fellow journalist and political activist who had been imprisoned and was on hunger strike and had been transferred to Milad hospital, he was arrested in front of that hospital and sent to Evin prison While in Evin, the 6th branch of the revolutionary court accused him of tarnishing the reputation of the regime and spreading negative propaganda against it. As a result he was fined and sentenced to 76 lashes. While still in Evin prison, the Revolutionary court in Arak declared its verdict and convicted him to six months and 60 lashes. After two weeks in Evin, he was transferred to Arak city prison to receive his sentence. There he was charged with criminals and serious offences. While serving his sentence he was allowed a leave during which time he married Mahsa Amrabadi. After his sentence Masoud was released and resumed his activities as a journalist. He dedicated most of his work to reports, interviews and investigating the condition of political prisoners and their families. His reports defended the human rights of these people. As a result in July of 1986 officers from the ministry of Intelligence raided the home of Masoud and his wife. Following this raid Masoud was summoned to the ministry for questioning. By then Masoud had worked with several Newspapers and Media such as “Yas-e no”, “Jomhooriyat”, “Etemad”, “Shargh”, “Kargozaran”. In addition Masoud contributed to several Canadian magazines such as “HafteH” in Montreal, “Shahrvand” in Toronto and “Shahrgon” in Vancouver. He worked closely with the Radio program Chacavac which broadcasted its programs through Montreal’s Radio CFMB from 2006 through 2009. Masoud was actively engaged in the disputed presidential elections of Iran in June of 2009 and had assumed the role of editor-in-chief of an online publication which defended the positions of reformist candidates. On July 5th 2009 while investigating the file of his wife who was in the revolutionary guard custody, he himself was arrested. He was taken to Evin and put in solitary confinement for 85 days facing psychological and physical torture on a daily basis. Masoud faced beating, choking, slurs and insult, he was left uncertain of his wife’s condition and whereabouts. Eventually Judge Salavati of the 15th branch of the revolutionary court declared him a threat to public security, a source of negative propaganda against the regime and sentenced him to $34,000 and six years in prison. A sentence which was approves by the 36th branch of the same court. Since January of 2010 despite the serious infection afflicting his mouth, Masoud was denied many basic rights including the fact that he is prohibited from the basic right of calling his family. On February of 2010, Masoud Moradi Bastani was transferred to Rajayishahr prison in the city of Karaj where serious criminal offenders are kept then lumped with political prisoners. He is yet to receive one day’s leave. Masoud Moradi Bastani’s only crime is that he has reported on human rights issues in Iran. Recently his wife was permitted to visit him once every other week.


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Justice system under Mohammad Sadegh Larijani head of judiciary is tyranny,oppression,cruelty& crime against humanity !

Break your silence ! Call for their freedom !
Biography of Mahsa Amrabadi Mahsa Amr-Abadi was born on July 3 1984 in Tehran. Mahsa completed her studies from elementary through high school in the city of Rasht and began her higher education in 2003 in journalism at the faculty of social studies at Arak University. She obtained her certificate in 2006, the same year she got married to Masoud Bastani, a journalist who was imprisoned for his Human Rights reports and activities. Ms Amr-Abadi started working as a journalist at the weekly magazine “Neday-e Eslahat” (Voice of Reform) in Arak, where she met Masoud Bastani, the Editor-in-chief of the magazine. Bastani was later imprisoned for six months and the magazine was shut down. Ms Amr-Abadi then went to work for another local magazine, “Atr-e Yas” and upon completing her studies moved back to Tehran. In 2005, she worked on Movements News Section in “Aftab News” and in 2006 she continued working with reformist publication such as “Aftab-e Yazd”. She also worked in the foreign policies section of “Ilna” for a year then joined the national “Etemad” newspaper, which belonged to the opposition candidate Mehdi Karoubi. Meanwhile Ms Amr-Abadi contributed to “Hafteh” publication of Montreal, “Shahrgan” publication of Vancouver and the Radio program Chacavac which was broadcasted its programs through Montreal’s Radio CFMB from 2006 through 2009. Her contribution was mainly reports and interviews on Human Rights. After the presidential elections on June 2009, the security forces raided her home, arrested and took her to “Evin “ prison where she spent two and half months in solitary confinement until eventually she was released on $2,000 bail. However her husband remained in Jail. After her release, Mahsa wrote several letters to the judicial authorities complaining about the pressures, limitations and the unsuitable conditions of the prisons. Standing out among these is her letter to the head of judiciary power, where she objects to the persecution of journalists. Shortly after her release from prison she started working for “Bahar” newspaper. After this newspaper was shut down she worked for the “Shargh” newspaper then the monthly “Sobh-e Azadi”. In October 2010, Ms Amr-Abadi was accused of activities against regime establishment and was sentenced to another year in jail by branch 28th of the revolution court, a sentence which is presently under review. Ms Amr-Abadi was arrested on March 1st, 2011 while driving in Tehran and was taken to a ward in Evin prison which is well know for its horrific conditions. She spent 16 days in solitary confinement there. She was released on March 16th on bail and is awaiting a trial while her other charges are still under review. Her husband Masoud Bastani has spent two of the six-year sentence imposed on him in prison. He has been denied all visitation rights. Ms Amr-Abadi is prohibited from sharing news on her husband’s condition and imprisonment.


