Thursday, April 07, 2011

Mohammad Sadegh Larijani (head judiciary)Mohammad javad Larijani(head human rights commission),Ali larijani(head parliament)will be held accountable!

IRAN WATCH CANADA:Mohammad Sadegh Larijani (head of judiciary power), Mohammad javad Larijani ( head of human rights commission) , Ali Larijani (head of parliament) including Khamenei and.....will be held accountable for all these injustices and crime against humanity during their role on important position they occupied....... One day people will ask them .......And that day will come ...... this isn't revenge ..but the civilized people of Iran will decide .....
This was Bahareh Hedayat message to all before going into the cold prison cell of Evin :

My friends who are living in the free world,

Do you hear my voice from my country the role of student movement ,for achieving the historical demands like freedom and justice is very important....the role of student movement striving for democracy is very vital.You the students of Europe have only heared names about dictatorship ,despotism and closed society.But us ,in Iran feel those with our skin and flesh. Here the students and people even for reporting about an event which they have seen, go on trial and get sentenced to imprisonment.

The demands of dissent students are the demands of many Iranian people. we want Freedom of Expression and academic freedom.We want everyone express their openions freely and not be subjected to question or threat after expression. We want to stop the systematic elimination of dissent voices and intellectuals.We want to eliminate the sexual discrimination in society and universities.

You tell me:

Do you follow the news on student and green movement protests in my country?Do you know that; how effective your support is to our demands, which can stop the coup d, etat Government of Ahmadinejad in its widespread violent oppression?

In here, protest gathering means being beaten up , means imprisonment, means facing the insult, means being tortured for forced, false and unreal aconfession,means solitary confinment,means being deprived from continouing education, means being banned from leaving the country, means being charged to "propagating against the regime" and " activities against national security" , means imprisonment for 3,4,5years .... This is Islamic Republic ....This is their way of governing.

To be continued....



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