Monday, March 28, 2011

Jila Baniyaghub in an open letter to Tehran prosecutor:One day i will aske you,why you didn't allow my husband to see his old and sick mom?

Jila: "I won't beg for the release of my husband" !

The Islamic regime of Khamenei sentenced Jila Baniyaghoub not to write for 30 years!?

Jila Baniyaghub in an open letter to Tehran prosecutor complained about not having permision to meet her detained journalist husband for seven months.

Bahman Ahmadi-Amouei is a journalist who writes economic articles. He was sentenced to five years imprisonment for his critical articles on economic.While regime let other prisoners to have leave of prison for a short period of time, but for Bahman he was not allowed to use it for a year now.

Jila Baniyaghoub is an international award wining journalist including award from CJFE (Canadian Journalists for Free Expression ). In her last one year imprisonment, Jila was also sentenced not to continue her journalistic profession for 30 years.

Jila in her open hetter to Tehran prosecutor wrote:

"Seven months ago i wrote you and said : Why can't you be only for sometimes, prosecutor of us the independent journalists, so that; years later we will say, he was not only the prosecutor of Government officials but sometimes he was prosecutor of dissent citizens and independent journalists. I wrote to you that ; as a graduate of law you know, what it means sentencing me not to write for 30 years. A sentence which was issued by one of your judges which contradict even with Islamic Republic laws. Your response to my letter instead was, to deprive me from my rights to visit my husband (Bahman ahmadi amouei) in jail. "

She added: " One day at the end of the year ( Persian calendar-Before 1st day of spring 2011) i attended at your office ,a wall of steel bars and glasses separated me from your office which made it hard for me even to speak to your secretary or office employees. Finally I was able to speak to a person by the name of Afzali , i dont know if he was your deputy or office employee, anyway, i wrote a letter and requested for an appointment with you. Soon Mr. Afzali returned and said : Mr. prosecutor told me to tell you that; you dont have rights for face to face appointment and when Mr. Afzali noticed i'm smiling for the reply,he told me ; why are you smiling ? it would be good for you to cry sometimes."

"I will assure you that; i'm not going to beg for the release of my husband, leave alone begging for 20 minuites appointment. Because only those who have commited sins will beg. Of course i reserve this rights for myself that; one day i will ask you , with what logic at the time of New Year, you or whoever did not allow me to seat infront of Bahman for a few minuites and hold his hand in my hand and tell him that: My dear , I love you more than ever. "

"Reserve this rights for me, to ask you this question one day: Who was affraid of expressing my love to my husband.? One day i will ask you which logic allowed you not to let my husband to talk to his sick and old mom through phone for nine or ten months. you remember one day i asked you ( Mr. reshte Ahmadi, prosecutor of Evin prison was also present at the time ), I asked you, why dont you let Bahman call and speak to his 80+ year old mom, and then you ordered let him call his mom. Its now more than seven months that he did not speak to his mom."


*CJFE (Canadian Journalists for Free Expression ) is stationed in Toronto-Canada and manages more than 84 Free Expression organizations around the world.

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