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What a country?When Faezeh Hashemi feel unsafe,what about daughters of ordinary Iranians?It looks like Iranian people are hostage & nothing else.

This video shows Hashemi's daughter Faezeh and her bodyguards are being followed in the city of Rey or "Shahre Rey" by a group of radical plain cloths followers of Khamenei. They then attacked her bodyguards and showered her with curse language ,slurs and called her "Faheshe" , "Jendeh"meaning prostitute ( whorer) and they also called her father as the head of "Fetneh" meaning "the sedition" . They believe Hashemi Rafsani ( During revolution in 78-79 the most powerful figure after Khomeini) is somewhat behind the green movement in Iran.This video is 2nd of the same event which came out( How ?) . It seems the same people who attacked Rafsanjani's daughter video taped this event and then released it.!? The purpose or motive behind it is unclear , but it shows the way these radical plain cloths deal with the daughter of "one of themselves" !? i mean Rafsanjani is not only a powerful man in the Islamic Republic regime but also still call himself as a freind of Khamenei!? I wonder about all these anger and brutality they display in the video!? And i'm all worried about all those women and men political prisoners who are captive in the Islamic Republic dungeons. Link to this video:


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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

When the name Iran replaced ancient Persia ? Just a historic sense of Iran.

See the link below:

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Around 70 Azarbayejanese Arrested on Orumieh Lake protest !

UA: 102/11 Index: MDE 13/038/2011 Iran Date: 04 April 2011 URGENT ACTION AZERBAIJANIS ARRESTED IN LAKE PROTESTS Around 70 Iranian Azerbaijanis were reportedly arrested on 2 April during peaceful demonstrations in Tabriz, and about 20 others in Oromieh, north-western Iran. The protesters were calling for Lake Oromieh to be saved, as it is at risk of drying out due to dam building. Most have been released but the whereabouts of at least five protesters remain unknown. The demonstrations took place in Tabriz, Oromieh and reportedly other cities where Iranian Azerbaijanis live, calling on the Iranian authorities to remove dams on rivers feeding Lake Oromieh (also spelt Urmia, Urumieh, Oroumiye) which is at risk of drying. Similar to protests in previous years, the protesters brought glasses of water and poured them into the rivers feeding the lake or the lake itself. They also carried banners with slogans such as "Break down dams and let water flow into the Lake Urmia", "Lake Urmia has no water in it and [if] Azerbaijan does not wake up now, it will be too late" and "Long live Azerbaijan". The demonstration in Tabriz took place by the Talkheh River (also called Aji Chai) where plain-clothed police and armed forces arrested up to 70 people and injured many. Those still in detention in Tabriz are said to include Habib Pourvali, Jalil Alamdar Milani, Ali Salimi and Sa’id Siyami. In Oromieh, the protest took place in a park in the city where up to 20 people were reportedly arrested including Sa’id Khizirlou. Most of those arrested are believed to have been released within 24 to 48 hours. The whereabouts of those still detained are unknown. PLEASE WRITE IMMEDIATELY in Persian, English or your own language: n Calling on the Iranian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release Habib Pourvali, Jalil Alamdar Milani, Ali Salimi, Sa’id Siyami and Sa’id Khizirlou and any other detained protesters, if they were arrested in connection with the peaceful expression of their views or participation in a peaceful gathering, as they would be prisoners of conscience; n Urging the authorities to immediately disclose their whereabouts and to ensure that they are protected from torture and other ill-treatment and have access to a lawyer, their families and any medical treatment they might require; n Urging the authorities to remove unlawful restrictions on freedoms of expression, association and assembly in Iran. PLEASE SEND APPEALS BEFORE 16 MAY 2011 TO: Head of East Azerbaijan Province Judiciary Hojjatoleslam Sharifi, Judiciary of East Azerbaijan, Central Complex, Beginning of Vali-Asr Hill, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan 5157733135, Islamic Republic of Iran Fax: 009841133201109 Salutation: Dear Sir Head of West Azerbaijan Province Judiciary Hojjatoleslam Sayed Mohammad Ali Mousavi Judiciary of West Azerbaijan Enghelab Square, Oromieh, West Azerbaijan Province, Islamic Republic of Iran Email: Salutation: Dear Sir And copies to: Secretary General, High Council for Human Rights Mohammad Javad Larijani High Council for Human Rights [Care of] Office of the Head of the Judiciary, Pasteur St., Vali Asr Ave. south of Serah-e Jomhouri, Tehran 1316814737,Islamic Republic of Iran Email: (subject line: FAO Mohammad Javad Larijani) Salutation: Dear Sir Also send copies to diplomatic representatives accredited to your country. Please check with your section office if sending appeals after the above


