Wednesday, April 06, 2011

One day people of Iran will ask Mohammad Sadegh Larijani head of judiciary;why he detained &tortured all these brave Iranians&ruined their families

No more silence ! Freedom of all political prisoners the agenda of green movement ! Break the walls of all prisons including Evin prison and free the sons and daughters of Iran!

Biography of Masoud Moradi Bastani Masoud Moradi

Bastani was born on May 12th, 1978 in the city of Arak. He completed his studies from early childhood to University in Arak where he obtained his Bachelor of Science in Electronics. He followed his interest in journalism while a student and started working in the field in 1999. In 2002 he became the Editor-in-chief of a weekly magazine in Arak called “Neday-e Eslahat”. (Voice of Reform) After a while his magazine was shut down because of its critical writings on human rights condition in Iran. Masoud moved to Tehran while a file was opened in Arak by the 5th branch of the revolutionary court accusing him of spreading fallacies. He resumed his work as a journalist in Tehran. July 25th 2005, While on assignment investigating the health and condition of Akbar Gangi, a fellow journalist and political activist who had been imprisoned and was on hunger strike and had been transferred to Milad hospital, he was arrested in front of that hospital and sent to Evin prison While in Evin, the 6th branch of the revolutionary court accused him of tarnishing the reputation of the regime and spreading negative propaganda against it. As a result he was fined and sentenced to 76 lashes. While still in Evin prison, the Revolutionary court in Arak declared its verdict and convicted him to six months and 60 lashes. After two weeks in Evin, he was transferred to Arak city prison to receive his sentence. There he was charged with criminals and serious offences. While serving his sentence he was allowed a leave during which time he married Mahsa Amrabadi. After his sentence Masoud was released and resumed his activities as a journalist. He dedicated most of his work to reports, interviews and investigating the condition of political prisoners and their families. His reports defended the human rights of these people. As a result in July of 1986 officers from the ministry of Intelligence raided the home of Masoud and his wife. Following this raid Masoud was summoned to the ministry for questioning. By then Masoud had worked with several Newspapers and Media such as “Yas-e no”, “Jomhooriyat”, “Etemad”, “Shargh”, “Kargozaran”. In addition Masoud contributed to several Canadian magazines such as “HafteH” in Montreal, “Shahrvand” in Toronto and “Shahrgon” in Vancouver. He worked closely with the Radio program Chacavac which broadcasted its programs through Montreal’s Radio CFMB from 2006 through 2009. Masoud was actively engaged in the disputed presidential elections of Iran in June of 2009 and had assumed the role of editor-in-chief of an online publication which defended the positions of reformist candidates. On July 5th 2009 while investigating the file of his wife who was in the revolutionary guard custody, he himself was arrested. He was taken to Evin and put in solitary confinement for 85 days facing psychological and physical torture on a daily basis. Masoud faced beating, choking, slurs and insult, he was left uncertain of his wife’s condition and whereabouts. Eventually Judge Salavati of the 15th branch of the revolutionary court declared him a threat to public security, a source of negative propaganda against the regime and sentenced him to $34,000 and six years in prison. A sentence which was approves by the 36th branch of the same court. Since January of 2010 despite the serious infection afflicting his mouth, Masoud was denied many basic rights including the fact that he is prohibited from the basic right of calling his family. On February of 2010, Masoud Moradi Bastani was transferred to Rajayishahr prison in the city of Karaj where serious criminal offenders are kept then lumped with political prisoners. He is yet to receive one day’s leave. Masoud Moradi Bastani’s only crime is that he has reported on human rights issues in Iran. Recently his wife was permitted to visit him once every other week.


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