Wednesday, April 06, 2011

What a country?When Faezeh Hashemi feel unsafe,what about daughters of ordinary Iranians?It looks like Iranian people are hostage & nothing else.

This video shows Hashemi's daughter Faezeh and her bodyguards are being followed in the city of Rey or "Shahre Rey" by a group of radical plain cloths followers of Khamenei. They then attacked her bodyguards and showered her with curse language ,slurs and called her "Faheshe" , "Jendeh"meaning prostitute ( whorer) and they also called her father as the head of "Fetneh" meaning "the sedition" . They believe Hashemi Rafsani ( During revolution in 78-79 the most powerful figure after Khomeini) is somewhat behind the green movement in Iran.This video is 2nd of the same event which came out( How ?) . It seems the same people who attacked Rafsanjani's daughter video taped this event and then released it.!? The purpose or motive behind it is unclear , but it shows the way these radical plain cloths deal with the daughter of "one of themselves" !? i mean Rafsanjani is not only a powerful man in the Islamic Republic regime but also still call himself as a freind of Khamenei!? I wonder about all these anger and brutality they display in the video!? And i'm all worried about all those women and men political prisoners who are captive in the Islamic Republic dungeons. Link to this video:


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