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Iran: Independent Civil Society Organizations facing obliteration

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC STATEMENT 4 April 2011 AI Index: MDE 13/037/2011 Iran: Independent Civil Society Organizations facing obliteration Two non-governmental organizations (NGOs) - Amnesty International and Arseh Sevom – today called on the Iranian Parliament to scrap a draft law which would effectively deregister all NGOs currently operating in Iran. The Bill requires all NGOs which wish to continue, or to commence, work to register via a new supervisory structure which will allow bodies affiliated to the Intelligence Ministry and the Basij, a volunteer paramilitary force controlled by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, to make key decisions on the operation of all NGOs. Amnesty International and Arseh Sevom said that the Bill on the Establishment and Supervision of NGOs was a setback which would be yet one more nail in the coffin of the right to freedom of association in Iran. A wide range of civil society organizations in Iran – ranging from environmental and women’s organizations, through charities and organizations for the disabled, to employers’ and professional associations – are opposed to the Bill and have been actively calling on parliamentarians not to pass it in its current form. The Bill’s general aspects have been passed following two readings in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Iran’s parliament, which took place less than six months apart, in contravention of the ICA's own procedures. Connsideration of the details is scheduled to resume now that the Iranian New Year Holiday has ended. The Bill was analyzed in detail in a November 2010 report entitled Legalizing the Murder of Civil Society1 by Arseh Sevom, which found that the power to issue and revoke permits for all civil society organizations would be transferred 1 Available at to a new and unaccountable body – the Supreme Committee Supervising NGO Activities. This body, presided over by the Ministry of the Interior, will include representatives from the Judiciary, the Intelligence Ministry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Organization of Charity and Devotion, and Mosque Affairs and the Basij, with only one member representing NGOs. The Supreme Committee will also have ultimate authority over the boards of directors of NGOs, control the distribution of resources to them, grant permission for demonstrations, and prohibit public scrutiny and criticism of the government and other state authorities. Any NGOs wishing to join international organizations or undertake any involvement in international activities will be required to obtain prior authorization from this Committee. Amnesty International and Arseh Sevom said that the Bill would sound the death knell for civil society in Iran, which has been under considerable pressure from the authorities since the election of President Ahmadinejad in 2005. Civil society activists have faced harassment, threats and arrest in connection with their work, and their organizations have been closed down, often without a court order. Some have been sentenced to prison terms or flogging, and many have taken the reluctant decision to flee the country, fearing for their safety. The two organizations said that it was deeply regrettable that at the same time that the international community had recognized the importance of freedom of association by creating a Special Rapporteur on freedom of association at the recent 16th session of the Human Rights Council, the Iranian authorities were doing their utmost to limit the exercise of this basic right. Background Freedom of association is guaranteed by Article 22 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to which Iran is a State Party and which states that: “Everyone shall have the right to freedom of association with others, including the right to form and join trade unions for the protection of his interests”. Amnesty International is a global movement of more than three million supporters, members and activists in more than 150 countries and territories who campaign to end grave abuses of human rights. Its vision is for every person to enjoy all the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights standards. Independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion, it is funded mainly by its membership and public donations. Arseh Sevom (Third Sphere) is a non-governmental organization established in 2010 in Amsterdam, aiming to promote peace, democracy, and human rights. The organization’s objective is to help build the capacity of organizations and encourage the development of a vigorous third sphere of civil activities. Cooperation among civil society organizations is key to building a strong and coherent civil rights movement that can thrive and succeed. Arseh Sevom aims to become a hub for organizations and individuals working together towards the common goal of free, open, and peaceful Persian-speaking communities. Arseh Sevom seeks partnerships with existing organizations and also seeks to increase the vibrancy of civil society by encouraging its development. End/


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Amazing Sumali women take courage to do great thing for women and childeren .....

watch this video :


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