Sunday, March 27, 2011

Khamenei's judiciary system is going to hang Shirko Maarefi another young Iranian-Kurdish from the city of Baneh!

Help stop the execution of Bahman( Shirko) Maarefi's death sentence and save his life.

The Islamic court in the city of "Saghez" approved the death sentence of Shirko Maarefi another young Iranian -kurdish and the regime judiciary power is going to carry out the death sentence on May first ( The International labour Day ).

Shirko is 31 years old and he is from the city of Baneh.Shirko is charged with " acting against national security " and " fighting against God" . Shirko was arrested by agents of Ministry of Information in November 2009 and since then he is spending time in Saghez city prison.

Shirko belonged to a Iranian-Kurdish political party and families of political prisoners in an open letter asked international human rights organizations to help stop the execution of death sentence.

Here is a petition to sign:



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